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Jun 25 · 215
It was a all a lie
Pooja Basnett Jun 25
You said you were my knight in shining armor,
I was blinded by the radiance!
I thought you were here to rescue me,
Little did I know, you were here to steal!
Your sweet talk, your blue skies, they were all a lie,
You think I will walk away,  won’t put up a fight!
You might be a wizard, but you will be beaten in your own game,
Truth wins, Always!!
Jun 25 · 239
Pooja Basnett Jun 25
When hearts break and dreams shatter in secret,
they make the loudest noise!
Mar 16 · 52
Pooja Basnett Mar 16
You looked me in the eye,
You were hoping I would look away,
You think you can read my mind,
But you don't know my story.

You want me on my knees,
You crave the victory,
You turn my words around,
You are just another bully.

"This is not the first time" you said
You spoke the truth indeed,
You have betrayed many before,
Yes! we know the score.

You spin the truth, You trample the meek,
Through it all, its peace I seek,
Life plays everyone, it will play you too..,
I hope you see my face when the final arrow hits you!
Mar 16 · 199
Colour blind
Pooja Basnett Mar 16
I am yellow, I am brown, I am white, I am black
Underneath it all, I am just a  beating heart!
I wonder what you see when you look at me,
Oh just tell me, you are colour blind!
Feb 2019 · 138
Pooja Basnett Feb 2019
Tall, dark and handsome,
Oh so cliched!
You are more than what eyes can see.

I confess, I don't know the real you,
Will you give me a chance to be among the few?

Your love, your embrace, your sweet nothings,
Your scream, your fury over little things.

Where does the turmoil live?You hide it so neatly,
Your smile, your laughter, it paints a picture of harmony.

Am I just a silent spectator or do I bring out the worst in you?
Take me now to the secret space and I will set you free..
#complicated love story#mystery#love
Feb 2019 · 143
Pooja Basnett Feb 2019
You made this land and we made the boundaries
I know it all belongs to you but who will make them understand this?
They tear it, they divide, they cast lots and they store it away
"Give my father's belongings to me", I cry out
They laugh, they mock
"He wants me to have it", I beg
They say, "Prove it, show it if you deserve"
"It is my father's, I don't have to do the test, he passed the test for me", I say.
They say," His test was His and you must have yours. Prove it girl or keep to the left".
I wipe my tears and stand the trial, Fire burns,
They hope to see my ashes but Father has His plans.
They grow weary and I am refined.
I have a testimony and all they have is burn
"I won, I won", I screamed. He said you had already won when you wiped your tears!
Feb 2019 · 190
Pooja Basnett Feb 2019
Flood of emotions inside of me,
I have no room for more,
it’s getting hard to reign them in,
they keep banging on the door.

I heard you ask me something,
I was lost in my thoughts,
I looked up to give you an answer
I realized I had already fought.

I stood and stared at you,
your lips kept moving,
your face turned red,
I sensed the  water rising.

Now, we had an audience.
They watched us bicker.
I felt I lost my respect &
Maybe you felt you lost yours.

I tried to walk away,
you held my hand,
you sweetly apologized,
I felt the anger was long gone.

I went back into my world of chaos
You went into yours,
Just when I was proud, we didn’t make a spectacle,
You did the unthinkable.

I heard you yell my name,
My heart shivered for I knew what was ahead,
I pretended to play it cool,
I played it to the galleries,
I have learnt it from you.

Yes, I said it’s not a big deal, let it go,
You proved me right again, it wasn’t to let go.
You say I bring out the worst in you,
Well! the feeling is mutual.
How’d you explain I was laughing my heart out only a moment ago.

You bring your face close to mine,
I know it’s not for a kiss,
Your fingers have measured me many times,
I just hope now it won’t be a miss.

You unleash your anger at me for an innocent mistake,
I hurt you where it hurts you the most,
I listened to you for the first time, I didn’t let go,

You want to end but it’s too late for me,
I have lost the keys,
I can’t hold them anymore, I am
Just a piece.

I have flood of emotions inside of me,
I have flood of emotions inside of me,
Can’t hold them anymore,
Can’t let them be.
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
Love, be brave
Pooja Basnett Aug 2018
No eyes can see,
No ears can hear,
No mind can fathom,
the burden you bear.

They break your spirit,
they pull you down,
they say you're a misfit,
they don't know your carefree heart.

The rain will go away,
there will be a new tomorrow,
tears will dry out,
you will find your rainbow.

Your love stands beside you,
We are holding you close,
You have the armor now,
So forget about the foes.

Let them point their fingers today,
You will rise above this all,
Someday over the clouds,
You will win the battle of love!
Aug 2018 · 7.8k
Truth be told
Pooja Basnett Aug 2018
Its been a long winding road,
I have traveled with my eyes closed,
It feels like t'was yesterday,
I feared the highs and the lows.

I was blind but now I see,
This was just some song,
until you came along.

I was naive, I trusted you,
Maybe it was all I ever knew.
Lies don't hurt,
its your truth that tears it all apart.

I once read about the sheep in wolf's clothing,
After all that you have put me through,
I can't help but think,
why is the wolf still breathing?

The day will come when I will walk away,
I will have all the love that I have earned along the way,

You will try to fill the void
Oh! you will try in vain,
May the Lord show you mercy,
When the absolute darkness sets in.
Aug 2018 · 937
Pooja Basnett Aug 2018
I held back, I shied away,
Maybe I was scared of the betrayal again

I looked through you, I didn't care,
You being you, just didn't walk away.

I saw you fall apart, I saw you pick up the pieces,
Through it all, I saw my own glimpses.

You started the climb, Your load was heavy,
I watched you from a distance, it was dark, it was never meant to be.

The night had passed, I could see your face again,
Outstretched arms and your warm embrace,
You stood by me and I stood by you,
We crossed the Red sea, it was long overdue.

I wish I had known before,
You brought me to the shore,
Soon you will be gone..

I will be lonely again..
Aug 2018 · 160
The day you walked away....
Pooja Basnett Aug 2018
We braved the rain, we stared at the sun,
You held my hand, when the storm rolled in.

I wiped your tear and gave you hope,
You promised to never let go of the rope.

You held it tightly as I scaled great heights,
I let you shine on the cold, still night.

I stood on the hill cheering for you,
the wait was long, you stepped on the dew.

You made it to the top, I wasn't lonely anymore,
the climb had changed you, you didn't need me, you kept a score.

My heart broke silently as I ripped the cord, I have been hurt before, I am used to the cold.

You turned your back as you walked away,
I heard voices, it blew me away. You are drunk in your victory, tomorrow is a new day, an eerie silence crept in, You changed me forever TODAY!

— The End —