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Pooja Basnett Aug 2018
No eyes can see,
No ears can hear,
No mind can fathom,
the burden you bear.

They break your spirit,
they pull you down,
they say you're a misfit,
they don't know your carefree heart.

The rain will go away,
there will be a new tomorrow,
tears will dry out,
you will find your rainbow.

Your love stands beside you,
We are holding you close,
You have the armor now,
So forget about the foes.

Let them point their fingers today,
You will rise above this all,
Someday over the clouds,
You will win the battle of love!
Pooja Basnett Aug 2018
Its been a long winding road,
I have traveled with my eyes closed,
It feels like t'was yesterday,
I feared the highs and the lows.

I was blind but now I see,
This was just some song,
until you came along.

I was naive, I trusted you,
Maybe it was all I ever knew.
Lies don't hurt,
its your truth that tears it all apart.

I once read about the sheep in wolf's clothing,
After all that you have put me through,
I can't help but think,
why is the wolf still breathing?

The day will come when I will walk away,
I will have all the love that I have earned along the way,

You will try to fill the void
Oh! you will try in vain,
May the Lord show you mercy,
When the absolute darkness sets in.
Pooja Basnett Aug 2018
I held back, I shied away,
Maybe I was scared of the betrayal again

I looked through you, I didn't care,
You being you, just didn't walk away.

I saw you fall apart, I saw you pick up the pieces,
Through it all, I saw my own glimpses.

You started the climb, Your load was heavy,
I watched you from a distance, it was dark, it was never meant to be.

The night had passed, I could see your face again,
Outstretched arms and your warm embrace,
You stood by me and I stood by you,
We crossed the Red sea, it was long overdue.

I wish I had known before,
You brought me to the shore,
Soon you will be gone..

I will be lonely again..
Pooja Basnett Aug 2018
We braved the rain, we stared at the sun,
You held my hand, when the storm rolled in.

I wiped your tear and gave you hope,
You promised to never let go of the rope.

You held it tightly as I scaled great heights,
I let you shine on the cold, still night.

I stood on the hill cheering for you,
the wait was long, you stepped on the dew.

You made it to the top, I wasn't lonely anymore,
the climb had changed you, you didn't need me, you kept a score.

My heart broke silently as I ripped the cord, I have been hurt before, I am used to the cold.

You turned your back as you walked away,
I heard voices, it blew me away. You are drunk in your victory, tomorrow is a new day, an eerie silence crept in, You changed me forever TODAY!

— The End —