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Two steps into the green and
I kneel over to pull from the earth,
closing my eyes to make a wish
from the dandelions I have made
thousands of wishes from before.
It’s my way of sharing my secrets to the universe, whispering to the divine.
A.Harris 2019
A Harris Jun 20
Thoughts tangled and frayed in this mind
Nothing left to do but to let them unwind
controlled chaos
And feelings, oh the feelings
Creeping in and leaving its silt
Occasional chipping at the deposits that it has built
There’s such beauty in its power
Yet it can be so destructive
A Harris Jun 20
I don’t see many on here but I’d like to start the chain if others are interested in chiming in on this too!!
First prompt-sunshine! Love to hear from you lovely writers!
Share your ideas with hashtag prompts!! ;)
Here’s my 10 w
Eyes are closed but I can see the golden glow
Don’t be shy
A Harris Jun 3
Beneath the Locust tree;

Not a care nor worry, just nature and me.

The wind romances the air, the sun glistens,

and time is a friend for a while..
A Harris Apr 30
The universe is begging for a listen, with its stars and moon that glisten
and yet I push away her words,
But she demands them to be heard.
I acknowledge the attempt but
I’m not ready to hear what I already know, because that would put an end to this show; pushing me to build a new chapter in my life.
Not ready
Not ready
Until then I’ll just go with the flow,
Maybe tomorrow...
A Harris Mar 9
The chase leads me past the people, shadows and noise
Glancing Up at the sky;
Anywhere, trying to find
Something, anything to fill me up
(It should not be so hard)
Waiting for nothing and everything
It’s the standstill that eats at me, so I go on seeking what is supposed to be seeking me
Longing for what I don’t know
Feeling a stranger to myself
Wandering aimlessly
but until then,
I’ll keep looking
mood these days
A Harris Dec 2018
These tears I cry aren’t meant for you
They are for the girl I long to return to
The girl with dreams that carried her away
To ideas of travel and love and to change the world,
but something led me astray
My heart demands that I return to that little girl ,who I held so close.
My heart screams and tugs, unable to ignore, who I was once before.
I’m taking my power back, the power of a girl.
I take her hand and make sure to never leave her behind.
I wrote this as my soul somehow needed to share to the world what I feel other women feel at times too
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