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A H Butler Jul 2018
The urge to do nothing is overwhelming,

I am motionless
I find myself halted.
Based upon a worry
a waiting
dominated by uncertainty.

I cannot go on
I stretch the mind
wonder of antidotes
remedies delicious
in the knowledge
of their reduced life
But not a cure.

Openings brighten despite me,
the ephemera of the street untouched,
lilting on its arbor
in its impetuous parade.

​(I think)
I should not allow myself this dysania
in the spaces between moments,
lapses into stillness unforeseen.

In the warm response of wire
I ask for forgiveness.
Trapped in my own gaze,
it’s all I have.
(the purity of sorrow)
The floor pushes me skyward,

I run my finger’s tip around the edge of the afternoon,
Hope to god it rings out in response.
© A H Butler
A H Butler Mar 2018
Anguish poured over

               its open and avoidable.

                              He goes to the bathroom down the hall.

                                             I’m so glad I

                                             am not alone.
© A H Butler
A H Butler Mar 2018
An expanded meaning,
referring variously to literal bodies and to
the vegetative nervous system which controls vital functions.

She has been made a constellation
and is destined to outlast the contestants.
The germs develop first in seven segments,
some people may actually fall from their beds.

When I was casting
in these works the term took on
suggestion of how one might view the work,
gestures but also the placement and movement.

It might have been a drag queen –
Some well-formed whole constructed from
something in you that is no longer functioning.

When you dream about an accidental death
of any person,
that person’s death symbolizes Macrophobia.
© A H Butler

Second attempt at using the cut-up technique to compose.
A H Butler Feb 2018
We were looking for an admonition.
Trying to find the end of the tape.
Now it’s like,
        all we see is a dim image.

I exist based on what my environment tells me
I became the guardian of a great river.

I see convictionless men
around me,
mere mortals.
We have to purge the glamour.

We dance
Slowly moving figures.
© A H Butler
A H Butler Jan 2018
Dull throbbing twilight.
I bit my tongue so
hard it bled.
A voice spoke:
said she'll be in Europe,
I will be in Europe.

this moment alone
to hide behind the earth.

Pain as an open door,
forward motion encouraged.
Written word repeated today:
begin your year.    
Robed in fluid, and in hurt,
obsequious dead
In dusted pillars rise.

An object held motionless by the sun’s gaze.
A vital outpouring of stillness,
as ninety degrees of intensifying steps
                            cascade like waterfalls.
© A H Butler
I'm a tool pondering skyscapes.
Fondling a memory
Left behind
On sunset marquees.
It raced into the horizon like
A toad on the road.
A neon dream waving farewell.

Exploring mindsets:
An act in caressing
Bloodbath tesseracts.
A roundhouse rollercoaster,
Spinning at velocity of perfume
Hitting nasal perforations.

Core memories surface along spine cutlets,
No longer intrinsic
I'm settling for more.
A bathed blue baby is a moment
Too long to endure.

Hindsight is
A parson's lake passage;
A mad monster yet to be tamed;
A grain of salt to a fresh wound made;
Moments of grace from a fake great ape.

Blue morons slide
Into Mormon jovial footsteps.
Derided ice forestry into
King's cloaked ancestry.
Which makes family the
Opposite of attraction.

And yet here I am
Talking to you,
Eyelight through obelisks
In hotbox barricades.
Hiding behind
A past of newspapers.
Headline reads 'ONLY DEVINE'

Wipe the frown,
Draw the sword.
Don't be ignored anymore.
A H Butler Nov 2017
Lying teeth

silence roars.
The closer it contracts,
further it draws away.

Astonished to find
You're still confined inside
Your mind.

Destroy the weaker
and hide behind reticulum.

In the realm
of a hollow crown
I absconded,
endeavoured to uncover.

I‘ve left myself behind,
an inch
beneath water


A wisp of smoke
as it climbs.

Carry your shame,
rise to the chime,
an unfamiliar invitation.
Bring your mind back around,
around to this

The room begins to gratify;
You tax,
                       ­            diminished.

will never

The moment you appreciate,
Treasure motive
abhor being.

Be succinct.
© A H Butler
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