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I cried mama
When people hurting me
And when I fall from a high tree

I cry to mama
When I want something nice
But she's trying to get away with lies

I cared for mama
When she's crying and I don't know why
So I comfort her and also start to cry

I show to mama
When I made something awesome
And when I see stars and flowers blossom

I love mama
For she loves me in every way
That's why I cry every time she goes away
There was this neighbor kid that I hate
Turns out he was ****** and great
Great from being smelly,
As in really, really,
Makes your nose bleed from his state.
There was this guy who loves to brag
Said '****** lots of girls of a scallawag,
Ten, fifteen, twenty,
Can't remember, so plenty!'
Turns out only five, and more of a hag!
There was this Godzilla who punches an ape
Said 'I am the king and you can't escape!'
Smashed and trod to the ground
Spun like a merry-go-round
King Kong's begging to stop but it's too late.
There was once a big, giant gorilla
Who envy this monster Godzilla
Said 'I am the king,
He can't win in the ring,
I will send him flying to Manila!'
There was this guy who can stretch his body
Who loves fighting and he's very funny
To treat a wound he must eat,
A yummy delicious meat,
Fifty, hundred and more to his tummy!
There was a hero called Deadpool
Who had his head stuck with a tool;
A dagger in his neck;
A sharp sword on his ****;
But, ****, he still looks super cool!
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