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AD Mar 2017
life as cigarette in a frozen onyx ashtray
smouldering to obscurity
anticipate the sisyphean ashes rise like phoenix
♡for myMuse♡
♥for all my dearest hp poet friends♥
AD Mar 2017
blooming debonair words from your bonny lips
i dip it in my heart's bleeding indelible ink
to verse the prettiest poem magically transforming to my muse
★best regards to all HP poets★
♡for myMuse♡
AD Mar 2017
few made us misunderstand
circumstances cemented wicked walls
between our profound fondness
I fumed at you you drifted away
how to get a life you are my life
hate you never love you ever
in your absence i'm sinking in maelstrom
'just give me your hand to breathe my dream dame'
♥Love and prayers to all HP friends♥
♡For myMuse♡
AD Feb 2017

dear dream red rose
to love sincerely is to suffer severely
i ever a lover never a quitter my krptonite
i'm in eternal love breathing sempiternal bliss  
_★Happy V-Day to all lovers\2Moms/hp family★
-♥For myMuse♥
AD Jan 2017
All was well betwixt us
then she left I felt **** lonely
still love remains echoing loudly
'hope she understands' the
deserted soul
♡for myMuse♡
AD Jan 2017
yesterday i was dreaming
tomorrow i won't be there to dream
today let me dream endlessly
past departed so fast don't be brooding
future is arriving so soon don't be intimidated
present is here hug it smiling as the blessed gift
never be lost in the buried bygone memories
i love to live in the moment dancing to the song of life

★Happy New year Greetings &Prayers;
dear HP family/2Moms/Muse /Mentors/Readers★
Live in the moment because it's this moment that counts.Whatever has happened has happened for the good Whatever is happening is happening for the good Whatever will happen will happen for the good.Everything happens for a are created for a beautiful reason
Don't worry Have faith in life and ourself
♡For myMuse♡
AD Nov 2016
I have heard to love truly is to die daily
Still my love for her started never to end
My loveflame will glow to grow more
never to blow off even in raging tempest
as she is my twinflame

2nd Daily poem selection
Love to all HP family members my dear brothers sisters friends for making me get on daily for the second time.♥Prayers thanks wishes to each and every one for all the love support and encouragement. Special thanks to my2Moms /Muse/Mentors / Readers
☆♥God love you♥☆
♥ ♡ ♥
♡for myMuse ♡
♥ ♡ ♥
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