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1.4k · Sep 2015
Broken Promises
From the distance,
walls seem so
but when you stand infront of them...
852 · Sep 2015
A Hero Called The Moon
You the moon,
are a warrior;
the finest I know.
Despite the heaviness of darkness
(that rests on your shoulders)
each night you arise anew
(to fight a battle you haven't chosen)
and cut through the darkness,
with your silver sword
(of courage and love).

You the moon,
are an angel;
I'm sure of that!
You are the helping hand for many
(your light pulls up hopless soles)
as strong melodies play from the distance
(carried within magical runes)
while you shine your beauty upon us,
that is felt with the heart
(by those who listen).

Oh moon,
I look up to you;
in such wonder.
Legends and myths are woven around you
(some told by wolves, others by the wind)
you are a mystery never to be fully uncovered
(yet every night a little more)
but all of your faces are friends of mine,
and I smile whenever I see a glimpse
(of you, the amazing moon).
In honor of you, Kira.
I hope my small candle light
makes the night a little brighter...

Ps. Isn't patience rewarding? ;D
Hair can be mischievous,
You never know when it will strike next,
Don't ever let your guard down,
Run when you feel danger,
Or better yet,
Xylophate it,
You must know what that means,
Make no fuss about it if you don't.
Either way, remember:
Love your downfall!
Use care 24/7,
Let nothing convince you otherwise,
Let nothing lure you into trusting your hair,
Or it will stab you into the back.
Love your dog, but never your hair,
Once you do this, you will be:

Exit paranoia; poem is done.
Hydroxymethylcullolose: a food grade vegetable thickener; gelling agent
(and the funniest word I stumbled upon while reading the backs of various hair products)
Don't get me wrong here, I love may hair, and the lady gave me an amazing haircut, but I was just bored and trying to write an acrostic, so...that's what happened :)
760 · Jun 2016
Prison of Fear
Dreamer, it is time,
For you to draw your sword again.
Long enough has it rusted –
Laid unused –
As you slept in your prison of fear.
Wake up now! It is time for your dreams,
To come true.
Those walls are only as thick,
As you let them be;
They only hold strong,
As long as you fear them.
Now tell me you still have courage,
Tell me you still believe,
Because if you do,
Then tell me you won’t let yourself,
Suffer in here any longer;
You were not meant to die,
In this prison of fear.
So go! Break free! Fly!
Draw your sword and finally,
Leave those ***** walls behind...
617 · Sep 2015
How Do I Hide?
Tip-tap, tip-tap.
Steps. All around me.
Tip-tap, tip-tap.
Steps. Following me.

Eyes. I saw eyes.
A lot of them.
Hundreds of them.
Eyes do watch...

This is no wind; those are words.
Whispering words.
Knowing words.
Words that hunt me.
Those are their words.

Those creatures have ears.
They can listen, and they do.
They hear everything.

How do I hide?
      How do I hide?
            How do I hide?

I'll have to blend in, that's it!

They will overlook me;
they won't follow.
They will overhear me;
they won't talk.

I will just have to be
like them.

(But not really...
because I don't hear,
like them.
I don't see,
like them.

Because I'm too busy

So are they. People really have better things to do, then to play "creepy little creatures" that lurk in the shadows and constantly give us a mark out of ten, for every single move we make. They don't do that, you can relax :)

Ps. That poem got inspried by the video: #DearMe Lindsey Stirling
609 · Sep 2016
An Unfortunate Evening Walk
You threw the glass,
and your anger smashed it.
You cut your fingers on your own hate.
If you only would've been patient,
we would've gotten home,
without bloodstains all over your shirt.

*Dear brother,
you still have so much to learn.
Lesson Number 1:

Listen to your big sister,
when she says no.
568 · Mar 2016
Bookstore Love
My love, remember
when we first met so long ago
in your favourite bookstore.
Can you still see me,
with my messy black hair and way too big glasses
carrying way too many and way too heavy science books
on my clumsy arms?
I still can see you,
with your beautiful brown hair ******* in a ponytail
running your fingers along the spines
of books filled with adventure,
for a world to enter next.
Oh and do you still remember,
the furious voice of the old storekeeper lady
as she flung up her arms and ran to her precious books
that I had dropped?
I still remember,
how you softly shook your head, chuckling
"You're so clumsy..."
while you helped me
to pick up all those books.

My love, but most important of all,
do you still remember the moment, when our eyes met?
How you
how I
how we,
finally knew wich world
to enter next?
Writing prompt: "Write a poem that explores a relationship that takes place in a bookstore." - taken from the book: "The Daily Poet"
My first story poem :)
557 · Feb 2016
Labelling Prohibited
"Don't you ever dare
to call him black

*It's not the colour of our skin, that defines us.
I should have stepped up when I had the chance to.
I'm sorry that I didn't...
556 · Mar 2016
"*When you use all your energy on surviving,
there isn't much left for living."
480 · Aug 2015
Even if you
dance in the rain
it won't change the fact
that afterall, it is
Just a truth I had to learn...
451 · Sep 2015
The Suffering Of Stars
Oh, how must a star not suffer,
seeing all that pain and tears;
yet bound it is, to it's throne up high,
can do nothing, except to shine;
and to sing it's silent songs.

It wants to keep save,
all those soles it holds dear;
but far away, it has to linger,
and can only hope, it's light
will reach those lonely hearts, at night.
And maybe that is,
one of the only reasons,
why stars
do shine.

To Flame, but also
to Kira.
422 · Sep 2015
The trees,
that rush;
their timber is

But the trees,
that take their time;
their timber is
Just how it is.
356 · Apr 2016
Never Alone
You need to save yourself before you can save anyone else, alright,
but that doesn't mean that you have to save yourself alone;
heros are never alone.
Thank you Ms. Wiebe for being here for me.
I needed that.
328 · Dec 2015
Regret... a bitter aftertaste,
that lingers for years.
299 · Mar 2016
AHA! Moment
"Dreaming of warmth won't do a thing;
making a fire will."
244 · Mar 2016
Stubborn Dawn
the sun will rise again, yes;
but wishing won't bring it back
*any sooner
233 · Jan 2016
Sometimes to truly love someone,
means to have the courage to let them go...
Farewell, my dear friend.
231 · Sep 2016
She had the most beautiful of wings,
and yet they couldn't save her.

She fell like a stone.

Why wouldn't you use your wings?
Why didn't you fly?

*Because my dear,
I saw no point in saving myself.
83 · Mar 2018
A Little Something
I haven't written in forever,
that's hyperboly, but still,
so this is a little something,
to brush away the dust
and cobwebs.

— The End —