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21/F/Georgia    I live for God, tea with honey, and moments that resemble the feeling I get when I look at the pinkish-purple morning sky.
winter sakuras
19/F/somewhere only we know    "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." --Einstein
Nor Cal / Arizona    I write my life down in poetry : IG @sonder.rpoetry Dalisay (Available on Amazon)
27/Aotearoa    We must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. Filled with the sounds of the ocean and also full of shit. How can you learn ...
Malaysia    I write whatever that I feel or see, so sometimes, it'll be ridiculous - don't mind that. There's a blank space there, and I might ...
26/F/Wonderland    I'm fucking gold- but you prefer silver, & that's alright.
Jess Hays
"I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say"
Stan Patty
Washington    Retired military + 10 years civilian government work. Newest challenge will be to learn how to take decent photographs.
Minnesota, USA    It's called the art of getting by.
19/F/North America    Always curious.
the Sandman
clouds&bubbles in my head    Sandhita Chandra unmoved, unknowing that your Great Going had placed that moment, and altered all. ~
Captain's Glory
North Carolina   
A Post Script of every chapter of my past and all chapters to come "Andromeda" ©2016-2018
an addict with a pen
Little Bear
Equality feels like persecution when you have only ever known privilege
Water In My Veins
I write what I write and I care little for what you think of it.
19/F/Ealing Park, Barbados    Poetry is how I speak my mind. All original pieces - Jonesy © - This above all be true to thyself
Anubis the Philosomancer
27/We're all a bit mad here.    To each One's own, but I'm keping mine. Everyone has a piece of the divide, but some motha'fucka's really oughtta just give it back. Blessings ...
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