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Abednigo Mogale May 2020
I cant pretend that I am okay
With not seeing you and being with you for even a day
I felt more than I thought for you
It's unbearable and unsettling too
To have  you so close but yet so far
It's hard to pretend that I am not hurt I can't lie
And be okay with the fact that I don't fit your idea
I get it we should do what's best for us it's only fair.

I know I have mountains to climb,
To be on a frequency I feel i need to be
All I ask for is time
I don't mean to make thing complicated and hard
With you I know I can play the part
All I ask is a chance to grow into what you need
This is my unapologetic plead.

I am not very good at selling myself
But I knew from the very first kiss
It's you I wanted to share the rest of my life with
I need you because my mind you enrich
That's why I can not I will not pack up and disappear
Consider your position and give this an ear
I know there is a lot to fear
Even Rome was not built in a year.
You say you love me the most,
You love me in many ways,
So marry me,
And take the vow"I do".
As per the last will of my husband the proceeds of his new Mercedes-Benz  to be given to his beautiful secretary,
So I sold it to an old man for $100.
My love is like and ocean,
Deep with full of secrets.
Love me and you will always be exploring its depth.
Abednigo Mogale Jun 2019
I have loved you and I don't know who you are
Nor your name
Or where you from
Or how far
It's been years that I have waited
To meet you
To see you for who you are
With each heart break
I sensed that you were close
With every tear
I felt how you cared
With each day that passed
I felt you near
I've loved you and I don't know who you are
Tell me..
Do you like walking in the rain
Or cuddling on Sunday morning
And pancakes covered in honey
Do you sing at the top of your lungs
Listening to Jeremy loops on the radio
"Down south" our favorite song.
Tell me..
When you think of love
Do you think of me too
Or am I just hoping for a fairytale.
Abednigo Mogale Jun 2019
Star cross lover
Where are you now
You are my addiction
My parallel vine
Born different
From a different time
A different place
A different town
world's apart
separated by love
My addiction
My unholy wine
You the wind that make my leaves dance
My nightmare to my unattainable plans
I am addicted to your
Breath taking
I am addicted to your
Heart stopping
My star crossed lover
Two sides of a coin
We were born different
From a different time
Worlds apart
Set me free from my broken heart
You were forever meant to be mine.
To be honest I don't even know what to make of this..sometimes in feel like there is a teenage girl inside of me.
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