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elizabeth marie

his eyes held tales i never had known
of worlds and ideas, creatures and such
i hadn’t pondered since i had grown
why did getting older come in that rush?

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

the first time we talked
it felt so perfect, so easy, so simple
the road of friendship we together walked
there was i greeted with his happy dimple

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

with trust and trust we soon grew
his wise young mind greeted mine
he trusted me with what was hard to construe
a world filled with all that would common shine

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

fairies, giants, ogres, even glowing bright flowers
all found in his world awaited me
smiles greeted me in droves and showers
their excitement and mine gave the boy great glee

after looking in his storied eye
i'll never regret saying hi

he brought me there whenever i’d wish
and guided me towards his favorite things
during which conversations would to me switch
for he said my voice gave him wings

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

there i was, his only hope
and in a way he was mine
our tie was tough like rope
and our conversations aged like wine

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

it was my fault that darkened day
i let myself forget his worrying head
i let him away from me stray
now due to me, a friend is dead

i’m sure after looking in my boring eye
the dead magic man wished i’d never said hi

Victoria Laws

I collect memories
Distill them to the letter
And barrel them for aging
Only to later get drunk
Off last life's nostalgia...

My family;
The sweet taste of white wine
I swirl their image around my head
And sip on it every now and then

My friends;
Shots of fireball
Shockingly spicy, yet sickeningly sweet
The liquid trickles down my throat.
Cuddly warmth

My love;
White girl wasted off your rosé
The color reminiscent of the flush of my cheeks,
As bubbly as my disposition
A mix of two "goods" that make a "great".
I can't wait to taste you again

Bryan Lauw

“If ever so lavish, beneath the crescent,
ere th’ rose; unfair audience decadent.”

and to its descent I yield,
O woeful Iris; unto thine crown,
sweet beckoning kiss given;
taken, and I beg you slit me not;

sheathe me not, so dearly.

“If ever so lovely; she clings woeful:
Iris a handful and red an eyeful”

A story; or perhaps?
Louise Lazaro

You came to me like an unforeseen tsunami.
And like an unguarded shore, I welcomed you with open arms.

I know that you go as fast as you come,
Yet I let you scatter me all over the place,
And leave me teased by your waves.

[repost with full credits]

Ok, so.
Ok so here we are
You at your house, me at mine
Sending pictures back and forth
But not those pictures, like the ones I used to send,
Which made me feel less like me and more like all of those girls.
We are sending pictures with our faces and sentences that make me smile because I love your sense of humour.
Ok so the things you do
The things you do, well…
It’s hard to say exactly how I feel about those things
I don’t agree with all of them
Like the smoking you do
To be honest it makes me jealous,
Jealous of that cigarette because it’s the one that gets to touch your lips instead of me
Your lips, hmmm im not sure I want those lips on mine
Because the smell of smoke makes me sick
But then I look at your lips and it makes me rethink.
Ok so the music you listen to,
The music you listen to tells a story
Unlike the ones which are just boring
Your favourite song the one you told me about,
The other night when we were sending those pictures with our faces and the sentences that made me laugh
The song was about taking your life
I wondered if it was a sign that you were in a fight with life
I don’t say anything but you know how I struggled with that problem

Now im sitting here thinking of all the things I said,
Wondering if it’s really worth the risk
So I make a list in my head and starts it with
Ok so…

Liking someone even though you shouldnt
Brujo Alligatore

As a matter of fact, nothing matters at all
As a matter of opinion, I love it all

If my inside secret radio ever changes its tune
I promise to never pass that on to you'n

Daniel Samuelson

bury me there--right there--in the
shade of the sycamore where the
sand will never dry.
When you carry me down feel the river rocks they
groan and grate beneath our weight.
Bury me shallowly so that
if the rains return
the water will swell and find the strength to
carry me home.


when i was younger
i expected to be an adult
by now but mostly
i still feel like a
scared kid
14 wanting to be 16
16 wanting to be 18
19 wanting to be
anything else
everything seemed easier
when it was years away
but now i'm caught in
the middle of my mess
wishing i would have
seen it coming

A Similie is like Clear Waters
Metaphor is Quantum Physics


In the twenty first century
Where we have been the most advanced we have ever been
Where we have central heating
Air conditioning
Online shopping
Open heart
And laser eye surgery
Never has the goal of a happy and pleasant life drifted further away
Than it has today
We have been taught how to fly high in the sky like a plane
How to dive deep in the ocean like a fish
But how to walk on this earth
As a happy and content being
Some of us, we still struggle
We can contact people on the other side of the world
But we can't connect with our soul
We search for peace
Swallowing pills to seal the cracks in our heart
To cover fear, loneliness and anxiety
Oh you who wander
Life is a drink of salty water
You are drinking for a thirst that never quenches
A hunger that never fills
On this path
Pain becomes unbearable
Calamities become intolerable
A search for peace of mind
The ability to sleep at night
Your chest will only become tighter
The dark will become darker
Until you realise
That the pieces of our heart can only be put together
When we have gratitude during times of ease
And patience during times of difficulty


Today I had a physical exam and they weighed me
So I ate my weight later in the day
And spent 20 minutes kneeling over the brim trying to get rid of myself
And congratulations,
I said to myself in the mirror
You're officially in this.
You've created this horror for yourself
Good luck.
(I want to tell this boy about it but he has no place in the corners of my room. I will leave him on the bed
Some things are best left unsaid)


i try my best to write somthing possitive
the only words flowing from my pen
dark as the thoughts in my mind
big as the hole in my heart
ominus as my deepestchallenges
I try to write about how beautiful the sunset is
all the words i know explain the vacancy from before the sunset
all i want is to be able to write something that can make me feel like a happy person
now it feels like being happy is so out of reach i am doomed

doomed thoughts ominus vacancy writersblock writing happy possitive

In a sea of people
I am but a tiny ripple
Crippled by my desire to be different
I cannot follow the rest of the current

The sky remains the same
And the sun burns not my name
But of others who have solved life's conundrum
Which is not to live in a humdrum

In order to be complete
I must be unique
But to be such
I must give myself a little nudge
And live my life in the moment
Take adventures for my own enjoyment
Waste no time in a bore
Make life not a chore
Uniqueness is how I decide my life to be

I must be my own ocean
The ripples my life's explosion
Of good and bad
And everything in between


Dear Daddy,
Do you know what these men say to me?

With their
eyes and their mouths
when I walk on the street.

With a grin and a nod
and a look up and down.
A wink and a kiss
and a cat call heard from downtown.

With my skirt short
and my top
It’s a cold world daddy
and no
doesn’t mean no.

Daddy do you know
how these men look at me?

Like I’m a piece of meat
strutting down the street?
With my head buds in
and my favorite song on.

I’m asking for it Daddy,
I’m in the wrong.

Do you know how it feels
not to wear what I like?

To walk a little faster
when I’m alone at night?

Daddy the world is my predator
and I am it's doe,
Daddy what happens
when I can’t say no?


Its about how we began
How we first meet
How we talk to each other

Its about how we go through
Fall together
Its really wonderful dream i'd before

Its about how we ended up
Forget each other
And pretending we doesn't each other


He moved as though he were a bird flying
He was sonic.
He is amazing.
He is everything.
He is cool.


There's a special time that makes anyone reflect.
From the cheater, the alcoholics , and the rest of the heathens and damned.
This is the time that makes even the worst of the self-righteous.
Sometimes it's what people need, to let loose, have fun.
Go crazy...
The moonlight does that to people casts them into a hypnotic dance of rage passion and sin.
Parents warned you about because it's hard to get out of.
People want to see the perfect side.
Like perfect guy, lovely young lady, the "perfect child".
But when the time come no one has regrets for the things they did.
Because who would want admit the villainous acts they've done.
But everyone goes back to normal the next day with just a fresh scent,
Of what the moonlight did to them.

BA Khan

The scriptures had a name and I became Eve,
The ancients often worshiped me,
The wise sealed lips in front of me,
The wisdom that mystics think of me
To Hindus I am Kali and Parvati too,
Yet I love and bear the lovers too,
I am a woman with beauty and brains,
And a worrier riding equine manes,
The mountain song and the Dolphin of the blue sea,
And Honey bee kissing the bosoms of Rose beauty,
I am the one with all these graces,
And I bring happiness to all new faces,
Does it matter what I am now and then
As my Gaya relaxes like perfect Xen.

Description  of female..?

I feel alone
As I walk through this tunnel
There is no one here to help
No one to wipe my tears
I see nothing
I see darkness
I feel alone
Someone once told me
Life is like a tunnel
You cant see who is there for you
The people that are there for you
are in front, by your side and behind
But sometimes problems in the form of rocks come up
The people in front help you avoid the problems before they happen
The people by your side catch you before you fall
If else fails the people behind are there to pick you up and get you going
People are always there for you
No matter how far you have fallen.

"The Heart Break of All Aches"

Thanks for giving me something to write about
To feel about
To talk about
For years to come

How did he do it?
How did he spill the beans?
Did he get down on one knee?
Did he start with a speech?
Did he mention how he couldn't imagine life without her?

Was he nervous?
Did his face almost turn green?

\He's ready to lead
He's ready to leave
I am really happy for him\

Their love inspires
But can you believe
Just like a movie
I had some love for him once

But now its pushed to the side
Just like our friendship
Solid once
But now pushed aside
Next to his best man

Let me know how that goes


Yes, I’m the one who did it.
I put it there to remind you what once was.
And what could have been.
Now it’s just a melody, which falls on deaf ears.

It could have been a symbol of hope, if you wanted it to.
It could have been a callback to a simpler time, if you wanted it to.
It could have been a pleasant smile, if you wanted it to.
Of course, you didn’t.

You’d much rather have a loud voice in your head.
Or a knight on a horse without legs.
You couldn’t love a bird missing a few feathers.
I hope you’re happy, no I don’t.

The wall will dry and crack, but the mark will stay.
It will serve as a beacon, a lantern for the future.
What once could have been a show of imperishable love,
Is reduced to a simple drawing on a plain white wall.

I Barker

Most Demons
Hide in an
Angel's body

Ryan S

I have tasted
The forbidden fruit
It's you naked
And you smelt good

I have felt
The depths of hell
And there I dwelt
Waiting for church bell

From heaven I fell
To you I'll tell
I found my heaven
In the depths of hell

The sun finally came out today
After 12 hours of murk
And now it's faded away
Drifted into dark

I hate the way the winter arrives
When it goes dark at  4 'O' Clock
The darkness comes into our lives
And depression starts to knock

Upon our door, we let it enter
And it turns out our lights
At 4'O' Clock it has sent a
Dart into our lives

Every year this darkness hits
At this time of year it starts
I've got to learn not to give a shit
Not to let the dark into my heart



Cooler colored air
Autumn reaching from the sky
Yet no palm fronds fall.


English Haiku
Luna Casablanca

If you’re never going to love me,
and when you do, you’re not going
to do it right,
I appreciate your absence.
My heart has grown fonder for a
proper gentleman, not a lazy sloth
who can’t go out of his way for a
beautiful woman.
You lied,
you hurt,
you messed up,
you never got worked up,
for me to be in your sad pathetic
Since I am gone and I know
you are too,
I only want you to love
It is the best thing you can do right
now for you and for everyone around you.
Start with yourself
so you never
hurt another


i want you
in every way there is to want a person

from lazy rainy days
sitting around in underwear
wrapped up in the covers
enveloped in each other

to lustful late nights
high happy and in love
too absorbed with each other
to focus on anything else

i want you
and i see so much in you
that counting all your perfections
would be like counting the stars
there's too many to keep track of
and they just seem endless

i am utterly in love
with every inch of your being
every corner of your mind
and everything in between

i might not know what i believe
or where i'm going
or what i'm doing
but i do hope
you'll hold my hand
and wander blindly with me
because as long as i'm with you
i don't need a destination
you are the journey

i am simply enamored with your entity
captivated by your character
in love

you asked me to write you a poem, i hope you like it
La la Maxine

1 week went by before I realised I was waiting again.

Waiting for the pattern to re-erupt.
"Another one bites the dust"

You see they get infused with my sweetness.
Soon to realise their stupidity will leave them bitter.

Theres always new reasons, I'm never really sure if its me.

But politely I think I hit them like blinding sunshine.
Their eyes straight up facing the sky.
The beauty that intimidates.

I'm a short lived kiss.
A hug once missed.
I'm used to it now, being their form of a shooting star in their blank night.
Something so electric must fade.
Boys will always fall when they rise that quickly.

I'm yet to meet someone to stay on my level.
Someone who sees my inner beauty.
Boy after boy and now man after man.
I thought you didn't see me as a body.
But you moved on to a new sight as quickly as I blinded you.

This is rough but I needed to let it out and not have to read it again. My writing always turns out dramatic. But that way I can make sure its all out of my system ,so I can move on again.

I'd say baby girl I love you
I'd say baby girl I miss you
I'd say baby girl you can do this
I'd say oh my love
Take care

kaitlyn christy

i look for you
in the stars
every single night.

life's jump

everything so transparent now,
my mind don't work, just judge.
i used to imagine...
awed by magic, lost in tricks.
it's so tragic, think, don't exist,
it's made us thick,
so complex.

what is there left to dream,
when our homes are running out?
what is there left to love,
when you can't love yourself?

i was lost in wonder as a kid,
dreaming of neon clouds.
my days of then transfixed.
your favorite things just one click.
don't resist,
it's our only script.

program our favorite things,
let your mind fade.
you are my favorite place to play
i'll wait

what is there left to dream?
when our cars drive themselves,
what is there left to love,
when you can't love yourself?

you are my favorite thing
if this means anything,
please stay.


It won't go away
I need help
There's no solution
It's like a virus
Spreads all over
The shaking that won't stop
It won't go away

Charles Sturies

City lights talk to me
as I travel through the night
on the interstate
by car, by bus
or as I can see on a train
or from an airplane looking down.
Even the lights and so forth
of small cities, towns, small towns, and villages
that I travel through
speak to me.
A dirt road on a farm
or small town highways
and roads as they talk.
Yeah New York City and
the character it has of its own
at night especially
and driving the van with the cops honking
and people streaming
into the streets.
Yeah looking up at the jet airlines
at night as they talk to one with
their lights twinkling
This is soul to me, especially
Cleveland at night
and the Baltimore Bethany at night
and looking at the nooks and
crannies of big city ghettos
as you pass though on a
Greyhound during the day and night.
Yeah the chills you can get
especially at night
and daydreaming that
the 2 songs - Hot Child in the City
by Nick Gilder and You
Belong to the City by Glen Frey
as you waltz through big city
streets especially at night
thinking you're a tough
guy with epilepsy or something as you start
shaking or a been-around
drugster like I fancy myself

Charles Sturies
Danielle L Cook

if i said love was
my reason for living would
you - could you believe me?


for Eléa


feel you my love, between my thumb and forefinger ,
beyond obsession, have rubbed them,
thumb and forefinger tips pebble smooth,
lying there, lying to myself, saying don't know why,
probably the standard sexual busybodies annoying,
no big deal, just the chocolate stuffing of day to day living,
but I know better, I'm home after 23:00, in bed alone,
you love are at a milonga ce soir,
and I, still rubbing them glossy shiny,
unconsciously, subconsciously, consciously, stubbornly

my light, shut off, grab the silky top sheet,
between the same thumb and forefinger,
pull it up, to under the neck,
comfort covering my chilled bare chested unheated heart,
and the rubbing yet, gets stronger, the sheet sensation,
an unforeseen, trigger warning

the sensation, at last, dulling and in the dark,
the fingers worn, body worn, and the worn cold admissions
easy slip out, worn by denial, a sash across the chest-ache,
the fingers instrumental, now more useless from imprecision

I know, I know,
fingers are memorizing touch, memorizing memories,
at the crossroads of two Burgundy country roads intersecting,
because when no one is seeing, no one you want,
that no one won't be joining you later, ya see,
just the normal nite dreams

with that self-same tireless thumb and forefinger,
pull a tissue from the box hid in the second drawer to blot the
wet spots on the pillow, can't be having that,
no one, no,
she wouldn't like that,
and you
nonetheless and all the more,
cause no one told you,
you didn't know that,

fingers could weep


please read

everything begins to fade
ice melts in the Sun
the delicate heart will seek the shade
when tears of lost love run
they drip into the stream of sorrow
that carry them away
lost at sea come tomorrow
when the moon submits to day


Her stomach hurts with a stabbing pain
Every day, again and again
No matter what she eats, she throws right up
And her boyfriend wishes it would stop

The doctors only give her pills
They use her as a money mill
He did his research day and night
Each growing day gave him a fright

Her pain grew to volumes she hadn’t ever had
Even to the point where she couldn’t even stand
He held her every day, he held her every night
But nothing in his power, nothing in his might

Could ever, ever help her
And he needed the doctors to learn
That if they didn’t help her, she’d be sitting in an urn
He never wanted that to happen because she’d never ever earned

That which was so deserving, only doing good
The only bad thing ever she’d done, as he had understood
Was break up with somebody, and that was all
So what was this, was this somebody’s call?

And so she’s slowly dying and the doctors do not know
They refuse to give her surgery, they refuse to diagnose
She cries of frustration and she cries out in pain
Every single night, again and again

One of my friend's girlfriends has something wrong with her stomach (it started about a month ago) and we don't know what is. We're constantly researching but this is actually a poem based off of what's happening. Please respond if you have ideas of what it is. We've already considered a lot of possibilities, and she says it feels like being stabbed in the stomach. It's not caused by allergy, and it's not in the appendix.
Cat Fiske

I'm empty,
like a run down house.

I'm no longer sure,
of my whereabouts.

Where I am,
Why I'm here,

I wish for my company,
to disappear.

Now I'm faded and stale,
like an rusty old nail,

I wish to be social,
But I was always at someones disposal,

I wanted some space,
sometime to think and retrace,

to let go,
of the bad,

to try to stop,
being sad,

but the pain returns,
and the flooding thoughts burn,

Cast down,

no matter,
the length I avoid,

My thoughts run through my head,
and when I believe they have fled,

no matter how much I exceed,
my thoughts hurt me til I bleed,

I cannot,

the world handed me,
my fate.

Haven't posted in almost a year, and just have been really sad is all.
Grace Darling

sometimes i feel too much
sometimes i feel too little
i wish i could stay in that happy place
that lies right in the middle

when i feel too much
it's a torrent of emotion
a downpour of epic proportion
and i pray for it to end

yet when it does i don't feel enough
i'm numb, frozen, depressed.
I then pray for this to end
and i'd do anything to feel again

so i'm stuck in this happy limbo
never feeling quite right
like goldilocks in the three bear's house
i can't sleep at night


We'll be coming home tonight
We've seen every sine
A few timely intervals
And I'll make you mine

You'll be tangent to my curves
The approximation will be tight
Like an exponential function
We have infinite domain tonight

You don't need to worry about an x
We've already found our y
Our functions are constant
And the f (x) don't lie

We can carve out our own area
A little sector of secrecy
So as the arc of the night goes on
We'll lie together, parallel, just you and me

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