Make it short and simple
I could hear it in my mind
Of written essays and poetry
My soul started to bind
A man who spoke Irish
Who taught me during his time
Of how beautiful a language
That took me by surprise
Although he is of age
He has never failed to teach
He now lives forever
In the mind of his pupils
He gave something for us to keep
Write to express who you truly are
And never give in to defeat

Forever in memory I thank you teacher
Dhaara T 

I woke up to peace
Our planet was filled with love
But then, I woke up

Akvile T 

Fear, sadness, pain
Darkness in this world can be anywhere
In love, in home
In everyone heart

I am standing here alone
In the middle of city unknown
In the middle of peoples
Without souls

Darkness lead me after every step
And it can't leave me alone
She lead me anywhere I go
She is trying to be in my soul

But I can't let her there to go
To be in my heart
Because this isn't left space anymore
In my poor heart and soul

But she don't wanna to give up
She want to win this soul
To steal one thing I still have
That small thing called Hope

Hope is all left to me
Hope don't let me to give up
She says to me loudly:
Fight for better world!

And I am listening to her voice
I am doing what she says
I fighting for better world
For peoples free souls!

And I finally win this fight
With that darkness bad
And I making from it
Better and beautiful world

And it's all good now in this world
Even better than thought
And I have to say thank you:
For that small thing called Hope


Cynthia Henon 

i am 5 years old
we are going
into the mouth of the whale

The Leviathan
like Jonah
whom i've never heard of
i'm 5!
and not religious

Into its dark maw we go
in a rowboat
with no oars
because this boat
is a boat from Disneyland
and you have no control

but deep in the belly of the whale
my mommy and daddy and sister
fall out

and i can't swim

they call to me
but i can't help
i can't keep them from drowning

i am so sorry

sitting here in my boat with no oars
i want so much to save you

but clearly
i'll be lucky if i save myself

Never forgotten this childhood nightmare.
Journey of Days 

this mighty armada breaching the horizon
sailing purposefully across my day
on an unknown course
complex art in ice and power
perfectly formed for holding stories of earth and seas
locking up memories and soaking up thoughts
as their shadow passes over
formulating conversations and news in droplets of rain
to be dispersed at the precise time
known only to the lead ship’s pilot
majestic formation bridging heaven and earth
trading secrets with the sun
how are they formed
who cares
they are simply breathtaking
pulling up my thoughts
escaping into the blue


for Dan - this is about the cool cloud
beth stclair 

'where night is....
monotones of silver stars'

blues, greys,
summer tied
to our hair,
love on our
in a moment
we live and die,
kisses of golden
our dreamy heads
lost in the clouds
uprooted like a
strange plant, we
run to prove we're
still alive,
dance to say we're
beautiful and strong,
like a polished stone
we find ourselves in
weird pockets,
where the air sighs
where our ribs are no
longer a cage for
our breath
where the stars
hang like fisherman's
nets wrapped to
a black ink sky,
strange sea of stars
love so gorgeous
it sings like the
wild storm-grey sea,
where night is....

Lillian Luna 

Shooting stars cascade in sin
below my skin
as blood and sweat boil beneath
my fingertips gentle part my wanting lips and slide and sink and tease and penetrate
the desire burning between my parted thighs
as lustful songs escape my mouth in silenced moans
and whispered gasps of pleasure raise
with my hips up into the air
as my arching back forces
my head deep into the pillow
my mouth grips with my clenching teeth as my legs begin to tremble
the stars collide and burst
and I am lost without breath or love
and in my hidden shame
I ache to speak your name

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