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Nov 2018 · 142
Autumn Sun
Kaze Poitier Nov 2018
For my love is the Autumn Sun

The embodiment of intense heat and passion found in summer love
Though my words cold as a daggers edge pierce the heart will leave you undone
Your eyes only see the warm glow and recalls its passion,

You anticipate

Reminiscent you are though the warmth of your bones are quenched by the absence of my touch
A rather cold embrace
For I am the sun that made the rose you are bloom

The very one that will take every precious petal away from you
Seasons have changed yet I am the same sun
For my reasons have changed but you still long for the taste of honey on my tongue
Jul 2018 · 201
The Exposure to Luxury
Kaze Poitier Jul 2018
The luxury of time is growth
However this silence is unbearable
For these lonesome nights I continue to loathe
As the love I once cherished  gradually perishes
As you regress from goddess back to human
For you no longer bear the guise of home
The illusion that shoruded my vision was lifted
When my love dimished
As I spent those cold nights alone
Jun 2018 · 883
Thoughts In The Dark
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Look into my eyes and see where the truth lies
As I waste my youth scrambling desperately looking for the truth in the lies
Trying to find love in the façade
Not mad in the lack in love but the lack of honesty
Being indecisive trying to keep me close to fall back on
You need someone spend the nights alone
Especially when you leave that message he does not respond nor does he come back home
Trying to move on and you putting hurdles in front of me
Stunt my growth trying to preventing me from bringing forth the beauty
Soul lay dormant
Weathering us that storm horrid
Rose like a rose in the concrete and bloomed and that growth cannot be stop by a mortal
Jun 2018 · 174
Death Note
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Final Letter
When you look at me what do you see
Are my eyes like the surface to something as deep as the open sea
Am I a head full of dreams unable to face reality
A writer who turns his demons into a plot
Am I a crazy person crying for help
A suicidal individual trying to find to death?

Am I an empty hollow with nothing left, a shell of my former self
Or was I always empty and kept the façade so we could remain friends
You say I'm going through the motions I wish that’s how you can describe my emotions
Slow death and I still can’t get grasp for why awoken,
Waste of space I tell you lies just to save face
But under surface I am in an abyss
I use to wish my existence wouldn’t be missed
I could disappear
Without care
With no one I love having to shed a tear
Or wish I was still there
Ending it feels like my only escape

Or thats how I use to think before I became selfless
Spread the dream
To taste love and pain
To live long enough to eventually experince it again
To Become Significant Once Again
Jun 2018 · 194
Love Is Everything
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Since the days of sound
Humans have only known two voices
That of love and the lack of it
That is all we know
Humans will always rebel and humans will always love
For every act of malice, of romance, or may it be of hatred
They all were done due to the love, or absence of love in the heart of a mortal man

Jun 2018 · 182
No Ordinary Love
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Before my soul had reach maturity I was told to never give a lover my heart
Thus I never did,
Instead I gave them my heart, my soul, and every fibre of my being
For the one whom I fell in love with was no lover, but a soul a divine
When they wanted the world I gave them the universe itself
I do not regret my decision
I have no remorse
For their love and loyalty made it as easy as drawing breathe
Like royalty they received without question
For they have evolved beyond the definition of lover
They are Nirvana

Jun 2018 · 209
Love is Blind
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
I’m always gravelling at your feet
The rose that I rose from concrete now has no time for me
In my depression there were wild emotions and I had to repress them
Struggling not to fall apart in front you
When I was the only person you could come to
Fear that I would explode and say things just to get at you
However I’m not like that no matter what happened I still be right back
That’s why I’m here now just for some closure
I have seen this scene over and over
In the dark waiting for part two however I feel my whole life is a wasted play if their leading role isn’t you.
Us on pause but not my emotions and honestly I’m going through  the motions trying to figure what did I do to deserve it
Tears down my eyes
As you look at me and me tell lies
Then I tell those lies to a mirror
To myself hoping that my vision of you would be clearer

Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
What if I told you a love story without a happy ending
My early demise
What if I told you that love was the most beautiful yet the most fragile flower to behold your mortal eyes
However a rose has its thorns and those thorns drew blood
What if I was elegant and vibrant
What if what I had in store was enough
For that vicious ego of yours
That ego that left scars on my heart
That ego that left tears on my pillow
That ego made me feel like leaping out this very window
What if my face was a mirror, would you finally see
How unfaithful and demeaning you were to me
I gave you my all and kiss the earth you walked upon
Yet you have no love for me in that hollow shell of yours
What if I opened my ears and listened to the truth instead of your lies
Would I still feel this cold emptiness inside?
What if I told you that I wasn’t a damsel in distress yet a vulnerable to the guise
What if I indefinitely closed these dark brown eyes
Would you even remember my name my love?
Would you even cry?
What if you could feel a fraction of the pain and hatred you cause my soul to endure inside
I assure you that you will inevitably die, for that shear agony of all my sleepless nights
What if you hadn’t hurt this lost boy hastening his eventual death
Would he have closed his eyes?
Would the thought of love make him cry?
Would he have died?
Would he be the monster of the night ?
What if he never met her?
Would that lost boy still be alive ?

Jun 2018 · 120
Come Back Love
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Sometimes this space between us feels infinite
The cold nights of not having your warmth are liken to the cruellest torture
Sometimes I feel so cold so desolate so useless
I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you on the night you were all alone
I'm sorry that my soul took so long to find its home
To your love
To find us
I love everything about you
I accept everything about you
The good, the bad, the sin, the innocence ,
It's like you were the piece of the puzzle I never knew I was missing
The problem was love
I never knew what it truly felt like until I met you
I never knew what it meant to care about someone until you came into existence
I'm scared that this is all a dream
That one day you will up and leave

Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
As my body grows cold where does the love and passion go
Just because of my gender I’m criticised for being emotional
So tears in my eyes are just as nonexistent as I
I have been living a lie
Honestly I knew this was my reality however this dove still cries
I was by your side
Through all of the lies

Now I just want to die inside
Close my dark brown eyes
escape from this life
Run away from the lies and chase the wasted time
The beautiful world filled with the delicate soul of a lost boy in a tragic confusion
Searching for something he will never find
Chasing the end of the rainbow with until the end of time
For the rest of his life
What is he trying to find
What goes through his mind
Knowing that it’s just a lie
Chasing the moon and running from the stars
Does he hope to heal the scars on his heart
Is this a search for the one day he can truly say that we’ll never be apart
Where did it all start
When this little persona’s world began to fall apart
What is he running to
What is he running from
Will he ever escape this confusion
Will he ever be done?

Jun 2018 · 5.4k
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Blue eyes that are as encompassing as the ocean
Silk skin I wish to peruse and embrace
Skin that my lips lust to kiss
That my tongue lust to taste
The consequences for this adulterous heart I surely will pay
For it will do more than engage in intimate conversations it will manipulate my words
So my bare hands can caress your curves
Like an alcoholic in the bar I’ll never learn
This is not what love is

Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Darkness of a void
Can you feel the whispers
I’m like a memory stuck within a Polaroid picture
Ageing faster than old drunkard sipping on a sweet elixir
Trying to find my way out of this prison of infinite wisdom
The prison that stole my innocence

Gravitate towards the heartbreak
The critic of dismay
I already knew the ending by the first act of the play
The betrayal of desolate lips
As my heart embraced the cold edge of your daggers tip

How does one learn to love when it is the poison bringing him to an early demise
If my eyes were to close indefinitely would you even cry
Would my soul even cross your mind

Jun 2018 · 162
Love Sensuality Desire
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
LSD the pontent dream of a beautiful frequency
Expressing my love, my affection for you can not simply fit one terminology, and it would be preposterous to think that it ever will be
I realised that God is a man because women are something of a man's dreams
Divine elegance in a mortal's presence
Constantly evolving
Perfection found in a woman's essence

Jun 2018 · 135
The Thought of You
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Trying to forget you was incomprehensible
However time passed and the memories began to fade
Emotions that were as vast as the ocean
Are now subtle in comparison
Double down
Depression and Sadness what a deadly concoction

What was once lost is now found in sound thinking
Though I have yet to rest my eyes
Exhausted to the point that I am barely blinking
Yet alone thinking
Thinking of many things, but you are now omitted

Jun 2018 · 122
For Freedom is Here
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Frustration, in my nature and how you treat me
Frustration in allowing my past to determine the individual I am to be
Losing my senses feeling numb
To lust , to love
These are defence methods of a broken heart
You did not love me like you promised
you were not fair or honest
So why am I blaming myself for the lost of poison in my blood
The toxicity you gave under the guise of love
Affection correction more like manipulation was the stipulation
Looking foolish
So then I lose it;

My grip on reality
However trying to make me reminisce about the intimacy and bliss
You probably think I’m in a sunken place dying to reignite this

However the pain devoured it
So on the contrary to your ideology
Right now I find you quite annoying
What you have put to the flame cannot return
For fire is absolute, definitive, so I let it burn
No apologies from me you’ll see
This is the reality that came to be
The reality you made, my love that you traded for something temporary
So as the last tear comes from my eyes I hope you know why
For the thought of you made me cry
However these are tears of joy that drip from my eyes
I chose the death of you and what you meant to me rather than to die
My final goodbye
For Freedom is Here

Jun 2018 · 169
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
We spent hours upon no end talking
I have writing so many exquisite compositions in the name of our love
However until now you have yet hear those nectar like words from my very lips, in my very voice.

I have waited so long to feel your warmth
To have the impression of your lips placed upon mine
The silence the unbearable silence of not hearing your voice and not feeling your warm embrace in the bitter cold nights of separation
It is like the night sky without the Moon's light

Today I awoke and it felt like my soul had been crying for hours
I knew until we meet again that I would not be able to hold you my arms like I once did.
I hate myself for every teardrop I was helpless to stop; For every tear shed I shed two
The jewel that you are is not one that words can encompass. You are My Love, My Soulmate, My Heart and Soul.

I hope that the next time we meet that my presence, my touch , my kiss is more grand than this warm sensation
That it makes you melt, that it shows you how pure you are in my eyes, that it recreates the innocence destroyed by past lovers.
I have fallen under light of the celestial being that you are; one most luminous at my darkest moments
Our love is ever evolving, so am I and it may scare you, however you never tried to stop it even when faced with the possibility that I might outgrow you.

Truth is that you inspire me to grow to keep evolving; you are more than a lover you are my muse
My heart and soul guides me towards understanding, wisdom and the continuity of loyalty to myself along with my significant other , who is none other than you
Look at me like I'm the only man for your soul please don't search for my love in the eyes of others.
Allow my body to be home
Allow our love to be Now and Forever

Jun 2018 · 227
For You Are Like Honey
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
You are the sweetest wine to this alcoholic
You are a masterpiece outside of the museum
I love everything about you from your vibrant smile to the soles of your feet .
From your eyes that I get lost in time and time again to every curve and bend on that ethereal body of yours
That's why I don't hesitate to kiss the ground you walk upon
No woman can ever make me lust and love like you do
No woman can ignite flames of passion that make me want to orchestrate love to and devour you until you tremble in my arms.
I wish I could take away those words spiteful people put into your mind.
I wish you could see through my eyes, just glimpse how exalted you are, how you make me melt
When you see a cherry blossom do you think it wonders about the rose
My tongue only wants to explore your body, my eyes only has desires for you, my lips only wish to venture onto, to touch, to taste the sweetness of our love
For it's like honey

Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Living Poetry, no words I can say nor that I will ever commit to memory will encompass your divine presence
Gallivanting Masterpiece, what can an artist utter to the human eyes' ultimate desire; so magnificently crafted a surreal aesthetic
Illustrious Symphony, the classical orchestration of your harmonious voice is a forbidden composition for it can not be recreated
The Transcendent Intellect, jewels of wisdom in the mind of an exalted soul capable of making an imperfect human metamorphose into an ethereal soul
Muse what depth of curation took place to fabricate a Goddess among the mortal plane, what grandiose wine press concocted the most intoxicating wine turning men of hatred into drunkards of love.
To say I love you, that I adore your every movement, that I kiss the ground upon which you walk are all a silver of the vast depth of my endearment of my pure unadulterated love for you
What we have is something untainted, timeless, it's irreplaceable
It is Us

Jun 2018 · 153
Song of the Nightingale
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
The echoes of silence
The ambience of darkness
Love is the drug of no consequence
By now you might have realised the paradoxes
The lies between the lines
Maybe you can even visualise the pain in my eyes
It is something I am unable to hide
The loss of thought and indulgent within life’s great illusion
Overcoming such a delusion
Brought to the conclusion
That I’ll be enlightened and satisfied
However my innocence within the escapade lead to my timely demise.
Death by the sweet song of the nightingale
From the finger tips of a woman who I saw everything in
Something seeming so ballistic you think I would develop a hate that made me misogynistic
It’s offensive that find my intelligence so simplistic
Alas you are wrong my friend I would never stop viewing women as masterpieces
The only beautiful thing within this life known as sin

Jun 2018 · 108
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Who I once was is no longer the being that I am
Though the hues of ebony are forever embedded in my skin; I am a different man
You put me through everything yet my love only grew
Like the lotus flower in muddy waters
My soul will be reborn in the flames that are you

Cliche Cliche Cliche

Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Can I open up to you, can I confide the secrets of my lips have yet to be spoken
To conjure the words that express the thoughts of my venomous and destructive capabilities
Within the ocean of confusion I was submerged
Within that void I swam to the surface however I only venture further into its depth
Slowly losing my sanity
Unable to draw breath
Why when I open my eyes there is nothing but the sterile darkness engulfing me
Why when I close my eyes I see the light
Where am I
Who am I
Self identity is constantly changing
For am I the same person from the first line, the first word, the first letter?
Lost within my labyrinth of my mind is a tragedy
However it is sweet pain I love dearly

Jun 2018 · 184
Dance with the demon
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
I can’t wait to have the masterpiece that you are in my arms; for me to feel your body cling to my own like flesh to bone
What subtle scent does a goddess like you possess; why does it feel like eternity to await the taste of your lips.
Hesitation is understandable because the addiction to what I am is unfathomable
However when I love the passion is sincere; that is why I say to you My Love just taste, but a drop of the venom I contain.
Let me heal your wounds, let me quench your desire like a hot coal to a burning flame.
Let me kiss not from your head to your toes, but also ground upon which you walk.
Let us make love until our lips no longer can lock, until your thighs recognise the heat of my body, until all you can do is lose yourself in my eyes and love me

Jun 2018 · 106
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
A constant collision of thoughts, desires, and morals constantly pang my mind
Thrown into a void of nothingness I embark the desolate silence trying to find the illusive end
My hiatus of emotion enables me to visualise the black and white of life's simplistic complexity and unending paradoxes of corruption and malice
Atmosphere of sin and temptation is a manifestation of my inner thoughts weary of its containment
Who is the voice in my head if I am the one listening, therefore I'm not my thoughts then who am I
There is no proof that I exist
How do I know my mind would not just fabricating a reality I do not reside in or even exist
What if I'm a part of the unborn generation destined to save the world
What if I am the individual destined to destroy it
What if time expands both ways and as we progress in a future another reality regresses deteriorating and the only medium to cross worlds are dreams and death.

Jun 2018 · 128
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
These red roses represent the passion in my eyes
The passion, that inferno like desire that burns within my very bone.
A woman so ethereal you are
A radiance so bright you emit
You are simply beyond my articulation.
I wonder what beautiful treasures your mind hold that I can explore.
How vast and encompassing your love is.
How your soul is one that can give a mortal a taste of Nirvana.

Jun 2018 · 165
Where Are You?
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Quick glances is all I get nowadays
One day you're there then the next you're gone without a trace
I walk the halls yearning to here symphonic voice
The pressure of these thoughts of teenage love haven't given me much of a choice
When people try to defame your name
My icy glare shows them what's my aim
A woman to which I show love and teaches me how to love
I wonder if when friendship is built will words still utter from my mouth.
Are you the one?

Jun 2018 · 192
Not Who But What Are You?
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
I fell in love with the embodiment of temptation
Something so elegant but drew blood from my very palms
Her very touch made my bones tremor
The lips she possessed to either touch my skin or speak harmoniously to my soul would encompassed me in her aura
Her mind was to mine superior
She could manipulate my will to manifest her desire
Something so dangerous so unpredictable was someone I once loved because she was a enigma I couldn't solve
So let my lips numb every pain
And touch create every desire
Time tells all
So gaze into my eyes
Allow my soul to tell the beautiful tragedy
One known to man as love
Watch as my mind would toil on night upon no end
See every tear that stream down my from eyes
Because the very thought of your heart in pain is something I can not bear
I rather be pierced by a thousand arrows than to see a tear stream down your face
Your love is more precious to me than any gold or silver or thing that man can offer
For it was the sweetest thing I have ever known
You are ethereal because gorgeous is an understatement
The very ground you walk upon I worship
The very thing you desire I will find for you.
You are a beautiful flower I wish to grow and flourish
I'm sorry I couldn't protect you but I have always loved you and always will
No matter the cause or case
You will always be before me because you will always be for me
The stars envy your radiance
And the wind your grace
Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't worth it or feel worthless because there is no better prize a mortal can attain than your love

Jun 2018 · 155
Never Alone
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Devotion of the heart
Enslavement of the soul
What love is uniquely crafted as ours
Though every night I am unable to physically touch you
My presence is ever evident
Your love is ever encompassing
I love you as a man art to love the creator
The greatest sin, one that caused the downfall of humanity itself
Yet it is a sin I take pleasure in committing
Do not pray for my soul as if it is lost for it has found home in your tender affection and loyalty to me; to us

Jun 2018 · 140
Je t'adore
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
The words uttered from my lips can never encompass the depth of love and adoration for this divine
My physical eyes will never understand her beauty in it's eternity
It is only my soul that can see the masterpiece, the muse
Only my very essence can understand the grandiose of the majestic cherry blossom
There is no touch like hers more precisely no love like hers
No woman could humble me
No woman can ease my soul
Thus she is not a woman
She is much more and has so much more to offer
She is a Goddess

Jun 2018 · 399
Erotic Thoughts Pt. 1
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Ice upon bare skin
Limbs bond by silk sashes
Helpless and unable to breathe
The pressure of the air caused by your very demons are like weight upon your breast.
As skin touches skin
As the atmosphere becomes gradually more tense as the two of them merge
As the heat of your body is disturbed by my cold touch as well as fragments of ice that navigate you as ships do the sea
Aimlessly wondering in places they should not go
Then your body truly begins to mirror the ocean.
The once conservative flower which oozed nectar has become a waterfall
Overflowing, nonstop
Your eyes that were once filled with curiosity, excitement and innocence are now the very embodiment of intimacy, they are indulgent and filled with lust
A mind that races
A body that spasms uncontrollably
A voice that beckons because the soul is overwhelmed by such sensations
Is the sweetest music that echoes within an empty room
Jun 2018 · 125
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
I wish my eyes were made of glass,
Each one mirroring a different reality
One consumed by time one consumed by my emotions
Look into my blank canvas of a face where you saw nothing and others saw art
Gaze into my eyes and see your reflection Narcissus
How you have lost your will and let this world metamorphosis you into Darian Gray
Yes see what the world perceives you as and gaze into my other eye seeing what you truly are glimpse the figment of beauty you were and the treacherous creation you are today.
You were an erogenous sight for my soul
Like a flower's first blossom
However I have watched that flower wither and lose every gorgeous petal
That's why I wish my eyes were glass because at least your reflection would have kept you entertained
For from the very beginning I saw everything and now I see nothing in the walking carcass that stands before me
You were so beautiful before I knew the person you are
Before you left my heart with scars
Sheets cover in tears and mind overflowing with nightmares.
Sometimes I wonder if it is better to live in this torment or die here
I wish I go back and talk myself out of that moment
The moment I became you
The man in this mirror
Jun 2018 · 225
My Speeding Bullet To Hell
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Understand that I isolate myself for the purpose of doing the impossible
To be become the impossible
For I thought to myself "I'm possible"
Possible of finding love
Of creating something beautiful
Of inspiring those who will hear what little remnants of my name stay intact
However I'm entitled to nothing
And my existence will mean nothing
Nothing so I thought
However every moment of time has left an impression
I have left a dent in your mind
The very existence of us
The very destruction of us
Maybe it's unforeseen rebirth
Is or will be a memory
And that memory
Will haunt us whenever we are alone
Understand that and accept it
As we each crave for flesh
For tender lips
Sheets dampened by intimacy
And something to satisfy our Sadistic appetite
We are nothing but empty vessels
Even though for that split moment we have feelings of
How long is it before reality collapses on us
How long is it before we realise that a human is cursed to love and that lust is not love
How long before you realise the very existence of you and I
Is it not because God no longer wish to be alone
That's why everyday we search for our better or more realistically lesser half
And everyday we fail one other unintentionally looking for perfection
However it is in our nature to have just that our desire to be something that we aren't
However the demons dance
The angels sing
And everything will remain the same
And today was the day I destroyed everything I wanted to protect to hold dear
to love and cherish
Another night I cry on my pillow
Unable to bear it
I wrote more than three poems about her, only girl to show me the embodiment of love
I would kiss the earth her feet walked upon
She was so much more bigger than me than us so then I thought there could never be an us
The most ethereal soul, kindest heart, and beautiful mind
Someone I could spend my life with or even until the end of time
The graceful butterfly you ever see
That's why I walk the streets at night to put my soul at ease
Though it's not with me my dying wish and last prayer is that you remain happy please.
Jun 2018 · 764
Sin & Lust
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Know that every coin has two sides
That behind the cover of every book lies a story
So for every deep and beautiful thought in my mind
Simultaneously a manifestation of debauchery is created
So disregard every pure image, intention, and desire my mind has used to guise itself.
There is no good in man
There is no innocence in my eyes
There is no flesh I do not crave to sink my teeth in.
Fallen Under The Moonlight
Jun 2018 · 122
The Death Of Me
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Darkness my brother
How pure of form and transcendent you are
So sterile the void is, a blank canvas whose nothingness brought forth creativity and inspiration
Devour the loving, glowing warmth of my heart and luminous nature of my kinder soul
Embrace me my brother turn me into the shadow of the night
Give me the primordial wisdom and piercing gaze
Even a fragment would keep me unrivalled by anyone but King Solomon

Jun 2018 · 130
The End Of Us
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
I can write another poem
However ink stained paper won't return you to me
I never understood why you couldn't love me until that night
I always knew that I was missing something you needed
Identifying what it was is what haunted me
From the very beginning I knew that I would never be enough
I was just bidding time
Your love was the most beautiful thing I ever felt I didn't want it effects to expire
Slowly dying becoming non-existent
However it seems such a thing was inevitable
I watched the gradual decay
Helpless I was but I knew my interference would only hasten the process
You grew distant and cold
To point I wondered did my existence even matter
For now I have the answer
Jun 2018 · 187
A Lover's Poison
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
I have tried to show you love
A kind no one else would
However you have proven unworthy
Ungrateful is your heart
I tried to make a vow
To return a soul that I thought you cheated
To return a love you were cheated
To remain unsullied until beckon otherwise
However lust consumes your very bone
You have no reasoning or compassion for me
You stab my heart repeatedly with your cold words
Your demeaning gaze
Yet I still try
A fool I am for that length of time
Bound by the shackles of hope and compassion
Blinded by illusions of visions
No longer has my heart become warm but cold
Cold and Empty like space
My soul return to reaper for it is only her who loves it as it was made for her
Thank You for freeing me
Thank You for never loving me
Jun 2018 · 114
Pain & Confusion
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
What was all of this for
The empty words that now I see have no meaning
The arguments of utter malice
What was my purpose in all of this
Was I merely a jester to keep the queen satisfied
Was I merely a placeholder in your game
I was told time and time again the prophetic ending we now embark
However I disregarded it all
The negativity, the malice , the inconsistency to remain in this delusion
When I say I love you who am I talking to
When I say I care for you do my words travel to deaf ears
When I tell you how much it kills me inside to have to ask myself
Do you even care anymore
Fallen Under The Moonlight
Jun 2018 · 123
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Ebony a bronzed goddess walking amongst a mortal plane
A name that echoes in my mind along with the intoxicating words of a being so divine  
Her words flow like symphony and she utters ones that ensnare the soul
She isn't someone who belongs here, rather we do not belong in her presence.  
Indeed she is a living, breathing, work of art that belongs on the euphoric clouds of pink and white.
Her name is something words cannot justify  
Likening her to Nefertiti is an understatement of her beauty she surpasses even the most desirable Egyptian goddess.
However it is her ability to stimulate my soul and mind that make my knees weak so that I kneel and kiss the ground she walks upon .
It is her brilliance and artistry that inspires me to constantly evolve to one day be worth of her presence
Jun 2018 · 110
The Feeling Of Love
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Have you ever been in love
One where her gaze is like the beams of light emitted by a full moon
When words from that soul could create or destroy you
She is so beautiful and pure your eyes would forgo what others see as flaws
That moment you look into her eyes you saw it all
That one moment where you saw your life's cause
Catering to her needs would be an understatement
You would go above and beyond so her happiness can stay safe
Protected from hatred and poisonous lies those unworthy of her time injected in her beautiful mind.
Don't create time for those who only waste it
Misplaced emotions like a male not knowing the difference between lust and love can leave something so pure devastated
Yes have you ever been in love
Where everything she does is as you're watching something otherworldly
Where the sounds and words that leave her lips are intoxicating
Like the sweetest wine
Yes have ever wonder if she was the one
The seed that would eventually grow into a divine luxury for the eyes of whom help it to grow
The caterpillar who will become a fuchsia butterfly
So much love and compassion that you're frozen by the fear of tainting something so one of kind
Yet you utter "I want you to be mine"
Yes that one human being who you wish to please to the greatest extent of your being
Who you are not afraid to give your heart and soul to
For you know someone like her class
Yes someone of her nature
Would take better care of such vital pieces of your persona than you
Jun 2018 · 70
Then My Eyes Saw You
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
On this day my eyes gazed upon something so ethereal that I questioned the very existence of the celestial body.
For upon this day my eyes gazed upon a Goddess undisturbed by the afflictions of us mortals.
She was carefree and in complete harmony with the aspects of this dark dying world but simultaneously brought light.
To gaze upon the muse of masterpieces they were as I am now, blessed.
I witnessed her radiance transcend any star in the sky as her skin bask in the rays of the setting sun and arriving moonlight.
The atmosphere surrounding her was heavy and brought my vessel to its knees, the aroma of cherry blossoms filled my lungs, the thoughts of joy filled my mind, my soul taken by her to Nirvana.
This is the story of how the first human saw his everything in a woman his beginning and end, heaven and hell, death and rebirth.
This is the story of a man’s first blessing, how paradise was brought to earth, how a human saw the extent of The Eternal Father's masterful hand to point he could not articulate.
This was the story known as man’s first odyssey of love
Jun 2018 · 75
Love & Infatuation
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
For you are a being whose radiance combats my dark aura.
For you listen to my ramblings not out of pity but out of sincere genuine affection
It seems you understand not the amount of joy you have brought to this soul
One who had no recognition of the sensation of such for we were separated for eons when I was lost in the void
For I take upon the mantle of your Nocturnal Knight while Milady embodies the celestial being he shall serve
A purpose found in making her smile and preventing anything that evokes her tears unless they be ones of joy
Fallen Under The Moonlight

— The End —