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the face of my clock
a fake smile
a forced laugh
slowly I notice
my emotions are fake
when did it start
when did I stop
a hollow place in my heart
I wonder if anyone sees through them
I listen for the clock for the ticking has stopped
Shinko Pan-ya Oct 21
searching in darkness
glancing into the light
scavenging through books
sifting through notes
a hidden memory
a lost smile
will the child ever return
the one I buried in my heart
the child knew the meaning
the child
was me
long forgotten
the meaning of life is lost
so is the child I once was
Shinko Pan-ya Oct 21
eyes cracked like glass
tear drops shatter to the ground
a porcelain doll
broken cracks mock her face
even though she looks broken on the outside
inside her fragile shell
lies something
a thousandfold
Shinko Pan-ya Oct 11
a heart is glass
surrounded by walls of stone
no one gets in
no one gets out
only one holds the key
a key not like
the ones you see
this key encased
in the hand of a soul
has no equal
Shinko Pan-ya Oct 11
white dust like
a skeleton in the closet
a knock on the door
a broken bell rings out
a ghost answers
politely asking
can you find my body
another person ran away
another eternity to wait
Shinko Pan-ya Oct 10
life is a wonderland of fun
everyday you gaze up at the sun
the only thing that ruins it
the coma
living life through a dream seems fun
but slowly your body is shutting down
isn't life fun
I wounder through life
my vision clouded
trapped in a daze
slowly I fall and catch myself
slowly down life's road
staring at the world through
my foggy haze
I contemplate what
gives my life meaning now
out loud I state
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