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Fox May 2019
I do not belong to you
But show me your love
Show me your commitment

Wait for me

And in the end...
I’ll be yours
Fox May 2019
I hate when someone
Says something
Does something
Anything that reminds you of her
Of what happened

Anyone else just sees you shrug it off
But I see it
The look in your eyes
The pain
The hurt
The regret
The regret that you were blinded
Blinded by your care and devotion
To someone who broke you after claiming to love you
To someone who put you in a place
A place of depression that you yourself would never
Never wish on another person

You were lost
Left with your reputation shattered by lies and rumors
And I wish
“I wish with all my heart that I could erase that pain you feel in your heart every time you are reminded of what you had to go through
The pain that shows hidden only in your eyes

But I can’t
But I can let you know and show you
That you aren’t lost anymore
You can learn to trust again
Because I will always be there for you
We will always be there for you
And together we will rise”
I wrote this for my book but I thought I’d share so I put it in a “poem” format. It’s when you go through hard times that you really learn who your true friends are.
Fox Mar 2019
I love myself
I truly do
And I know others love me too

I’ve always loved my figure
I know at one time I was too thin
But it didn’t really matter to me then

I’ve never suffered from depression
And anxiety attacks don’t plague me
Though my emotions sometimes run free

I only have two exs
The first is now my best friend
And on the other I can still depend

All in all
I really love my life
And it’s not full of much strife

Despite all of this
I still have insecurities
And these things like to plant seeds

People just don’t get it
I’m human too
I have problems too

But it’s fine
It’s whatever
I’ll go back to being fine

Because no one wants to listen to the “privileged girl’s” minuscule problems
She’s perfectly fine
Yeah I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I just needed to get some of my thoughts out of my head
Fox Oct 2018
I love your smile
I love how you’re so caring
I love your deep voice
I love your eyes,
Your hair,
The way you held my hand.
I love laying on your shoulder
I love your humor
I love how you’re the perfect gentleman
I love the idea of us
I love you....

I just haven’t told you yet
Dear everyone,
I also love my boyfriend because he makes me smile more than anyone else I’ve ever known. So if you’re searching for someone don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t make you your happiest you.
Fox Oct 2018
It’s only been a little while

But it’s scary that I already want it to be forever

You’re so new to me
And I to you

The greatest thing though
Is that you treat me better than I treat myself
And you treat me better than anyone else has ever treated me

And that’s new to me
To: HP
Fox Oct 2018
A- Amazing is what you are

D- Darling is what I am to you

O- Open is what we are to each other

R- Radiant is what we are together

E- Everything is what you are to me
I adore you Hagen (and I’m not afraid to tell people anymore)
Fox Jul 2018
She told you to cast me aside
So you did

And when she cast you aside
You came to me

But I was foolish
And gave you a second chance

And now she came back to you
And you’re giving her a second chance

Because I was your second choice
Yeah it kind of hurts...
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