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Hanna 2h
I keep a straight face, during all my problems,
I might even come across as having  Psychopathic tendencies.
But to be honest its not that I don’t care if I hurt you or you hurt me.
I’m just a really good actor.
I hide my hurt from everyone, so they won’t feel the same as I do... too bad I end up hurting them, trying not to hurt them.
Hanna 3h
I’ve idolized so many people throughout my life.
Always thinking they’re fantastic, great people.
But then I always realized,
They were just an illusion.
Because they’re are no “fantastic” people in this world.
The world isn’t black in white.
There’s good and bad
Light and dark,
In everything.
I only wish...
Hanna 3h
At night when you sleep your either lifeless or full of life.
But if your like me.
You don’t sleep when your sleeping.
I’m incapable of sleeping correctly.
Hanna 2d
Step by step climbing higher and higher.
When you reach the top,
look out upon all that you’ve come from.
This is your vision, to defy the rules,
Set in place to keep YOU in place.
Your mind is a wild card packed with limitless imagination.
When you reach the top, you’ll soon find a roof that now you have to get to the top of.
Good luck.
Sorry I’ve been dormant recently, I’ve been dealing with some problems. Anyway hope you enjoyed!
Hanna Apr 6
A girl who wanders in her dreams
A woman who never followed her heart.
A life that was never completed.
A simple reason why, because there is no answer.

A boy who’s dreams were broken from a simple mock.
A man who woke up from a nightmare silent, scared to wake up the girl beside him.
A life that will be filled with silence.
A simple answer, he didn’t share.
This was ******, I’m trying to say that boys don’t talk and girls always follow what society says, but feel free to interpret it in a different way.
Hanna Apr 4
Messages sent to me.
Ended up hurting.
And all for your humor
Now that’s just mean.
Cyber bullying is very common especially in this day an age with texts or even on social media. I personally have experienced this and it’s just plain MEAN, not to mention, illegal in most US states. If you know or are involved with any bullying in general, speak up now. Make that person feel they aren’t worthless or anything people say to them. Thank you.
Hanna Mar 31
What happens when a right handed painter breaks their right hand?
They learn how to paint with their left until they recover.
We need to follow our hearts and learn to get though the tough obstacles. Have a beautiful day/ night, hope you all are doing fine and fresh, to start off a weekend.
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