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rosaline Jul 5
he held the gun against my head
did he really want me dead?
he was shaking
i saw him breaking
just moments before
his heart was hurting
his lungs were cursing
but he swore
everything was okay that night
he was alright that night
but he lied
once more
rosaline Jul 1
4 am, it's close again
the darkness is closing in
im falling asleep
i don't want to wake again
it's 4 pm
my soul feels dim
i can't move but yet i swim
through this emotion
i always claimed to love the ocean
but it's deep, i can't hold on
now here comes dawn
rosaline Jul 28
i got an icee in the ER
it was my blood stream
now my bloods' green
shoot me
im gonna die with a slushy

everyday i take a pill
will i ever heal?
is this life or is nothing real?
now im a zombie
and everybody loves me

but it's draining
and everything feels so degrading
in without a warranty, they're coming for me
but they're never there for me
brain spill
rosaline Jun 29
everything feels pointless today.

im hardly happy without distraction.
my life is void, there is no action.

my tears, they hurt
these years, they hurt
everything, everything.
everything hurts.

my eyes are sore but my heart is worse
this empty feeling is like a curse

the darkest grey comes full of sin
wistful smoke dancing within

it carries me away
all i want to do is play

but everything feels pointless today..
rosaline Jul 12
i remember
going out
and singing to the moon
and wishing that
when you saw it
you could hear me too

— The End —