Denise Uy Nov 14
We owe it to ourselves to grow
and think of the places we can go.
We owe it to ourselves to grow
just as high as the sky allows us to
but let it be that the sky owes it to us
to rise higher as we will it to.

Let the clouds part that our dreams may pass
and they flower into bills and wads of cash and more than that -
let it be that we don't stick our heads up our *****
and that we breathe comfortably together with those we love.

Let it be that when the time comes, we are cut down before we wither.
Let it be that decomposition should come after and that we die before we break down.
Denise Uy Nov 8
Her faint pop music,
The giggles they make
in the dark
In one room
Different worlds
Deep in slumber
Or awake on the surface
No in between
Sleep won't sink in
Patience wearing
Head ringing
Throat feeling bile
I'm tired.
Denise Uy Oct 26
Ding went the phone
when I was alone.
Thud went my feet,
loud like drumbeats.
Ding went the sound
then a small frown.
A sigh came from me;
it wasn't from he.
What if I was on the receiving end of the frown, though?
  Oct 25 Denise Uy
aj ochavo
“Oh, the darkest night? I’ve seen it.” She said.

“Really?” He replied.

“Oh, the saddest song? I’ve heard it.”


“Oh, the coldest night? I’ve felt it.
How about you?” She asked.

“Oh, the loveliest girl?
I’ve loved her for years”, he replied.
And she smiled, sweetly.

Denise Uy Oct 25
What if when I said I cared for you,
it was only in that moment?

What if even it was true,
it was only temporary?

I never said I always would
since I wasn't sure I always could.

So I wouldn't be lying if I told you again, because it would only be for the sake of the moment.
Denise Uy Oct 24
I thought I knew you
but I've been floating on the surface.
If what I've seen's true,
I'll dive headfirst to your place.
My messy aims
released me to a vaccum in nowhere.
I struck home, felt nothing,
touched everything since you're there.
I thought 'twas over,
but you're always somewhere.
I don't really know you,
wish I did, I want reasons to be there.
So give me reasons to be there.
I'll listen to the things that you'll share.
You don't need to feel mundane
because whatever it is, I'll care.
Small achievements or nightmares,
complaining that life's unfair,
let me be close to you
and let's turn things around.
Just you and me,
we'll leap off the ground and
stay in the air.
For the person I met years ago and only noticed now.
  Oct 23 Denise Uy
Mya Saint Aima
I feel better in the dark.
I say things, then, that I wasn’t sure of
before I said it

In the light, I tell them lies
But when I slip away into her room at night,
I only speak the truth

We met by accident
She didn’t make me wish for
She whispered to me that things were better in between
  And she let me
     She begged me

Fire beckons me, but I’m in love with another
She’s too slick, but I love the sound of
       her laughter,
                her abandon.
She’s ready to hurt, but I love her
                 her affection.
She offers me the light,
         and I love her darkness, too.

I want all of her, if she’ll let me see
I’ll stay, anyway
Until she gets sick of me
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