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Apr 2020 · 85
Everything that came from within, into existence from the light within,
Mapped out and encoded
All that I am.

I am, when I was
back then
Right here
Over there
Up close
At a distance
Far a way
In a picture
In my drawings
Sculpted in stone
Rendered in 3D
In waves of sound
A Hanging painting
writings of life
All around
360 degrees of information
In every direction
In every corner
An Equilateral Paraliptited octaployed
Moving through every dimension simultaneously
I only needed nothing more the silence to get to really understand

All that I am

Derek Rodarte
Mar 2017 · 707
Focus Fire
I Didnt forget my power
I didnt loss my mind
Just drifted into infinity
Now, as I come back to a world that is ready.
In a world of endless possibilities and scattered lightwaves

understand it is focus that makes a fire.
this was life Changeing and transforming!
Mar 2016 · 1.0k
Art is the structure of currency,
Money holds a value even though it itsn't worth the paper its printed on.

What created its existence was a question.
What is the value of anything?

Art became the price of life , enslaved by its creators, Art was now controlled by the very thing we were creating, Money

Slave unto itself , by the media they made , controlled by the makers of our own creation we were fed.

What was fed became federal,
reserved for times value for the measure of work it takes to keep life sustained.

Life cannot be without money, just as money can not be without art or there is no Trade.
Do you want my art, then please trade with money. It keeps my life sustained, my art sustained
Mar 2016 · 1.5k
Down the river through the valley into the mountain range,

through the desert to the egg where I was born, were the cactus talked to me!

when I cracked out the egg I thought I died
I thought I was a thought
before the cactus reply

"you finally came out a son Reborn"

looking at the cactus completely torn
I asked were he was, were I was to find....

Cactus said, "WHO?your mind? Hes gone! Don't look for him, for him too long Too long far gone.....dont you see whats wrong? The truth is simple, without him, a life better "

that's when the owl appeared, sitting upon on the cactus head he said, Oh Owl I am, but WHO are you?

"I do not know? But desire to find.
A wizard man, whos name, whos name is mind.
Do you know Who knows These answers, these answers I seek to find?"

Owl - "So we ask to ask but never believe,
Ones energy exists with inside, for isn't that all we need"

cactus said "indeed"

The blue sky evolved
Then changed like fire
With eyes turned gold,

A wizard owl and cactus show me a road

A road
Were all the meaning of meanings UNFOLD.
It's opinionated to evolve, your way of being
Mar 2016 · 377
Clairvoyant hand
To declare the clearing of one's passion is the response to one's inner self.

A radiance that screams the truth is sacrificed through its pondering.

Blasting with booms
A heart sounds through the wall,
traveling waves glaze the drums,

A marks vibrations sustain on cavans,
A persistence of markings
The etching vibes back,
This persistence sustained

But what the young boy didn't understand
was the truth viding back from the future
He created with a clairvoyant hand
Mar 2016 · 892
I will my will
From The power of the crown above
To infinity of my everlasting love.
He Focused
Mar 2016 · 511
i will
I will become more then my ego
I will be one with being
My being will be its presence
My presence will reflect my awe
Mindless in meditation
Spiritually connected to wisdom
I will shield myself
From unwanted unconscious behaviors  
I will become better then I am today
I will look inside to find
The treasures of space and time.
I will
Mar 2016 · 592
Act of Valor
Value in Love thy seekers to whom find Value is Truth
A heart never bearing the weight it gives with focus
for devotion, diligence, drive, and a darling dedication to go forth an dare to dream to desire and discover detailed thoughts of the utmost majestic, Visions that Kings would wish for.
My love is for you!
Mar 2016 · 274
From the black space into a sky bright holy atmosphere.
the magnetic night bright shines from a moon lite mind were the fire inside was blue.
The door was black, The sky was white
The people were underground.
The land was blank, with Fine gray sands.
Our fire was life
The Rings of fusion
black barreled, chained cans.
A multitude of  souls flying, floating, flowing through the sky's river in reverse throughout the universe
gallantly to the other side.
The land was blank, the sky was white, the door was black and the people were underground.
And all life blinked back, we, the golden dust particles of space, sparkled like glitter in the eye of God.
Mar 2016 · 284
Take me o Lord
We, O Yes we stuck together in a time
A time of our needy voices shattered not to brake, less we find our Bloom.
How we became one another, another one over one
Timeless time left as we Savants were Devoured.
We, Ancient and Misinterpreted  
Left not gone as in, has our voyage forgotten?
O saving grace of shining lights.

You Constantly position Guidance of Art
structured against a self embodied frame
Yet Time set's upon us so aimlessly breaching its uniformity Aside a long lost gem. His mind, too relevant throughout a fixture immaculately irrelevant, Gone with identical rhythmic violations
confining thy universal equation of all living life into a painting,
this particle of ye O lord. Doth me wise in finding a will to have endless appeal with thee. To find with utmost certainty
fixation on thee shall parallel the birth of a new age
with inside one who rules all of who is now what is his self.

Take me O Lord or can God save the king?
Mar 2016 · 514
Could you not feel pain barring on ones soul, could you indecisively open a grain of sanity with the courage to Lead life to freedom through a journey that could nourish the senses of reality given to a marvelous occupation.. this is what that is... that in which would deliver the relentless tyrant in ones self a mad man among eyes,
i am among whom who.... could not bare to see you stop.
Mar 2016 · 390
Silence science
As this energy restart's over flown
isolating pain with Illustrations thus our convictions
our afflictions our endeavors united
Our love defined a declined selflessness exile,
Passions Achieved
yes , we are trace's of matter that no longer matter  
We write- the declaration, our orders 'to Design.
Painting Christ cries With what new tragic world order a view
a peaceful monk  chasing purity, forevermore a rising son with eyes
passion achieved
whom in which it is in thyself so curl with anger  
art thou thy future, thy nonage hidden aside deep waters ,Regressing Depression Defacing aggression with progressing a cure by pressing brush to canvas.
pushing a non existing perfection only for humanity a last
Passion achieved
Aug 2015 · 433
The Wind
He Bet on the alpha bet,
crashed out his presidents in alphabetical order
What a win of Doe
Cashed money with the feds, you know?
Who raced to fast but way to slow?
you bought what you thought he was,
moving from hearts shinny gold, An Open sky
With nothing to buy
but the wind.
Jun 2015 · 290
A mirror reflection
Protect your soul, in this
this world with imagination, yes,  
Our history, our world is nothing but art, everything apart!
Creating till the day we die,
Feeling a passion to captivate the human eye,
with real eyes, we see meaning with time
A life measured with the space we take
With time we make, with time our fair fate. 
The art is only what art is,
A reflection of an inner forward projection
On the same ride
A mirror reflection.
May 2015 · 419
I thought.
The matters of many challenges confront a path parallel to the plentiful. Yet some pictures so pointless, it becomes nothing that matters at all. For who is it that needs less for his time ,When even creating with less time could create something timeless. Can we change this filling into meaning, a meaning to be free, to captivate the billions watching the movie played before us all. The avalanche of light, forming our avalanche of What?
I thought.

— The End —