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4am Feb 4
My affection for you is as boundless as the universe
doubt thou, about everything - even absolute truths,
but never question Hamlet's last verse
["never doubt I love"]
alone time
memories pt. 2

C. V. Silva
4am Dec 2019
I made myself small to fit into your box of solitude and despair

I thought that through the pain and anguish
I could make you love and care
and that's about it

C. V. Silva
4am Dec 2019
Poor Soul who bore the sleep of death
Who endured an eon of separation
and the distance that one could nor forbear
All she had was a sweet and dear remembrance
that kept her alive with so much elation
memories pt. 1

C. V. Silva
4am Apr 2016
... and all I want is to come home.
4am Apr 2016
you can't fill that emptiness inside you
you can only set it free
C. V. Silva
4am Feb 2016
hanging on for   sanity
hanging on for      a future
hanging on for   something better
C. V. Silva
4am Jan 2016
We age
We decay
We die
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