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Emily Oct 5
I know that I'm a F up, mess up,
A really big mistake.
I know that you won't tell me, but I should run away.
I know that you don't want me, like me,
Hope to see me smile.
So I just stay here in my room, laying time around.

Emily Sep 28
Oh you left me here alone,
And I can barely pick up the phone.
Cause you show up in my dreams,
When I don't ask you to be.
Oh You left me
And I'm lonely.
Guess I'm not over you.

I thought I was over you
At least a little bit, it's true.
Oh this is happening
Give me a moment
To catch my breath.
And I'm scared now,
Cause you're not answering.

You have a girl with you,
Is that true?

And I get it, I'm not for you
I'm not for anyone, anybody yet.
I'm fine, I swear that it's true
I'm just not over you.

I wish I was over you.
As I fight the urge to text or call,
Cause it will never be the same at all.

You left and you moved on.
I'm here singing this song.
That's okay, I swear I'm fine,
I just thought that you were mine.

Oh this is happening.
Don't look at me now,
Cause I can barely make a sound.

You seem happy,
And I'm lonely.
Cause I'm just not over you,
No I'm not over you.

At least I don't have to see you
Everyday anymore.
And At least I can't stare
while you hold her tight.
Please don't hold her tonight.

I don't wanna hear about it,
How your hands together fit.
Does her smile light up your day
While I'm here, fading away?
Oh, Do you say you love her
Just like you told me, the same mistake?

I used to be her, I know
I guess I won't pick up the phone.
If you're happy when I'm lonely.
Then just stay away from me.

I am fine now, I swear this time
I'm glad crying is not a crime.
If you knew how I felt about it all,
Would you still not call?
You said you love her too.
When I'm not over you.

Emily Sep 10
We've been friends for quite a while
We've always made each other smile.
I'm not sure when I felt a change
But now my feelings for you have a range.

I'm not sure if I like you yet,
These feelings might not be set.
I know I don't want to hurt you,
And deep down, I'm scared that you'll leave too.

And if I wait any longer
Maybe they will get much stronger.
But if I tell you too soon
You might run as far as the moon.

You might like me, I'm not too sure
And if you do, we are our cure.
I still don't know if I like you
But I want to try, I really do!

I'll open up my mind and heart
As long as you don't tear it all apart.
And if we crumble back to two
Just know I'll still be here when you feel blue.

So if you read this, at any time,
Please just send me back a little rhyme.

Emily Aug 24
I lie to myself sometimes.
Tell myself I'm fine,
That I can live without it.

I miss seeing my breathe
pour out in front of me,
so I can see my inside.

fog up the glass
that is telling me lies
It is not the true mirror.

I never thought
I'd miss it
as much as I truly do now.

The truth is I felt
That it didn't matter
what I wrote.

Now I know,
poems, don't just help
you cope.

Poems have the key.
Show the mirror
of what we could achieve.

They do not just
tell the past,
the pain, and woe.

They will help us fly.

I never realized how much I would miss this.
Poems are the mirror of who we want to be.
Emily Aug 20
It's so not fair!
I dealt with him already
This sounds so rare...
I feel so very unsteady

I lost that lover boy
When he moved away
I felt kind of like a toy
But we went our separate way

But when he left
School started anew
And I found out in my math class
I lost and "gained"
that boy I used to know.
The one who was quite stupid,
but I liked him anyway.

The very one who left me lone,
When I got away.

He invaded my home,
with unwanted memories of pain
Everything is red and gory
I feel the tear in reality.

Fate does not seem in my favor
The one I love
Moved away
The one I wanted to stay away
came anyway.

This is so unfair.
This is so cruel.
Has anyone seen this before?

I lost one
and gained the run away.

My boyfriend moved
my ex moved from across the country.
Hopefully you'll understand
Why the rhyming fades
Emily May 13
They told you "Careful"
Because they saw the frozen eyes.
Friends warned you
Because they knew the burning mind.
The people hissed
Because they saw the iron wall.
They all left
Because they tried to invade.
Your friends said "Watch out"
Because they felt its icy stare.
The people frowned
Because they all knew the cold retorts.
The people watched
Because they couldn't fight.
You said hello
Because you were afraid.
And suddenly
The lion shed its mane.

  Mar 12 Emily
I want to fall apart
to build myself up again

I'm sorry I don't know how to love you properly

I can see the hesitation in your eyes
I'm hiding behind mine

all the words I want to say come to mind
when I talk they spin on my tongue
I'm dumbfounded
it's no fun

I wish I could love you properly
to show you how much you mean to me

forgive me
I'll try my best
hold my hands
feel my heartbeat
I love you believe me
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