Ellison 3d
Someday I'll live long enough
To have lived long enough
To outlive everybody I've ever known
On my death bed.
Ellison 6d
I don't know if I got what it takes
To be as talented as her.
I don't know if I got what it makes
To sing as soundly as him.

I don't know if my fingers know
Where the strings on the guitar are
I don't know if I'll be as famous as him
When I'm in my bedroom doing nothing.

I don't know if people will care for this poem
When it isn't even as good as yours
I don't know how long it will trend
If it even will, anyway.

I don't know if I'm playing with fate
Or if love is the way to go
I don't know if the dream is correct
Or if it's just one big mistake.
Ellison Jul 12
We've known each other for countless years
We've shared our happiness, joys and fears
But even with all that, something is amiss
When she smiles at you, my demons start to hiss
Cause our brotherhood means nothing if there's a girl
That you could run off with; my heart would uncurl
And this poison that lurches forever in my night
Makes me hate the stranger I never wanted to fight.
Ellison Jul 10
promise me that when the night hangs in the deep
we treasure our smiles and bodies we keep
in the pleasant day sun for eternal joy youth
love is ever in balance, let us keep that the truth.
Ellison Jun 23
Counting the infinite voyage of the stars
Or thinking of all the drops in the sea
And thinking of the grains of sand on mars
Shrinks my body to microscopic sizes, you see.
Perhaps I'll send a paper plane out in the sky
To watch it fly to distance galaxies of tomorrow
And maybe it'll come right back to where I lie
In my bed of restless thoughts of stress and sorrow.

I'll spill some coins into the street
And watch them tumble by
Just watching them speed by leathered feet
Brings a salty tear to my tired eye.
Because coins have journeys of their own
In the musky old worlds of talk
Once carved straight out of stone
And before people knew to walk.

All the pages in the world wouldn't confuse
What thoughts are born today
Even books created from a powerful muse
Couldn't shake what keeps to stay.
Cause once I challenged God and all
To come down from the clouds
And I stood there sweaty and slipped and fall
To my mind of bewildered crowds.

Maybe now is the time to lay down the sword
Of previous gestures and innocent dust
Maybe now is the time to strike a new chord
To create what inevitably should must.
I'm not retiring from smiles and cheer
And no longer should it be any such curse
As to be what it is to create my own course to steer
No one now has to tell me how to write my next verse.
Ellison Jun 21
I tell myself I’m a peaceful man
That my day is sunny and calm
That I’ll be tranquil if I can
And the future is in my palm.
But even as the hours go
Beyond the wooden clock
My anger begins to show
And rationality is out of stock.

Oh, but it’s not as bad as others.
I hear it everyday,
“He’s as stupid as his brothers.”
And I look the other way.
Perhaps it’s not as extreme
As a pessimist gothic freak
But the running or baseball team
Makes hatred come to leak.

I think that they’re wasting time
With their pointless scoreboard numbers
But look at me trying to rhyme
With passionate booming thunders.
I shouldn’t be one to spit on running
Cause the grass once belonged to me
But as long as I keep shunning
Things won’t ever stay to be.

I haven’t seen it all
Or experienced everything
Just cause I’ve hit a wall
Doesn’t mean I ought to sing.
In deepness truth inside
Of what I truly feel
Those talented people lacking pride
I’m jealous to the peel.
Ellison Jun 19
Before I say God is a concept by which we measure our pain
Think of the words that pour down like rain
Maybe think of the people too blinded to see
Them bumbling fools with smiles like me.

Before I rip up the Bible to be cool like my friends
Didn't God once wish for humanity's end?
But the poems that are written will do that anyway
Cause laughter is rare in this modern age day.

If you think all it takes is depression and edge
And you write about jumping off a mile high ledge
Then you aren't at all what you're seeking to be
And maybe you deserve to be hung from a tree.

After pouring your soul onto page or the screen
You're not all aware of all that is seen
For why else do you think many people are sad
If you're only writing poems of how you feel bad?

I understand what you've been through
Even if some of the stories aren't true
You wouldn't believe if I got up to shout
What poems are truly what they're meant to be about.

Make variety. Pain is a bore
To several who have already been through the door
So make a new life with your pencil or pen
And show me what it is to be happy once again.
You must have a balance between joy and pain. Just because you have depressing poems doesn't mean they're any good.
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