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Pavanii May 3
Different colors, different places
Different clothes, different races
beneath the clothes, all human
lets be clement and not so sullen
Don't wait, change shall not come
be the change, never succumb!
Pavanii May 3
She's so calm and lovely
She's such a treasure
She's the one with the
voice so heavenly

She's someone
who won't let you shed a tear..
with her, you can be you
without no fear

She's someone,
who'll leave you sweet letters and not tell
She's someone,
who'll keep your secrets in her shell

She's someone,
who is rare
She's someone,
you'd not like to share
Pavanii May 3
Being nice to others,
might not get you what you want
but will surely get you happiness
in a huge amount
Knowing that the smile on their faces
is your doing,
your heart will feel
blithe and soothing

Being nice isn't always
gifts and pity
its the little things you do for someone
that makes them feel gratified and hearty
Pavanii Apr 30
"If only people looked within me
If only my color didn't matter
they hate me!
they make my heart shatter...

At a tender age
they made me feel
like a bird in a cage

People of 'my kind'
survive not for long...
those people don't listen
they just know
we are wrong

Don't treat us like this
why can't we live with
no hatred and bliss?"
Pavanii Apr 30
"Some days, I sleep starving
I can't escape this life...
you humiliate me,
you look down on me,
you don't treat me right
you make me work,
day and night
but I say nothing
I do everything for you!
just so that
I sleep with my stomach full tonight
Please don't treat me so bad
a little respect
would make me so glad!"
  Jul 2020 Pavanii
Kelly Rose Onjuro
the nightingale
in the
golden cage
singing his heart out
as the
dancing silhouette
of the
free birds
the orange rays
the radiant sun
  Jul 2020 Pavanii
Three, four, five, six
Episodes in a row.
Me, more, ice, chips,
Can't do this anymore.

I check my phone - no messages
I moan and groan - bad premises
I'm all alone - mood perished

Carried by a small stream to the vast sea of apathy,
And i can't swim
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