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Mr Amoeba Mar 13
I remain silly
While horrors are eternal
wrote this exhibit
Mr Amoeba Jun 2020
I smell pleasant rain
It might bring great destruction
people will smile
I used a syllable counter to be true.
I hope you guys like it.
PS: Patrick Harrison corrected my flaw
Mr Amoeba Jun 2020
The flowers in garden blossoms
In gentle breeze swaying like a dancer
It's enough to be happy...
My first Haiku... Telling you can be happy even on the smallest occasions.....(Just edited it,had a mistake of syllable count now its correct)
Mr Amoeba Jun 2020
One day someone will love you
But you won't
and the ones that used to love you will cease their's
thinking you got someone for you

You will weep, you will cry
but the one you truly love
will have the same story of their own
my first poem, so if any of you guys want to give me any tip yo improve my writings you can tell me in comments. It would be very helpful

— The End —