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Mallory Aug 20
I lay here in the mud
“Eat!” I say
and let them lust over my blood.
“Eat!” I beg.
My body has become a carcass for my mind.
I will surrender my pain to this earth
knowing I have been drained for something pure.
I will be given to a thirst
so immaculate
as if this
is what it has all been for.
Mallory Aug 2019
Looking at you stung.
Being next to you again
for another springs end,
felt like never ending
beginnings of falling
to some sort of death.
Wasps bzzzz
         ­             Zz
Against the walls of my stomach.

Swallowed whole by hope,
I don’t know
who you are. Ever.
I don’t know who I am

Season’s rotation spent tripping in circles around you
are a lifetime and more.
A mere glimmer
through the eye of this storm.

I have known since genesis
how your light refracts mine.
Spider’s silk caught in sunbeam.
Unraveling sun from sky.

I come back to find you different.
Adapted to despair. I become burdened and create distance,
Avoidant attachment floating in air.


like a thick,
low fog
at fallen angel’s midnight.

Every morning light
always left us
and aquatinted us
the same.
Mallory Jul 2019
I want to be disturbed;
from this life.
Consciousness to time warp
like a fly is to honey.
Suspending no disbeliefs,
this place is too small of a world
to flourish.
These four walls
are too tall
to climb over
and too thick to punch through.
But ****** knuckles
and buckling knees
count for nothing
in the end
if you can still count your discomforts on one hand.
Mallory Jun 2019
Misplaced love.

It’s such a habit
to be sad about it.

But I rearrange the pieces
of my brokenness
until I am mosaic of grievances.
I want to be closer to happiness.

Today I taste the light
as I lick the sun.
I am delicate and strong.
Soft and loved.
I am enough.
I will be enough.
Mallory May 2019
Thank you for seeing me
the way I was starving to be seen.
For sharing with me
the parts of myself
few people have been able to find,
especially me sometimes.
Thank you for the nights
you made me feel less alone
in the world.
Even if just for an instant.
To know a soul like yours exists
know this: I hope you find someone who sees it.
Let’s hold it,
feel it on our fingertips,
for one last moment.
And be grateful it even existed at all.
Thank you,
thank you,
thank you.
You have been a sparge
of light through dark
my Reece.
Thank you for this recharge
and for this release.
Do we stan a name drop?
Mallory May 2019
Even the sun
would **** us if we let it;
deathly acts of the divine.
I think you change your mind
about me
all the time.
Either way
I’m absolutely, incredibly *******.
Magnificently ******.
I’m either the hard place
or the rock.
I’ve been high for days
and I know
I haven’t been thinking straight
but whats thinking straight anyway?
What’s the difference
when we’re all just lying?
I wish I could suspend this disbelief.
Nothing is meant to be.
We’re just moments
And fragments.
And motions
moving through everything and nothing.
No religion can save me.
We begin and we end here.
So make it count.
Care about what’s happening
right now.
Every god will bleed you dry
and leave you empty
if you aren’t brave enough
to know when to face the other way.
Mallory Apr 2019
You preach against vices and promise that not giving in
is your scritta paper ticket
to infinity.
But our flesh will be swallowed whole by this dirt
and our souls will be coughed out as the phlegm of gods throat.
You know nothing
Of creation.
What it’s like to crash and explode.
You see life through a disingenuous lens and a dancing light,
******* shadows and shapes
on stone walls.
Your mind is always caved in.
Closed off.
**** your god.
**** your light.
All you ever pray for
Is blindness.
Objectiveness will rip you from your roots
and spit you across realms.
You have no idea
what it means to decay and decompose
and be born again
from nothing.
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