Nov 2 · 152
Fatima Nov 2
Im lost,
I don’t know what to do.
I feel so alone.
No one to talk to,
No one to listen,
No one to love.
I’m useless.
Nov 2 · 172
It’s been 4 years
Fatima Nov 2
Since the day
I moved to ****
I’ve been confined between the walls of a room
Feeling claustrophobic
I’m suffocating
The walls caving in
Can’t breathe
Can’t think
Can’t do anything
Oct 29 · 903
What am I supposed to do
Fatima Oct 29
Its all hitting me now,
How much I miss you.
I’ve been dreaming about you,
Imagining you,
Missing you.
I don’t know what to do.
When we were together,
Everything was perfect.
Now we’re torn apart,
Nothing could be worse.
I keep thinking about,
You with me
Us laughing
And happy.
What am I supposed to do?
I just miss you
Oct 28 · 366
Missing You
Fatima Oct 28
I miss you.
But I’m not supposed to,
Because I told you,
To move on.
I can’t stop thinking about you,
Can’t distract myself.
Im losing my mind,
Missing you like this.
Oct 24 · 142
Don’t Wait
Fatima Oct 24
I don’t want you to wait
Atleast not for me
I want you to move on
To be happy
You can’t keep going like this
Promise me
You won’t
Oct 14 · 598
Be Yourself
Fatima Oct 14
Don’t change.
Not for him.
Not for her.
Not for anyone.
Be yourself,
No matter what.
Oct 12 · 122
Fatima Oct 12
A poison i wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy,
The way it makes you feel,
The cuts, the pain.
No one deserves that,
The way it ***** you in,
Bit by bit.
Making you feel worse,
Day by day,
Until the tipping point,
When there’s nothing left
But the end.
Oct 9 · 402
Fatima Oct 9
Drowning deep
In my own thoughts
I can’t breathe
The water’s swallowing me
I’m choking
On memories.
Oct 7 · 105
Fatima Oct 7
I’m sorry
I just don’t know what to do
But I can’t talk to you
I can’t go through it again
It’s too much
I just can’t
Oct 6 · 928
Learn to live
Fatima Oct 6
I need to learn to live,
Without you.
Need to be alone,
With my sorrow.
Can’t have you rescuing me,
All the time.
I need to learn to live,
On my own.
Oct 4 · 132
What to do?
Fatima Oct 4
Can’t tell you I’ve been thinking about you
Because I cant talk to you
Can’t talk to you
Because I can’t tell you I’ve been thinking about you
See the conflict?
I’m stuck
Don’t know what to do
Sep 30 · 135
Fatima Sep 30
That last night
I made you cry
It broke me inside
The way your voice cracked
When I told you we couldn’t be us
That night
We broke
Sep 29 · 236
Fatima Sep 29
Sleepless nights
Tears shed
Hearts broken
Must be the end
Sep 28 · 1.0k
Haunted by a kiss
Fatima Sep 28
You kissed me
And i kissed back
But we shouldn’t have
We were friends
Now we’re nothing
I ruined everything
To end up haunted by a kiss
Jul 23 · 160
Fatima Jul 23
The first day
Full of nerves
Thoughts racing through my mind
What do I do now?
Jul 2 · 207
At the very least
Fatima Jul 2
I may be weak.
I may be ****
I may be broken

At least i haven’t broken hearts
At least i haven’t torn people apart
At least i haven’t ruined lives

I can’t say the same for you.
Jun 30 · 167
Fatima Jun 30
You’re a liar
You’re a cheater
You’re a *******
What haven’t you done?
Jun 28 · 238
I’m Done
Fatima Jun 28
All those lies you told,
What did you get out of it?
I still don’t understand
But I’m not sure i want to anymore.
Why can’t I just get rid of you
I want you gone.
I’ve had too much of you
Its choking me
Im done.
Jun 25 · 225
June 21st
Fatima Jun 25
June 21st
You’re never the day for me
June 21st
You moved me to **** in 2014
June 21st
You gave me love and then took it away in 2017
June 21st
What have you got against me
Jun 19 · 233
Fatima Jun 19
The bitter look in your eyes,
As he touched me,
Made me realise,
That you still loved me.
You’d told me many times before,
But i wasn’t a believer.

If i hadn’t left that day,
Maybe we’d still be together,
But what i did was for forever.
Jun 14 · 263
3 years
Fatima Jun 14
Today I saw you
After 3 years
You’ve changed so much
The glint in your eyes gone
The charm in your smile faded.

I guess the loss made you to grow too soon
It’s not fair
You shouldn’t have had to go through that,
Losing your father at such a young age.
You pushed everyone away,
Even me,
The one who was once more than a friend.
Jun 12 · 549
Need Control
Fatima Jun 12
I won’t let you do this anymore
I can’t loose control again
Can’t let you effect me like this
It’s been too long
I need to protect myself,
My heart,
My soul.
Jun 11 · 204
Fatima Jun 11
What do you want from me?
Why are you back?
Making everything worse
I was finally learning how to ‘move on’ but you had to appear out of nowhere
Making me question everything.
I know you aren’t capable of feeling
Wether its happiness or sadness.
So why do you insist on making me feel the latter?
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
Jun 10 · 104
Move on
Fatima Jun 10
I’m learning
Sorry if I'm taking too long
But thats just me
Don’t expect me to forget and move on
I’ll take as long as i need.
I don’t care if I take a week,
A month,
Or even a year.
And that doesn’t mean I’ll forget.
Moving on is not erasing memories
At least not for me...
May 27 · 294
Fatima May 27
Falling in love wasn’t hard,
Keeping it up was easy,
But then it all fell apart.
You tore my heart,
Left me with nothing.
I’d never felt so alone.

I blamed myself,
Felt like I’d done something wrong,
But that wasn’t it,
It was her.

Once she came along,
There was no longer an us,
Just a You and I,
With time even that didn’t last.
In the end it was just me,
Me and my broken heart.
May 3 · 244
Fatima May 3
I can feel it breaking all over again
My heart shattering into tiny pieces
I hear it cracking with every tear that runs down my face.
Why is this so hard?
It was so long ago
So how can you still tear me apart?

I can’t breathe.
Im choking on the memories
Of you
Of us
Of the end.
May 2 · 312
Happy Anniversary
Fatima May 2
2nd May
Would have been the best of all days.
If you didn’t destroy everything in your way

We used to be so happy
But now, A year later
We don’t even know each other.

You left without a word
And I felt so empty
But eventually i stopped questioning it.

I moved on
But this day,
It brings everything back.

May 2nd
Was the day you were supposed to be with me
It was supposed to be our yearly anniversary.
May 1 · 262
Haunted by you
Fatima May 1
Even my dreams are taunting me
I guess its fitting since its so close to our one year anniversary
But why does it make a difference,
You left 8 months too early.

The first dream was us, your best friend and your mother.
The next was you and i, my parents and my brothers.
The most recent with you and my father.

I don’t know what to think anymore because every morning i wake up with a tightness around my heart
It’s tearing me apart
From the inside out
I just want to shout
Why can’t you leave me alone!
Apr 29 · 262
Wishing for Forever
Fatima Apr 29
Your love is amazing,
The best of all.
The way you hold my hand,
Our fingers intertwined.
The way you kiss me,
Your sweet lips on mine,
Making me melt inside.

Our love
Its all hearts and flowers.
Every day, every hour
That we spend together
Makes me wish it to last forever.
Apr 28 · 220
Used and Abused
Fatima Apr 28
You manipulated me,
You used me,
Just to feel better about yourself.
You were a heartless *******.
You didn't give a ****,
About me,
My feelings,
Or my heart.
Apr 27 · 119
No Different
Fatima Apr 27
I can't even look at you anymore.
So what you do is sit outside my door
Willing me to understand
I'm sorry but i can't
Not this time.
After all that  has happened
And all the well rehearsed reactions.
Pretending you care
About anything but yourself.
I thought you were different
But you turned out just like the rest.
Fatima Apr 26
I'm going crazy
Locked up like this
Everything's getting hazy
Why are you doing this?
Apr 26 · 143
Which one is it?
Fatima Apr 26
Physical torture, Mental torture
They may sound the same
But have nothing in common.
One visible
Like bruises on the arms and legs.
The other eating you up from the inside
Like the cavity in a tooth,
Starting out as just a black dot
Then spreading throughout.

Physical torture, mental torture
Can you guess which one you apply?
Apr 25 · 212
Fatima Apr 25
All my life I’ve been different...
Different colour,
Different passport,
Different religion,
Known as an immigrant.
Now I’m ‘home’ with...
The same colour,
The same passport,
The same religion.
Yet I’m still different,
A stranger in my own world.
Apr 24 · 197
Fatima Apr 24
You did this to me
You are the one to blame
You made my suffering longer
I tried last time
Honestly I did
But you seem to be trying so hard
To make me fall apart
I don't think I'll survive this time
And it's all because of you
I feel guilty
But i shouldn't
It isn't my fault
Everyone comes to congratulate you
And i just want to tell them to *******
I hear the happiness in your voice
And it cripples me inside
I hear you laughing
Whilst I try to hold back the tears
I hear everything
Everything you did to keep me inside,
Apr 24 · 194
Fatima Apr 24
I wish I’d never met you,
Never even talked to you.
But I did,
I made the mistake of meeting you,
Talking to you,
But the biggest mistake i made
Was falling in love with you.

You hurt me in ways i’d never thought of
Made me wish everyday to be my last when you left.
You broke me,
When i was complete.
You trapped me,
When i was free.
You hurt me,
When i was happy.

I wish i could forget you
And all the pain you brought me
Yet i know i wont
Cause it was my choice,
That brought you to me.

— The End —