Clarity Jul 23
The first day
Full of nerves
Thoughts racing through my mind
What do I do now?
Clarity Jul 2
I may be weak.
I may be ugly
I may be broken

At least i haven’t broken hearts
At least i haven’t torn people apart
At least i haven’t ruined lives

I can’t say the same for you.
Clarity Jun 30
You’re a liar
You’re a cheater
You’re a bastard
What haven’t you done?
Clarity Jun 28
All those lies you told,
What did you get out of it?
I still don’t understand
But I’m not sure i want to anymore.
Why can’t I just get rid of you
I want you gone.
I’ve had too much of you
Its choking me
Im done.
Clarity Jun 25
June 21st
You’re never the day for me
June 21st
You moved me to hell in 2014
June 21st
You gave me love and then took it away in 2017
June 21st
What have you got against me
Clarity Jun 19
The bitter look in your eyes,
As he touched me,
Made me realise,
That you still loved me.
You’d told me many times before,
But i wasn’t a believer.

If i hadn’t left that day,
Maybe we’d still be together,
But what i did was for forever.
Clarity Jun 14
Today I saw you
After 3 years
You’ve changed so much
The glint in your eyes gone
The charm in your smile faded.

I guess the loss made you to grow too soon
It’s not fair
You shouldn’t have had to go through that,
Losing your father at such a young age.
You pushed everyone away,
Even me,
The one who was once more than a friend.
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