Fatima 2d
Don’t change.
Not for him.
Not for her.
Not for anyone.
Be yourself,
No matter what.
Fatima 4d
A poison i wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy,
The way it makes you feel,
The cuts, the pain.
No one deserves that,
The way it ***** you in,
Bit by bit.
Making you feel worse,
Day by day,
Until the tipping point,
When there’s nothing left
But the end.
Fatima 7d
Drowning deep
In my own thoughts
I can’t breathe
The water’s swallowing me
I’m choking
On memories.
Fatima Oct 7
I’m sorry
I just don’t know what to do
But I can’t talk to you
I can’t go through it again
It’s too much
I just can’t
Fatima Oct 6
I need to learn to live,
Without you.
Need to be alone,
With my sorrow.
Can’t have you rescuing me,
All the time.
I need to learn to live,
On my own.
Fatima Oct 4
Can’t tell you I’ve been thinking about you
Because I cant talk to you
Can’t talk to you
Because I can’t tell you I’ve been thinking about you
See the conflict?
I’m stuck
Don’t know what to do
Fatima Sep 30
That last night
I made you cry
It broke me inside
The way your voice cracked
When I told you we couldn’t be us
That night
We broke
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