Clarity 2d
The bitter look in your eyes,
As he touched me,
Made me realise,
That you still loved me.
You’d told me many times before,
But i wasn’t a believer.

If i hadn’t left that day,
Maybe we’d still be together,
But what i did was for forever.
Clarity 7d
Today I saw you
After 3 years
You’ve changed so much
The glint in your eyes gone
The charm in your smile faded.

I guess the loss made you to grow too soon
It’s not fair
You shouldn’t have had to go through that,
Losing your father at such a young age.
You pushed everyone away,
Even me,
The one who was once more than a friend.
Clarity Jun 12
I won’t let you do this anymore
I can’t loose control again
Can’t let you effect me like this
It’s been too long
I need to protect myself,
My heart,
My soul.
Clarity Jun 11
What do you want from me?
Why are you back?
Making everything worse
I was finally learning how to ‘move on’ but you had to appear out of nowhere
Making me question everything.
I know you aren’t capable of feeling
Wether its happiness or sadness.
So why do you insist on making me feel the latter?
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
Clarity Jun 10
I’m learning
Sorry if I'm taking too long
But thats just me
Don’t expect me to forget and move on
I’ll take as long as i need.
I don’t care if I take a week,
A month,
Or even a year.
And that doesn’t mean I’ll forget.
Moving on is not erasing memories
At least not for me...
Clarity May 27
Falling in love wasn’t hard,
Keeping it up was easy,
But then it all fell apart.
You tore my heart,
Left me with nothing.
I’d never felt so alone.

I blamed myself,
Felt like I’d done something wrong,
But that wasn’t it,
It was her.

Once she came along,
There was no longer an us,
Just a You and I,
With time even that didn’t last.
In the end it was just me,
Me and my broken heart.
Clarity May 3
I can feel it breaking all over again
My heart shattering into tiny pieces
I hear it cracking with every tear that runs down my face.
Why is this so hard?
It was so long ago
So how can you still tear me apart?

I can’t breathe.
Im choking on the memories
Of you
Of us
Of the end.
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