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Roni Nybo Jun 2018
In words forgotten
By those who knew
What it was like to dream
What it is like to bleed
      Be gentle with yourself
Here in this world
Where quick silver tounges
And pretty eyes
Be gentle with yourself
A distant ships blare
Is no more than a morning cry
For those who lived
And never tried
Be gentle with your self
Be gentle with yourself is a line from the poem Disiderata one of my favs look it up bros
Roni Nybo May 2018
You have seen it.
The bridge.
It is not a long bridge.
Not far.
Not old.
Not new.
It lays here in soft sunset
It is the way
The only way
US to the stars
Now to then
Roni Nybo May 2018
Everywhere I look I see
Broken pieces just like me
Hold your head up
Try to act whole
      Everywhere I look I find
Pieces breaking off all the time
     hold your head up
Try to act like
      You are not
    No I didn't know where to
Start broken pieces  built
my heart
    glued together broken
finally built a
Glue broken hear hope love

— The End —