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Many hours go by
Like a butterfly that tries to fly
Unless we attempt with good actions
It will never leave us in satisfaction
So many hours go by
All spent locked in my room as I cry
In every tear shed
I attempt to **** myself on my bed
Countless hours spent
As my life turns into a hollow,black dent
In every galaxy there is a rhythm
All I try to do is fit into this earthly system
See, people are extremely, evilly, deviously rude
Even when they're supposed to be in a good mood
All these hours spent by my bedside
Passing DeathTrain and trying to get a ride
Words spinning around my misunderstood head
I only want to drop down dead
Everywhere I go
These people interrupting my flow
Such simplicity in death
All I need is an overdose on ****.
Once I had a single friend
Sadly their life came to a painful end
Many days spent regretting
Why even bother fretting?
Everyday a chance to grab a gun and ****
I'll do it today; its my choice, my will
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  Jan 22 Alexandra Toupikov
Nothing but broken.
Im broken.
I tried to be okay.
I really tried.
But I ran.
Ran from everything.
All the thoughts.
All the heartache.
And built my walls.
And forgot about what mattered the most to me.
And now,
I’m blocking people out.
I’m so tired.
I just want to be okay.
Everything is falling apart.
I’m falling apart.
And no one notices.
I want people to notice.
It’s all gone.
Mother Nature fights and cries

Her children thrown onto the floor and die

Unless we decide to choose and change

Our future's path will be small in range

Swallowing, Crushing, burning all through

Mother Nature's prodigies will become few

In the Seven Seas, fish and whales swim

Before they choke on plastic and their eyes go dim

Count the amount of animals who could've avoided signing their death case

If all we had done was not put on our hunting game face?

In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

It is up to us to leave it in satisfaction

Soon our tomorrow will crumble and burn

Nothing left maybe a single fern

Are all humans so deviously rude

Taking even the ocean's crude

Why must we act so? Cause damage to and fro

Reap these seeds that we badly sow

Everyday we hear on the news

Murders, scandals, causing us blues

Serious acts, a despicable thing,

Yet we fight over petty bling

Our future might not be so bright

Don't let it put you in a fright

Maybe Mother Nature won't cry

Maybe her children won't die

Everyday a chance to use your voice

You can help; its your choice
This is my first poem so to anyone who reads it please leave helpful notes in the comments!!!!!

— The End —