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Lacy Dec 2020
Death is silent
Can you hear me still breathing
I'm not underwater my heart is suffocating
Killing my partner in her sleep
I wonder what she's dreaming
Her blood almost matches her red lipstick stain
I wonder if she's still dreaming
Her hair was so light and brown
But now it looks dead and ***** brown
I wonder can she feel me near her
I lay down right beside her
Whispering sweet things
As she lays dead
I smile and not weep
I grab her head that's no longer attached
I pull it into my chest and rub her dead back
My love, she just hurt my feelings
I didn't mean to **** you
I just don't want you to hurt me again
I still love you
I really do
For now I rest in peace what a lovely silent death
But for I wish your hair didn't look so dead.
I hate when I'm in love and my feeling get hurt I tend to think very horrible but then I'll get happy again but that what I think about when she upset me .
Lacy Nov 2020
You wanted to run so bad
Your legs tripped over itself

You wanted to speak and be heard
You stutter when you talk

You sound so low I can't not hear you

You wanted to hear
You hear everything but yourself

Your wanted to see everything
You don't do anything

You wanted to be human
You followed everyone else

Society didn't approve so you got the gun

Don't pull the trigger just be you
Society already got the bullets waiting for you
I mean anything out of the ordinary never stays to long )
Lacy Oct 2020
I get so high I can't feel my anxiety
I get so high I can't feel depression
I get so high I'm my only friend
I get so high my playlist never ends
I get so high I escape into wonderland
I get so high I can't speak my mind
I get sober and want to cry
I get sober and I'm sucidal to the mind
I get sober my reality is just a lie
I get sober and I really just want to die
I get sober and I overthinking
I get sober and can't eat
I get sober insomnia is my friend
I get sober I don't know what day it is
I get sober waiting for the day to end
I get sober wishing I don't need to be high
I get high not ever wanting to be sober
Lacy Oct 2020
9-5 is my chain
My 2 days off is my freedom of space
Out of 7 days
I can't tell
If I'm living only for 2 days
Working and living is to separate things
Lacy Aug 2020
Don't get conscious of what you're doing look at what you're doing

actually see is it worth it are you going to get a feeling from it? do you not want to do it anymore ?

do you know why you're doing this ?

you know why your about to die ?

you know you don't like this world
it's not accepting of who you are

you gave up and pulled the trigger
You killed yourself

You  said goodbye to society
goodbye to friends
goodbye to family

You said goodbye to the sun of the moon of the Earth that you once lived on

now you're gone
the only thing I hate about death is I would like to ask the person who died are you finally happy that your dead and gone.
You know I really do need help
I can't help my self
Can u be amused to ur own sickness?
Lacy Aug 2020
You're hurting me
I don't feel comfortable in my own skin anymore
Your hurting me
I feel the wind blowing a cross my face
My lugs are harsh with all the smoke
That feels the blue sky
Your hurting me
The metal doesn't agree with my body
Why are shooting me
You're hurting me
You took away my freedom
Playing don't feel safe anymore
Your hurting me
It's not my fault I was born this way .
Lacy May 2020
We're are my parents ?
Why didn't they raise me ?
Who am I ?
Am I like them ?
Was I a mistake and just forgotten?
How do you pronounce mom and dad
Or daddy and mommy ?
Do they know I'm here ?
I want them ?
Do they want me ?
Please reach out to me.
I'm sorry for not being your blessing and the miscarriage you was think about
When having me .

To : daddy and mommy 💔
Everyone that was born into Foster Care or and orphanage I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
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