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Lacy 5d

I want some sunshine I want warmth
I want to feel alive

Where is my sunshine

I want my laughter back
I want to smile and make it permanent

Where is my sunshine

I  don't want to see the dark scary lady
I hate seeing the other side of her

Where is my sunshine

I was the sunshine
But you said shut the **** up
You called me a crazy *****
You said happiness don't last long
You said **** your feelings and move on
Your a ******* **** up
Most of all you told me to stop crying and die  

Sunshine: I love you, your so sweet...its gonna be okay. Keep smiling you'll be great. ...haha that was funny... You can do it I believe In you... You're beautiful ...your okay cheer up... Anything is possible... Lovvve you.

I miss you sunshine

Sunshine: then why you leave

Sunshine: why you change and left me

Sunshine: why you gave up I was always there for you. It was up to you to believe but instead, you turned against me why?

I wish I could tell you. ****, I wish I had a reason why...

But I miss you sunshine

Sunshine: you must not miss me too much because I nearly know you it's been awhile who are you?
Lacy Feb 28
They say don’t sin it's very bad to do
When I sin, I seem to have the most fun?
Doing what I’m not supposed to do
Excites me brings me a great life
Following the rules, I feel controlled like a puppet
But for you did not create me for why you do have so much
Control over what I do that’s right or wrong
Just because its bad doesn’t mean I don’t feel so good doing it
My decisions my life I’m not your puppet you do not control me
Lacy Feb 17
marry me, my sweet princess,
love me every day at all times
don't run away from me
for I shall always find you in my eyes
I love you so much I'm sorry I had to trap you and make you mine
you see love is not easy for me to keep
so please I'll be gentle when I tie you up and chain yourself to me.
Lacy Feb 16
Breath in and out
My oxygen is free
Turning tables
What side do you stay on
Heart beating
Alive yes you are
Not enough light outside
Creep in the dark
Your shadow dances

Who are you?
Lacy Feb 7
love yourself
the way you want someone
to love you.
Lacy Feb 6
there was this girl who never liked big crowds
one day she went in and was never found inside our out.
Lacy Feb 3
Why do people make death a big deal
It's happened to everyone and that's the only things every human got in common Is having an ending to life

Our lives are like stories one book after another and another

New books come in and old books get forgotten basically a repeat of life
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