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 May 2021 ThatGirl
Shaun Yee
I, Drug
 May 2021 ThatGirl
Shaun Yee
Hello friend, take me once a day,
And I will keep good health away,
You will find me so very good,
So make me your favourite food;
A drug addict you I will make,
For me it’s just a piece of cake,
You’re so naive you just can’t see,
I am your deadly enemy.
Drug taking is and has always been one of society's major sickness. Stay wise and stay healthy. Flush drugs down the drain!!
 Apr 2021 ThatGirl
 Apr 2021 ThatGirl
You see my brown skin
And assume I'm a ****.

You see my hijab
And assume I'm a terrorist.

You see the smile on my face
And assume I'm happy.

You hear my words
And assume I'm okay.

But I am not.

Instead I am broken.
Yet I am also strong.

I am dark and rule-following.
I am peaceful and Muslim.

You assume based on
Society's POV.

If you smile
You must be happy.

Fox, CNN, any media
Tells you I am a terrorist.
So the names I get called
And the extra security checks
Are extremely upsetting.

The murders of black folk
Is either considered appropriate
Or it's "black on black crime"
So it's not taken seriously.

Who are you gonna believe
Me or those who don't know me?
 Apr 2021 ThatGirl
Kassan Jahmal
For this love she said to,
"wait on me"
Despite my heavy heart,
love don't put your weight on me.

The long wait has a heavy weight
This was inspired by a long distance relationship I once was in, that I was willing to wait 6 years for her.
 Apr 2021 ThatGirl
David R
 Apr 2021 ThatGirl
David R
animal writhes on stomach
whispers in your heart
entices you to plummet
from your soul to part

it won't be terrible
you'll get over it
the sin'll be bearable
in a minute you'll quit

the more you think, the more you're caught
in net of sticky strand
don't get caught up in his thoughts
enticement like quick-sand

dart swift across, don't hark back,
engage in some other good deed,
before you know it, he'll stop attack
when he sees he can't succeed
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
##hark back

— The End —