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cs 2d
i'm not in love
                                i'm not in love
                                                            ­   i don't love her
                                                             ­                                   i'm not lying
are lies still false even if you believe that they're true?

cs 5d
i wanna be
your knight in the
shining armour
with a red cape

i wanna be
your light in the
dark when

and you're alone
locked up in
your tower
the scars and bruises
that trace your heart

and i hate that i couldn't
save you
strands of hair cut
drifting in the summer gale
like sunlight
Voglio proteggerti da tutto.
Da me.
Così non sarai mai più ferito

cs Jun 14
i just feel you
white lights
the noise
people are laughing
everything's so bright
a diamond
on my fourth finger
i just feel you
you're solid
but im
half the world is
on fire
people are drowning
the afterparty
i cant feel me
i just feel you

open my eyes to darkness and im alone all over again.
how am i meant to end things when ending things will end me?

cs Jun 13
feel special
feel beautiful
feel loved
feel whole
feel happy
feel everything that i'm not
but you just make me.
cs Jun 10
we're just made of many, many dead things
and somehow, the things make us
not dead
cs Jun 9
don't stand so close to me.

i don't wanna feel

your hot breath curl against my cheek.

don't touch me.

drop my hand like every hair

on my skin

is a needle.

don't be always so happy,

your felicity toxic,

like we're living in a dream.

don't love me,

i've heard

that it's contagious...
cs Jun 8
to jump
that you'll
catch me
if i ever fell.

but it was more like
me leaping,
in the air
the felicity surge
for an ephemeral moment
before falling again.
i never got to brace for impact when i hit the ground.
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