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Anonymous Jan 2018
“Worry about yourself”
The wisest thing someone can say to another
Because you can’t help others if you are broken
Help yourself or everything you do is misspoken

You can’t expect to make other people happy if you are sad
That would mean that everything you think that’s good is bad
How do you expect others to follow you as an example
They would follow the same steps just to fall back quite ample
Anonymous Jan 2018
I feel my chest hurt like it’s going to cave in
I feel my heart start beating fast again
I can’t breathe
I can’t conceive

A single thought on my mind
Like it's on repeat and it grinds
What if she leaves me again
What if she cheats on me again

What if my mother passes
What if my whole life crashes
What if, what if, what if
I’m tired of “What if”

But i can’t control my thoughts
They have me in chains like i was bought
I am haunted by worries
If anxiety were stone I have an entire quarry

I do everything I can to not think about things
But when a worry crosses my mind it does with a bang
Like an explosion, you can’t just ignore it
Can’t just do nothing and just sit

So it eats me alive
Until i’m just a shadow of my former self
Anonymous Jan 2018
People are going to leave you alone
It’s just a part of becoming grown
Throughout life you lose things you love
Like you are drowning, struggling to keep your head above

But life is only as bad as one has had.
Someone only knows how they've been sad
They know how low it can be for them
How bad it been and how grim

Because it can only be as bad as what they have had happen
Some people have more problems that are over lappen
Some have it worse but not everyone has it equal
But it's life and we have it coequal
Anonymous Jan 2018
You will change
All this may seem strange
Losing people you thought loved you
But deep down inside you know it isn't true

You will learn lessons the hard way
There isn't a good way for say
But, maybe you will survive this
After all life is just a hit and miss

Some give up and take the easy way out
Others just get mad and scream and shout
Some like to pretend that nothing is wrong
Some may pretend to be strong

But everyone wears some sort of mask
Like they have some hidden task
That speaking out is forbidden
So they keep it all hidden

Overtime people will see through the cracks
See the colors you are seeping are black
Maybe no one will understand you
Not everything they will say is true

But one thing you can count on
And this is no con
There are people who care about you
Here is a clue

I’ve written poems to help you
I spoke out my deepest thoughts tis’ true
Others have taken entire careers to help you
Because there are many who want to help you

you just have to remove that mask and seek aid
Open the flood gates and cascade
Reach the light at the end of the tunnel
Anonymous Jan 2018
This is all so pointless
I’ve lost all interest
In experiencing life
All I feel is strife

I’ve lost so many I'm feeling down again
Now i'm falling off the deep end
Falling into nothing but pain and sorrow
Not wanting to wake up tomorrow

I have but one I care for
Among all the violence and gore
She stands out like a bright light
Blinding me until I lose my sight

In all the broken things I seen
Like that feeling you get when you are clean
It feels so obscene
But I can’t help but gleem

She overwhelms my darkness
She makes me ignorant with bliss
She brings me up when I feel down
She holds me and doesn't make a sound

Because sometimes the best advice
Is to just to listen not entice
Anonymous Dec 2017
What I would do to have security
To embrace the Trinity
To have the connection
To not have this misconception

What I would do to have a wife
To feel like everything is good in life
To have children calling my name
To hear my wife feel the same

What I would do to have money
To feel that sweet feeling like honey
To not worry about paying bills
To not have to be willing to ****

We all have something wanted
To feel it so close like we’re haunted
But you can have whatever you desire
Just work hard for what you admire

This is a newer genre of poetry to me, not too dark but I think there is still good emotion behind it too me. Enjoy.
Anonymous Dec 2017
Flashes of light flood my mind at night
My eyes are closed but I retain my sight
I see how broken this world has become
I see how far i've fallen and become numb

Numb to the selfish acts of humanity
How cruel we are to drive others to insanity
How politics have dominated nations morality
How people lose sight because of nationality

I’ve lost hope in purity
I’ve gained insecurity
No longer do I hold my head high with hope
No longer do I want to help people cope

But I am a fool
I let people use me like a tool
To make themselves feel better
And here she comes, i'm gonna let her

Because my passion is helping others
To give shelter and distribute cover
Even if it means killing myself inside
But these feelings are what I coincide

Feel free to share, Hope you enjoy. It feels good to be writing again.
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