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25/F/Anywhere but here    Instead of fading into air and dust, then what will the words, could it ever be farthest words from "probably" |beautiful disaster|
F/Kyrgyzstan    American girl living in Kyrgyzstan :) Likes: Cats, and people... sometimes. Cats are, however, superior. Dislikes: fascists, stewed carrots
David Lessard
75/M/Prescott, Arizona    Retired. Thirty five years as a Respiratory Therapist Hiker, writer, music lover, photographer (shutter-bug), poet.
John Edward Smallshaw
65/Here and now    You can follow me on Twitter @jsirony John Smallshaw on Facebook also the 'pantechniconpoet' on Website.. soundcloud YouTube blah, blah, blah ps so many ...
Rose K
San Diego    riding out the wave

— The End —