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21 | *expressing emotions in words* | Loves: fashion. bands. books. music. singing. sleep. blogging. me. him.| I write shitty sad poems for my own pleasure. |Most of them are just twenty seconds raw 'n random scribblings. |
21 | *expressing emotions in words* | Loves: fashion. bands. books. music. singing. sleep. blogging. me. him.| I write shitty sad poems for my own pleasure. |Most of them are just twenty seconds raw 'n random scribblings. |
Zenab Rehman
Zenab Rehman
1 day ago

The party had ended and you walk towards the door.

I called out your name, making you stop.

I ask you if I can walk with you.

You smiled and nod.

Because you were my best friend and I couldn't let you walk alone.

The night was dark.
The sky was grey.

We walk in silence only with the sound of heart beat and air inhale, exhale.

I don't know, it feels different with you right now.

Along with the cold wind and you beside.

I ask for you to dance with me for a while

You thought for a second.

Said yes with a smile

We dance with the wind along.

Without any music or song on.

I don't know what to do next.

But right now my arms around you seem the best.

I have never felt like this before.

We reached towards your door.

I wanted to ask you what was all that before.

I don't know if you felt the same or not.

Your eyes seem to speak to me tonight.

When I turn around to leave you.

I just wanted to know,

Are we friends or are we more?

"Marry your best friend. I do not say that lightly. Really, truly find the strongest, happiest friendship in the person you fall in love with. Someone who speaks highly of you. Someone you can laugh with. I actually fell for you before I even realise it."
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Zenab Rehman
Zenab Rehman
3 days ago

Blocking him and me from the rest of the world.

I want to feel his arms and muscles around me, pulling me closer towards him.

His soft lips and silky smooth hair.

I want to twist his hair and leave no space between us.

I want to feel buzzed all over my body as if something is melting or dissolving in me.

I want his kisses to speak to me, telling me how much he loves me.

How important I am to him.

Telling me I am the only girl in this entire world to whom he love and he is not afraid to tell it to anyone.

I want him to be mine.

This is the manner by which I need to feel when he kisses me.

This is how I want my first kiss suppose to be.

"The best kind of kiss is when you have to stop because you can't help but smile"
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Zenab Rehman
Zenab Rehman
5 days ago

All is left couple of hours before your train arrives.

We had the best summer forever.

It was our late spring love.

I wish we could stop here for some more time.

I wish we could press rewind and begin everything from the earliest starting point.

I don't need to hear those comforting words when I know you will leave me alone.

Promise me you will remember when the night comes.

The time passes by it is turning out to be hard.

When I know we can't do anything further.

Now it is all over.

"You entre my life out of nowhere, and sunddenly become my whole world."
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Zenab Rehman
Zenab Rehman
7 days ago

I was the reason for your broken heart.

It hurts me to see you cry.

I understand my mistake for letting you go.

Now all I need is an opportunity so that I can fix everything.

Fix your heart.

Fix you.

Fix us.

I am terrified in any case,
will you ever love me the same?

"I miss you"
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It was summer a year ago,
When you plan to leave me and move to the next city.

You said goodbye so effortlessly and promise me to return soon to this city.

I had trust in our love.

Every night I admired the stars and smile at them,
Praying for your dreams to come true.

I wanted you to be here,
And want you to take away the agony.

I can't think as my head filled with emptiness.
I look upward at the sky and it made me realise I am not the only one.

Everybody is searching for his or her own particular satisfaction,
Asking for something, which they might never have.

No letters, no calls, no messages,
It has been 2 years since you have not recalled that me since.

I wish I could tear out old memories of us being as one,
And stop this sadness for eternity.

The bits of trust till left in heart for you to return,
Which make me turn upward the sky for tomorrow to come.

I see you in dreams that night,
And I am blessed to be in love.

Days pass by with hopes die.
I try to do something else but you pass my mind.

You will always know you are not alone,
Even you are far away.

I prayed to the first star that night,
Because I love you and want you to be mine again.

It seems so tired of falling in love with you for the first time.

I don't feel sad,
I don't feel anything.

I needed to go far away as soon as possible.

I stopped.
I stopped trusting, imagining and wishing,
When I knew it doesn't make any sense at this point.

Not for me anymore.
It seems silly to forget about you and destined you from my heart.

I felt the pain of love for the first time.

I don't want to feel like this anymore,
Not any of this.

Maybe I am too much for you.
I had spent each waking hour working,
Trying to drown my private pain.

My heart beats for you.
Love is difficult yet still something warm.

"I just want to lay on your chest and listen to your heart beat."
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I fell in love with your eyes, laugh, and style.

It's generally simple for me to love you from miles.

It hurts me every time seeing you kissing her.

Being with your loved constantly broken me into pieces.

My nights are restless.
My heart is broken.

I know you can never be mine even for the day without a reason.

It was late at that night.

Sky was dull, the stars were splendid.

I sat adjacent on the window taking a gander at the sight.

The flashes of light proceeded on the street,

Make me investigate the course.

You step out of your car, shutting your car door louder behind.

You switch on the lights of your room and removed your shirt.

It made me wonder what wasn't right.

It was rude to see you half naked from my window,

In spite of, still, I have never seen you furious like this.

Something went flying crosses your room,

Furthermore, your mum comes up to your room.

It made me curious to know what was going on,

But yet, I could do nothing by that moment at all.

I decided to go to sleep and pray for you that night.

I asked God you get whatever you yearned for.

The following day the news spread like a light,

You caught your girlfriend going behind your back with one of your mates.

I saw
Discourage and
Hurt composed all over your face.

I comprehend you had a broken heart as me.

I wish I could say,
"I understand"
Because that I have been in your shoes too.

You don't know how much courage it took me to talk to you,
But you strolled passed me looking straight.

I see the same pain in your eyes,
when you see your lover being the apple of someone else eyes.

It always made me sad when you never saw me,
what I had for you in my eyes.

I know it hurts to see your lover with somebody else before your sight.

I still remember the day was Monday, December 9th.

When you talked to me for the first time.

Everything around me appears to be still.

It was difficult to accept it, was a reality or some kind dream to be filled.

I went home with a smile on my face,
That you have finally noticed me and things could be changed.

But nothing ever happened since that day.

You never talk to me for next two days.

We were back to normal walking as strangers passing through the hallway.

I remember how hard it was, passing two weeks.

I was somehow wondering if you talked to me again would my heart skip a beat.

It was a frosty night before Christmas.

I sat down to make once-over of New Year transformation.

After the things I have written, I reached to number 10.

My hand shakes a bit when I finally wrote down two words in the end.

"Move on".

From next few days, everything appears to be fine.

Last day of school has officially arrived.

On that day I didn't wait for you walk out of your home.

I was happy because I had finally moved on.

An hour ago, before school could get over,
Filled me with energy to begin a life all over.

Strolling through cold classes and empty halls.

Listening to a step behind me, make me stop.

I look around to see you standing there.

For the first time it hard for me to read your face expressions.

I know it doesn't make a difference now what how I felt for you.

"Marry Christmas and Happy New Year".

Was the main words left my mouth.

I smiled and turned around to walk towards the door.

I heard you called out my name took my breath away.

The next words came out from your mouth, made me stand in shock on my way.

Everything has fallen in a right place before year could turn its page.

"Darling just hold on."
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I can't get over with you, within overnight.  
Stressing over, you don't love me any longer.  
I believe in finding out that I was wrong all along.  
One by one you are tearing me into pieces and wrecking my memories.  
You left me with empty spaces when I still have your smell on my bed sheet. 

I wonder whether you miss my touch,
my laugh,
my embraces,
my kiss,
or my love.

I wonder whether you miss me.  
Here lies alone wondering what you would be doing without me.  
Seeing you now doesn't appear like whatever we had matters to you any longer.  
I was your past and she is your present.  
It is difficult for me to overlook you since you were my first love.

"Today my forest is dark. The trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings."
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