Alice R-P
Alice R-P
May 31, 2015

They encourage me to understand what I lack,
They force me to strengthen my core,
They influence me wanting to become better,
They tell me there is something I can strive for.

They are my frustrating frustrations,
They are my weaknesses and my flaws.
They compel me to open my eyes,
Ergo I can see vividly more.

An intrinsic resistance to extrinsic chaos
Sunflower Girl
Sunflower Girl
Jan 11, 2016

These are not words
But an extrication of soul
An intrinsic resistance to extrinsic chaos
Or maybe intrinsic after all
What are words
Synapse to synapse
I am me
I am

I am in levels. Past levels. This deep, intrinsic wonderful lost, the lawlessness of its
Martin Narrod
Martin Narrod
Apr 26, 2014

I am in levels. Past levels. This deep, intrinsic wonderful lost, the lawlessness of its fascinating expenditure of excite. Pushing through the wild and feral snow-dusted plains and timber ridges. Like red-spotted dots breathing through the cylinders called the spine. This descends into a narrow channel of scantly clad greenish scenery in a time-soaked visionary wilderness of snow,
Our crab legs dancing down wiry purple highways, our heads could not even look backwards if we had wanted.

Furious, love-latitudes, stalking breaths thwacking fork-ended tongues into a pinkish knot buried into the first layer of organic membrane on this railway of miniature canals, showing. And their pride snuck into the elbows, shooting down each vertebrae as it stepped with great precision every ledge that the currency emphasized. The raw accumulation of stolen heart-beats rattling between the interstices of new fuel careering these red engines. Crashing with exquisite pleasure into one another.

Skye Applebome
Skye Applebome
Apr 22, 2014

My mind is a broken,
that functions better than
Its problems I can't comprehend,
Part of who I am, I can define myself
Tell me, who are you?

dazzling sensuality's intrinsic whimsy*
poetessa diabolica
poetessa diabolica
Jul 19, 2015

She is essence of la bella donna,
    herein lies the paradigm mid
       lusty pearls & nightshade's poison,
exhales echoes of dark crescent moons &
        sandalwood's perfumed incense
burning sentience of duality's seasonings
   'tween contradiction 'neath her own breath,
  born to gypsy souls 'twixt a solar eclipse
    she worried naught what society thought,
her poetry was incalculably beyond measure
     neither less than or more than incurable,
   rendered nuances as a badge of significant honor
      gaily whirling beyond distinctive contrasts,
            'neath importance of individuality's calling
      amidst her own unique indulgent nature,
                  dazzling sensuality's intrinsic whimsy

La Bella Donna is 'the beautiful woman' in Italian. Belladonna is also
a drug prepared from the leaves and root of deadly nightshade plants.
Indie Rodd
Indie Rodd
Apr 29, 2013

More valuable than universal affirmation
Of utmost admiration.
There’s nothing worth risking its cessation,
Even in the face of unjust condemnation.

What lies within the deepest regions of my chest
Is my salvation from duress.

Today someone asked me: “If you had the choice between 1. Doing something unforgiveable without anyone ever finding out about it or 2. Having everyone accuse you of something unforgiveable that you didn’t do, what would you choose?”  It’s an interesting question to ponder, the answer changes depending on the severity of the unforgivable act, and whether or not you factor in the actual punishment apart from social acceptance/rejection from “everyone.”  Consider: shop lifting, gossiping about a friend, gossiping about someone whose not necessarily your friend, lying, sleeping around, cheating, stealing a car, bestiality, rape,’s morbid but revealing.  My conclusion: inner peace is worth way more than social acceptance... but where is that line? (Sorry I haven’t been on here lately.  I have been so busy with a couple of other projects I’ve been working on.  Hope to show you soon )

Balancing at the presipice
On life's downward slope
Prentice of success
Ignoring of cues
Enveloped in pain  
Somatic failure

The blow of hindsight  
Faltering expectations
Drenched in fear
Fruition of average

Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
Apr 14, 2014

There are days
Where my body lays
a position
of  1991.

Intrinsic: Belonging naturally; essential
©April 13th, 2014 by Timothy Brown. All rights reserved.
Callum Ray Foster
Callum Ray Foster
May 11, 2015

Real eyes
realize real greatness
lies not in sight
but inside.

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