To me, these moments are intrinsic
Aug 3

Serenity is when I'm sitting shotgun
While my friend sings to the horizon
Rolled down windows blare music
To me, these moments are intrinsic
As they remind me of my priorities
And how life is more than this disease

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Alice R
Alice R
May 31

They encourage me to understand what I lack,
They force me to strengthen my core,
They influence me wanting to become better,
They tell me there is something I can strive for.

They are my frustrating frustrations,
They are my weaknesses and my flaws.
They compel me to open my eyes,
Ergo I can see vividly more.

Susie kate
Susie kate
Jan 14, 2014

Aloof from reality
People permeate through you
Reach out
Hold it in
You cannot seem to conjure a pure thought
Your troubles engulfing you
The people become elusive
Are you there?
But you give no signal
Reassure those who try to reach in
Don't them in
Let's play pretend
That life is ok
That you know me
That I am real
Are you there?
Silence is all they hear.

Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
Apr 14, 2014

There are days
Where my body lays
a position
of  1991.

Intrinsic: Belonging naturally; essential
©April 13th, 2014 by Timothy Brown. All rights reserved.
HR Beresford
HR Beresford
Oct 16, 2011

Out into the dark forest
I will go.
I will wait for him,
not patiently,
but I will wait;
at the mouth of an ebony river,
listening to what the Mother has to say.

And out into the thick dark forest
he will go,
hunting for me.
like my warm breath
on his neck
keeps his heart beating.

From miles away
he will hear me
whisper his name,
my love rippling through the soil.

Leaves will fall
with the trembling of my hands,
just before they rest on his shoulders.

And in the unearthly spotlight
we will be guided
into each others minds,
for there sleeps Salvation.

And we will thrash and thunder
and bang and crash
and Salvation will find us,
too alive
for it's deadly grace.

We will march on,
our hands clasped
with a fierceness nearly flammable,
into oblivion.

ⓒ wordswithmypulse

I was steaming with anger
I felt like
I was going to lash out
like a cornered snake.
I left like
the turtle I saw yesterday.
That turtle wasn't able to flip himself back over.

I was pissed
since I was 7

So I just enrolled in an anonymous class
My anger management instructor threw a chair at me

He was so mad that his big vein on his head finally burst.

i get it.
you're more frustrated than Holden Caulfield.
don't blame the taxes
for your poverty,
blame the suits who impose the taxes.
"Gosh darn it, my phresh new frames broke."
but her anger made her happy.

Jamaican me frustrated.

"Jesus, Charlie. Did you really need to poop on the ground?"
Said I, to a silent apartment complex, which I later found out
was an atheist church before.
"The rent on this apartment is ungodly,"
I loved being dramatically ironic.

I was madly in love.
"I'm mad happy right now, y'all! BUT, I get a tad bit angry when I'm hungry."
I spoke too late.
"Yeah, I'd LOVE it if you would keep kicking the back of my seat."
I said this to myself
as if i were there
on a bus
with children.
kicking children.
I could tell you I'm not the sweetest grape in the bunch right now.
Nor will I ever be

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