People eventually leave
Mar 30, 2014

People eventually leave
Previously, I used to grieve
Wonder how people just
Enter and exist
Like they never cherish
The time we spent

Now I realize
It's the way of life
The moment that comes
and goes
And nothing stays
the same

#life   #leave   #leaving  
Mentally Fucked Up

Everyone leaves like the sun at dusk
Attempting to make them stay
Very prepared for another to leave because-
Everyone leaves

Leave me alone
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 24, 2014

Leave me alone
to wait and to wander
Leave me alone
to wish my life away
Leave me to go
where I dared not before you
Leave me to grow
in a way you never could.

#go   #leave   #leavemealone  
al words you say to someone before you 'leave'.
Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Jan 2, 2015

Today my relatives went back to their country.
They said "we'll miss you" and "see you soon".
Those words-- typical words you say to someone before you 'leave'.

When in reality, when you leave,
You don't say anything at all.

Dec 20, 2015

Naked branches
now scratch
cold wind

Leaves fell
and with them
his coping

with him
thoughts stay
no longer swaying

but Autumn herself must leave.
A Fine Frenzy
A Fine Frenzy
Jan 19, 2016

Our Autumn has arrived, but I don’t predict another spring.
The Autumn leaves are here to stay
but Autumn herself leaves.
Her wake
forever freezes us over, petrifying us to watch the sufferage.
The sufferage of the people around us.
Starvation, damnation, and crimes that are uncontrolable.
The autumn leaves are here to stay
but Autumn herself must leave.
I leave along side her, I am not here to stay
and watch you fall apart.
Your Autumn has arrived, but I really don’t predict another spring.

#sad   #depression   #girl   #death   #depressed   #fall   #nature   #autumn   #leaves   #leaving  
Oct 29, 2014

the leaves were falling
the way i was falling
for you. //

#love   #boy   #relationship   #autumn   #leaves  
Nov 13, 2014

the daylight declines
to linger as the leaves fall
away with the wind

#haiku   #fall   #leaves   #wind   #senryu  
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