Addictive, flavorless
Sucking the life out of my persona
Laughable, when all that's spewed out is lies
Tongue tied
Giving into the trust
You feel it
Coursing through veins
Burn my skin
I want to feel pain
Bury me alive
Coughing, rotting
I haven't had enough
Shock me
2000 bolts through my body
Until I'm thrust into reality
Until I feel something real
Why do you ignore it?
How much louder do I have to shriek
When will enough be enough?
Walk on the road

A dangerous girl you'll think

Tempt me more
Draw me in
How is it that I can't adore
I'll be your worst sin
You would be wise to walk
Don't listen to the way I talk
I'll entice you with empty lines
You'll understand it all in my rhymes
Because I can reach you like no one else can
I'll make you my number one fan
Destruction in my heart
Numbness in my mind
A dangerous girl you'll think
But you'll fall, without a blink

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warning *dangerousdangerousdangerous*
Emmalee May
Emmalee May
3 days ago      2 days ago

i look at you and hot blood rushes through my veins,
making me weak,
thrumming with energy, excitement,
thrilling me to my core,
warning dangerous dangerous dangerous
the sensation envelopes my body as thoughts of you envelope my mind
you're dangerous and not good for me, but
my heart melts and I can't help but want you

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She's dangerous.
Adrienne New

She's dangerous.
The way her eyes pierce your soul.
The way her kisses are deadly to your body.
Her touch will melt your skin.
Her love is powerful enough
to sweep you off your feet.
That girl,
she's dangerous.
But you,
you like the danger.
You're addicted to hers.

You know what I mean.

The panther's blazing eyes
stares at him first , scrutinizing,
her rough tongue likes him clean
when amorous longings subdue.

Mar 23      Mar 25

“Do you believe in love?” you asked,
As under the sun we basked.
Your scent on the breeze blew,
As my heart out of my chest flew.

“Maybe,” was my reply,
Sophistication, I apply,
To keep you from knowing,
How my heartbeat’s slowing.

You looked at me
As we sat under the tree,
You smile, and I try
Not to fly to the sky.

“I am in love,” you start,
And suddenly, I don’t feel so smart.
“I love her to death, you know?”
Time can’t help but slow.

“Who is she? Do I know her?”
To my tears I put a bar.
You said, “Yes, you do,
You know her, too.”

“What is her name?”
“Let us play a game.
I want you to guess
And if you know her, confess.”

I nodded my head slowly
As he faced me wholly.
“She has a beautiful smile,
Me which does beguile.

“Her eyes are dark,
Lovely, with a spark.
Her face is ever so soft,
Has a gentle smile, oft.”

He smiled and continued,
His words doth he carefully used,
“She is wonderful, and
Lies doth she not stand.”

He took my hand as
My heart danced to jazz.
“It is you that I love,
Words you have me bereft of,

And finally I do proclaim,
That which is my aim.”
A dagger he pulled out
Whose use I didn't get to know about.

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Mar 28      Mar 28

I learned more about you in a Tattoo shop than I should have

I was talking to an artist named Adam
when he mentioned a goblin shark
and how even in 2014
we have only researched 1% of the bottom of the ocean

and until then I would have never compared you to a sea floor
but it seems that is just what you are : undiscoverable


You might call it dangerous
Jul 12, 2010

There is a game
That’s played with many
That breaks tables
Hurts ankles
Dives over tables
Jumps over people
Grabs four similar
Grabbing an item
You might call it dangerous
I call it spoons.

Your lip balm
is napalm

It singes
until I char
but glues
me to your heart

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