She's dangerous.
Adriean New
Adriean New
Aug 5, 2014

She's dangerous.
The way her eyes pierce your soul.
The way her kisses are deadly to your body.
Her touch will melt your skin.
Her love is powerful enough
to sweep you off your feet.
That girl,
she's dangerous.
But you,
you like the danger.
You're addicted to hers.

You know what I mean.
Cayla frazier
Cayla frazier
Dec 12, 2014

Opening my heart again is danger..
to my mind..heart and soul.
Am I ready to risk it all again??
Each time I do it takes it's toll..

#risk   #dangers  
Mar 25, 2015


      The Trees moan
  As we continue to cut
    Their roots in anger
            In danger
              As they

#poetry   #pain   #nature   #trees   #danger  
Ashen Complexion
Ashen Complexion
May 18, 2015

Thinking your friend is in danger is like getting a phone call saying "I'm beneath your bed"

Freaky af
#worry   #bed   #friend   #call   #danger   #phone   #scary  
You are dangerous
Thomas EG
Thomas EG
Jun 4, 2015

You are dangerous
A weapon of destruction
A gun

And yet I still wish
To be your bullet
Your only one

Sex poem (I wanna be inside you)
#gun   #sex   #dangerous   #destruction   #bullet   #weapon  
Donna Bella
Donna Bella
Aug 21, 2014

I bleed from the drunken veins
I talk from the wicked mouth
I love from the solid heart
I touch with the harmful hands
I keep myself in solitude so the dangers won't get to you
I am danger

#love   #life   #death   #hurt   #danger  

As the Bible did me told,
I was young, now I am old,
A message in words like whispers,
Old bags, in no immediate danger,
A peaceful heart is the trick,
Stay away from dipsticks!

Feedback welcome.
#no   #danger   #immediate  
Just how dangerous could a low computer battery be?
Thinking of You
Thinking of You
Jul 12, 2014

"Your Mac battery is running dangerously low."
It made me laugh that they used the word dangerously.
Just how dangerous could a low computer battery be?
Stall your Netflix watching or your Pinterest spree.
But then I thought about skype calls cut off as a father overseas is watching his baby being born.
Or a start of the wedding march as the bride in white stands adorn.
I started to think about how something innocent can become the most dangerous thing in the world. How the usage of the medium decides the power it stores.
Like a Mac battery being dangerous, another thing which is not to toy.
Three words put together and said in one accord.
"I Love Pizza." is nothing to remark.
"I love you." can start a dangerous.

#love   #i   #you   #a   #dangerous   #low   #start   #can   #dangerously  
warning *dangerousdangerousdangerous*
Emmalee May
Emmalee May
Aug 18, 2014

i look at you and hot blood rushes through my veins,
making me weak,
thrumming with energy, excitement,
thrilling me to my core,
warning dangerous dangerous dangerous
the sensation envelopes my body as thoughts of you envelope my mind
you're dangerous and not good for me, but
my heart melts and I can't help but want you

#heartbreak   #feelings   #sad   #pain   #boys   #dangerous   #wanting   #ugh   #addict  
Mar 10, 2015

You stack Eiffel Towers
in your flowers
then cut elevator ties
Like it's World War II

During WWII when Germany was taking over France, France cut the elevator ties to 'essentially' keep the Eiffel Tower. Well now we've built this power of GMO's and we're trying to cut ties before it's too late.
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