You are dangerous
Leigh Garland

You are dangerous
A weapon of destruction
A gun

And yet I still wish
To be your bullet
Your only one

Sex poem (I wanna be inside you)
#gun   #sex   #dangerous   #destruction   #bullet   #weapon  
A dangerous girl you'll think
Roxy weller
May 20, 2014

Tempt me more
Draw me in
How is it that I can't adore
I'll be your worst sin
You would be wise to walk
Don't listen to the way I talk
I'll entice you with empty lines
You'll understand it all in my rhymes
Because I can reach you like no one else can
I'll make you my number one fan
Destruction in my heart
Numbness in my mind
A dangerous girl you'll think
But you'll fall, without a blink

#love   #poem   #mind   #falling   #dangerous   #destruction  
warning *dangerousdangerousdangerous*
Emmalee May
Emmalee May
Aug 18, 2014      Aug 19, 2014

i look at you and hot blood rushes through my veins,
making me weak,
thrumming with energy, excitement,
thrilling me to my core,
warning dangerous dangerous dangerous
the sensation envelopes my body as thoughts of you envelope my mind
you're dangerous and not good for me, but
my heart melts and I can't help but want you

#heartbreak   #feelings   #sad   #pain   #boys   #dangerous   #wanting   #ugh   #addict  
Dartris Stone
May 28, 2014

Addictive, flavorless
Sucking the life out of my persona
Laughable, when all that's spewed out is lies
Tongue tied
Giving into the trust
You feel it
Coursing through veins
Burn my skin
I want to feel pain
Bury me alive
Coughing, rotting
I haven't had enough
Shock me
2000 bolts through my body
Until I'm thrust into reality
Until I feel something real
Why do you ignore it?
How much louder do I have to shriek
When will enough be enough?
Walk on the road

Oct 10, 2014

News has spread like fire, there's a thief in town.
Locals say she's beautiful, has an angelic smile and nice.
She's been spotted last week, walking around.
She will steal your heart without even thinking twice.
She's a Queen that doesn't wear a crown,
if you fall in love with her, be prepared to pay the price.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #new   #dangerous   #follow   #queen   #mine   #thief  
She was dangerous as fire. She's the type you shouldn't g
May 31

She was dangerous as fire. She's the type you shouldn't get to close to without being cautious. Not because she was stuck up, or rude; She was as delicate as a flower and as sweet as honey. But, only because she herself, has been thrown in the fire so many times, the only way she knows how to feel is by burning.

C.R. Bittar

#love   #life   #fire   #hope   #beautiful   #burn   #she   #dangerous   #feels   #cautious  
She's dangerous.
Adriean New
Adriean New
Aug 5, 2014

She's dangerous.
The way her eyes pierce your soul.
The way her kisses are deadly to your body.
Her touch will melt your skin.
Her love is powerful enough
to sweep you off your feet.
That girl,
she's dangerous.
But you,
you like the danger.
You're addicted to hers.

You know what I mean.
On a very  dangerous ground
Oct 11, 2014

We are all children playing
On a very  dangerous ground
Hiding and then seeking
Running and going the round

We are all players praying
That in the end we'll win
The game of every dangerous being
Makes a perfect dangerous spin

Life isn't really  fair, is it?
Come and show me why
The place where you choose to sit
Always shows you a  dark sky

It's true that the world could be
A very dangerous ground to stay
But when a hero hears your plea
You can find the safest way...

The world has been a dangerous playground but one could be lucky having a hero.
#world   #angel   #hero   #dangerous   #problem   #ground  
vanessa louise
vanessa louise
Aug 30, 2014

It’s cut holes and her soul
and tore scars into her heart.

The second best girl who never could speak,
and her imaginary friends
cried tears forming rivers flowing into whispering creeks.
They were waiting for the end.

Tears smudge lines on paper
and words can no longer be seen.
The forgotten masterpiece
of the world’s saddest scene.

The monsters won't stop
until they've eaten their fill.
Not until they've left her as bones
with God’s final will.

She’s done her time in this place.
Does she have to go again?
Because there’s no sympathy for the devil
and hell has no end.

And all this girl needs
is a very good friend.
Someone with a heart
and one who won’t pretend.

They could make her feel okay.
They could listen to her cry.
They could sit sit there and stay.
But nobody gave her a chance, no try.

Because she’s evil.
She’s dark and depressed.
Broken and defeated.
Her heart is corrupt and possessed.

Everyone knows it is never the right thing,
to love a sad girl.
She could just as easily pull you into the dark,
and steal all you could bring.

#sad   #depression   #dark   #dangerous  
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