Mar 23      Mar 25

“Do you believe in love?” you asked,
As under the sun we basked.
Your scent on the breeze blew,
As my heart out of my chest flew.

“Maybe,” was my reply,
Sophistication, I apply,
To keep you from knowing,
How my heartbeat’s slowing.

You looked at me
As we sat under the tree,
You smile, and I try
Not to fly to the sky.

“I am in love,” you start,
And suddenly, I don’t feel so smart.
“I love her to death, you know?”
Time can’t help but slow.

“Who is she? Do I know her?”
To my tears I put a bar.
You said, “Yes, you do,
You know her, too.”

“What is her name?”
“Let us play a game.
I want you to guess
And if you know her, confess.”

I nodded my head slowly
As he faced me wholly.
“She has a beautiful smile,
Me which does beguile.

“Her eyes are dark,
Lovely, with a spark.
Her face is ever so soft,
Has a gentle smile, oft.”

He smiled and continued,
His words doth he carefully used,
“She is wonderful, and
Lies doth she not stand.”

He took my hand as
My heart danced to jazz.
“It is you that I love,
Words you have me bereft of,

And finally I do proclaim,
That which is my aim.”
A dagger he pulled out
Whose use I didn't get to know about.

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Mar 28      Mar 28

I learned more about you in a Tattoo shop than I should have

I was talking to an artist named Adam
when he mentioned a goblin shark
and how even in 2014
we have only researched 1% of the bottom of the ocean

and until then I would have never compared you to a sea floor
but it seems that is just what you are : undiscoverable


Jan 23, 2013

your beauty
is strangled
by the destruction you create.
the elegance of your figure,
the grace of your words,
by the horrors you instill.
everything you are,
everything you will ever be
is reckless
and deadly.

You might call it dangerous
Jul 12, 2010

There is a game
That’s played with many
That breaks tables
Hurts ankles
Dives over tables
Jumps over people
Grabs four similar
Grabbing an item
You might call it dangerous
I call it spoons.

Oh this is a dangerous game
Jayme M Yaroch
Jayme M Yaroch
Nov 17, 2011

Oh this is a dangerous game
Like playing chicken
with hand grenades
All you have to do is get close

So dangerous that there is a thrill
Hanging by fingertips
that are starting to chill
One slip and you're a goner

Yo this girl is Dangerous...
Quentin Briscoe
Aug 1, 2012

Yo this girl is Dangerous...
Damn this girl is raw,
im talking beast among the flesh...
and In the Flesh I'm in Awe...
Im hard down to my core,
Yet her skin is soft...
Dangers writin on the floor,
in some blood letters crossed...
Buts shes passion in her fashion
definitly a work of art...
but her gift aint everlasting
so she needs love inside her heart...
but the road her curves are making,
cause these breaks to start shakin..
and i crash into here Waves,
cause dangerous, she aint waitin...
Pounding deep into her core,
Dangerous just ask for more..
Drawing wings on my back...
as i color the floor...
My wood is under attack,
her walls are caving in....
The cause of Effect,
She keeps on comin....
Harder Screaming
Dangerous starts to call...
Im high,
way too weak
to dangerous i might fall....

once did it cross my mind that this was dangerous.
Justina Green
Justina Green
Nov 6, 2013

I used to count the hours until the moon awakened
and the stars blanketed the blackness of the sky.
I fought through the heaviness of my eyelids,
managing to stay awake long enough to answer your call.

My nights were encompassed in your stories, thoughts…laughter.
I was tainted with infatuation.
Every night I was wasted in your love,
and not once did it cross my mind that this was dangerous.

Now I loathe every passing hour of the day.
I kiss the sun goodnight, praying that it would return soon
so that I am not alone for long.
I now pray for my eyes to grow heavy,
knowing you would no longer call.

My nights are now encompassed in the ghosts
of your stories, thoughts…laughter.
I am tainted with loneliness;
wasted by your love.
The only thing in my mind
is that I should have known you were dangerous.

Nov 9, 2011

You kill me.

You eat me alive with
how much I love you
how much
I can't love you.

You comfort me when
I'm terrified to be loved
and when I need you
you're nowhere
to be
f o u n d.

Who the hell are you,
to be the person I need?!
How could you go
from being a complete stranger
to my best friend?

You scare me.

It breaks my fragile,
porcelain heart,
whenever you tell me
that you're crying.
Or that you can't go on living.
Or that you're in so much pain.
Or when you say that you know me better than anyone
because it's true.

It terrifies me that you
love me.

lways fall in love with men who call me dangerous.
Kelly Anne Rienerth

I dream of cold, tiny apartments
and think I should have heeded the warning
Because now you pass me notes in coffee shops
and kiss my skin
my neck
my stomach
my legs
when you're drunk and you're not thinking.
I tell you lies
because I like you
and if you knew that you'd do what's good for me
and the kissing would stop.
Your lips feel so good and it is

When did I stop drawing lines
between the feeling of wanting a fuck
and the feeling of another's hand
when it's light enough
to see.
I walked you across the street
I walked you to my car
where I kissed you first and felt so nervous
to do so.
I walked you to your bed and
let you sleep
stepped on puddles in your bathroom.
Then walked myself out in the morning.

I'm really starting to hate this routine.
But the sex is good.

Can I dip my feet in your desire for
a moment more?
Sit in your lap
in the light by your chair
while I bury my head in your neck
and you tell me this is all it is.
I think you're starting to see through my smiles.
Seeing the haze in my eyes when I drink too much
that glossed-over look of my heart withering in my throat.

"You're special."
"No, it's not so."

I always fall in love with men who call me dangerous.

Love is a dangerous game.
Mar 26

Love is a dangerous game.
Sometimes left in ashes.
Where there used to be a flame.


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