Look at the size of that chalk outline,
Chloe Mondegreen
Chloe Mondegreen
Sep 17      Sep 19

Look at the size of that chalk outline,
The evidence labelled from one to nine,
Hear the sirens cry throughout the night,
The screams of despair, the gasps at the sight.

For the chalk outline, common it was,
White powder stained with drops of blood,
Outlining a corpse, a reflection of death,
But this one was less, than two feet in length

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She colors the cosmos,
brushstrokes on brain.
Acrylic paint plunges
deep in my vein.
Did you paint me insane?

© Matthew Harlovic

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*the day it rained all the chalk on the sidewalk washed away,
Alexandria O'Brien

the day it rained all the chalk on the sidewalk washed away,
the sun came and dried an utterly blank canvas

Kristo Frost
Kristo Frost
Mar 16, 2013      Mar 17, 2013

Hear the symphony of the room you surround yourself with.
Have you already heard this song?

Sip your current State.
Do you like it?

How now a brown cow.
Are you even listening?

Pass your homework to the front of the class.
Were you daydreaming again?

Jack C Preston
Jack C Preston
Apr 7, 2013

It wasn't too long ago when I last saw you
But forever is an overwhelming state of mind
See, all emotions are transferrable to expression
It's not by force
But by watching the spool roll down the hallway and unwind
I could never roll it back up
So I learned how to knit
You learn adaptation, and to control your mind
Energies can take harsh tolls
On the stamina of your patience
So just stop thinking from time to time.

Hana Gabrielle Behrs
Hana Gabrielle Behrs
Feb 21      Feb 22

the lulls of fog hug close
to the hips of the hills
in the soaked grass
and the sighs of February

the styrofoam sticks
burned to the roots,
compact in the cracks
of the sidewalk so packed
into my memory

and the powdered
leaves sweetness
on the base of my tongue

the hooves of fog
race us
they dance between the trees
bucking at the thunder
at the bursting
of my anticipation

danielle m
danielle m
Aug 13, 2013

the spaces between my ribs
ive reserved for you
please fill them with love
and bind me with your glue

the glue you made from blood
of past girls you robbed
when you promised them the world
and left them dislodged

the powder of my bones
chalked into the earth
writing your name in greys and whites
and weighing up our worth

now im just a shell
writing words to ghosts
these words that no one seems to hear
im your lifeless loveless hoax


like chalk on my sidewalk
Tianna Elise Lind
Tianna Elise Lind
Oct 18, 2011

Tell me your favorite fears
I can take it.

Throw me away.
I might
to come back.

Cuts in my soul
like chalk on my sidewalk
wash away
where they once were.

Vibrant colors
fresh words
fresh newness
striking the stone.

Marks are so easily made.

Time passes
colors wash away
to white
to grey
a memory
invisible molecules.

the rock
remains still.

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