May 19, 2015


the argument ends
he won
i am martyred
in silence.

(c) 5/19/2015

It takes more guts and integrity
to be silent when you know
that you're in the right.

I'm not conceding out of cowardace
I give up for the sake of peace.

Aug 21, 2014

In the hotel room
You feel more at home

You sleep better without

Without anything
Without everything

Without real life

Depriving yourself
As martyrs often do

#home   #sleep   #hotel   #room   #martyr   #depriving  
Mark Ball
Mark Ball
Jan 16, 2015

Die for your applause;
Collect your cause.
Just keep your flaws,
Away from my claws.

a normal person. She was the rebellious martyr filled with centuries upon centuries of
Rafael Melendez
Rafael Melendez
Feb 6, 2015

She did not keep the peace, was not the conformist in silence, was not a normal person. She was the rebellious martyr filled with centuries upon centuries of the world's anger and trash. She did not yield for a rule, never  stormed for the greater good of currency, and was born to die. But of course, not before she recieved what she thrived for.

A myth or a martyr?
Leah Barton
Leah Barton
May 6, 2016

I carved you out
With the best of intentions
A happy medium
Of genius invention
A myth or a martyr?
You're probably both
But I die for the fable
And live as a ghost
How wonderful to be
Two lovers confined
Content in their prison
Of passions sublime
Cracked mirror images
Perfectly aligned
Writing out sentences
To pay for their crimes

#writing   #prison   #martyr   #myth   #agony   #release  
to a martyr,
Patrick Schiefen
Patrick Schiefen
Jan 22, 2015

A libertine
to a martyr,
impose your injustice
and cast a lingering shadow
on my freedom
to be.

an audience,
inaudible with
eyes wide shut.
Puppets tuned in
to the same frequency,

Death lifts
a mistaken hero
above the crowd,
only after the rocks were thrown;
they now mark
the grave.

But I
am unworthy
of such titles,
too selfish and too proud
to endure the exposure
to judgment and
I am the one
who silences himself.

#poem   #poetry   #life   #reflection   #martyr  
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