There's twenty five million people in the city tonight
They each breathe fire, like flames they ignite
They're a city of saints, they're monsters, they're warriors born to fight
Although diverse, their hearts beat in time to the city of lights

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My depression plays a game of red light green light.
Sep 28, 2015

My depression plays a game of red light green light.
I'm ok until I'm not.

this is a begining to something, idk what yet, but something, i needed to get some stuff out. probably gonna post more tonight. comment where I could go with this
#sad   #depression   #scared   #green   #red   #help   #light  
William A Poppen
William A Poppen
Feb 15, 2016

I was told when six
lighted smokes show up for miles
during a blackout

Toward home, Christmas eve
lighted candles on tree bough
pierce through dark windows

Moonlight can become
bright enough to cast shadows
beneath my movements

#haiku   #darkness   #night   #light   #lights  

Color yourself indigo
Go on i dare you too
Sad but laughing buckets
Cleaning the floor with light

Oxy clean you are something
Modern poetic verbal stumbling
Left only to throw dirty shirts
Into the closet - hurt my feelings

See right through you

#dark   #light   #lights   #indigo  
Dean Eastmond
Dean Eastmond
Sep 1, 2014

I still find myself
feeling your skin
in the spaces between
bed-sheet creases

and if
missing you is like
swerving into
oncoming traffic,
then tonight
I’m sleeping
in the road.

The light of all lights.
Matthew Bourgeois

There are darknesses in life
And there are lights
You... are one of the lights.
The light of all lights.

I love you.
#love   #light   #bramstoker  
Oh, how it feels to be light.
Mar 20, 2016

Oh, how it feels to be light.
It is how I feel with you;
Light, light, light.
You, the rays of the sun,
Circulating me.
As I catch them below your perfect reflection,
Glimmering under saturation.

#love   #you   #light   #feel  
shines a bright brilliant light
Alyssa kasper
Alyssa kasper
Dec 4, 2014

Dark gray abis
you peer down
pure darkness
but out of the dark
shines a bright brilliant light
but here the catch
the abis is my life
and the light
well thats you

#darkness   #light   #abis  
Impeccable Space Poetess

Dance is everything ~ EVERYTHING IS DANCE ~
Everybody is a
Dancer ~ *Everything dances!
Sound is everything

#love   #dance   #light  
Outer light strikes the surface
Dr zik
Dr zik
Mar 12, 2015

Outer light strikes the surface
But inner light strikes the soul
Through which we may give an end to darkness

#end   #darkness   #soul   #light   #surface   #strikes  
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