Nov 6, 2012

I remember when you told me my body would rot,
and I agreed. I remember when you told me I am
nothing. I agreed, and said it back. You are nothing
to anyone else but me. I will not leave. You first,
please. And you agreed. God my feet were bare
and you loved me, last. Early to bed, five A.M.
I didn't sleep. I remember when I told you
we have lived before. And will live again.
And you replied, we are nothing. And I said no,
you are nothing to anyone else, you are nothing now
to me. I want to help you bleed, but you scab over
too quickly. I will not agree. I am more to me
than I am to you.

But even an obedient girl couldn't meet his demands
3 days ago

Loving him was a game of playing Simon Says
That's why I had to obey when he said "get into bed"
"Simon says do this and do that"
I followed his commands
But even an obedient girl couldn't meet his demands
"Stay here with me" but he didn't say Simon says
And when I did, I lost the game in the end

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as obedient as my cat
Sharina Saad
Sharina Saad
Jul 8, 2013

as obedient as my cat
who waits for me at the door
and jumps to kiss my tired feet
from a hectic long day
standing at lecture rooms

as obedient as my cat
who climbs excitedly on my bed
and licks my feet again
at the break of dawn..
just to inform me..
"wake up silly lady...
Its time for a morning prayer"

as obedient as my Harry
who sits next to the praying mat
and patiently observes
and waits till a prayer is done..

What a sweet way  to start a fresh new day...
with an obedient four legged son called Harry
who is loyal and cute in his
own sweet way....

Obedient lambs,
Oct 8, 2012

Obedient lambs,
Religious, right wing morons,
Canon fodder dream.

life is obedient
Apr 1, 2013

life is a struggle
not against the chauffeur
but against the bearer

life is unfair
not because of society
but of reciprocity

life is obedient
be sure to let
yourself be heard

*just sayin...
obedient daughter of God, listen.
Shasta Lee
Shasta Lee
Jan 15, 2011

A bitter gun, with bullets so sweet.
A silver lover, fatal kisses tempting.
Misery becomes my disease,
and I become slave to the infection.
How Satan whispers!
How I,
obedient daughter of God, listen.

obedient hands
Stu Harley
Feb 14, 2011

oh Lord
i call
upon your
swift and
obedient hands
touching every
corner of
this sacred sky
having deep
blue baritone

obedient until the end
Eduardo Tikar
Nov 10, 2012

spiral tiny flicker spark
within a narrowslicker dark
controlling stolen dog's blood
obedient until the end
a wisp of smoke is climbing
the ladder of the air I breath
like I am told I must do

Obedient to Her Eye
Emily Dickinson


The Moon is distant from the Sea—
And yet, with Amber Hands—
She leads Him—docile as a Boy—
Along appointed Sands—

He never misses a Degree—
Obedient to Her Eye
He comes just so far—toward the Town—
Just so far—goes away—

Oh, Signor, Thine, the Amber Hand—
And mine—the distant Sea—
Obedient to the least command
Thine eye impose on me—

Than Obedient.
Amelia Mueller
Jun 1, 2011

They tell you the words
On the ageless page
Are held fast with iron
And cannot be repaid.

I tell you this:
Morality is not lost.
Some would rather be Righteous
Than Obedient.

Though pain is always there
And sufferings will pursue
It’s not what they like to scream
That matters
But what others whisper to you.

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