*Reverberating laughter
Amitav Radiance

Reverberating laughter
Across the valley, the flowers rejoiced
Heart’s being merry

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is the natural anti-ageing therapy

look for laughter,
Blackheat deShanti

look for laughter,
at the blue pool-
let dismay flit
sparkling drops
into the ocean

Of using fake laughter and weak smiles
Apr 6

"Oh my gosh, you're so lucky!"
She said to the one who received so much praise for her work.
Hiding the fact that
She was feeling pure jealousy
For not getting noticed herself.

"I totally ship you two,"
She teased her friend who was crushed on by a boy.
Hiding the fact that
Deep down, she wished that
Someone would think she was beautiful too.

She was too used to this routine
Of using fake laughter and weak smiles
To conceal her glares,
Gritted teeth,
And tears.

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For which laughter was the only remedy
Jun 27

She was diagnosed with amnesia
For which there was no panacea

He sought all possible solutions
And tried all kinds of potions

He was filled with great worry
Didn’t know the amnesia was temporary

With the return of her memory
She ran away with Hilary

A man’s love thus became a tragedy
For which laughter was the only remedy

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Tears of laughter
Joshua Amos Graff


Tears of laughter
Veil tears of frustration
Improper reflection
On taboos and tragedies
Burning cities
And dying loved ones
This is not where the
Laughter comes from
But it is where the laughter
Is needed most

Is it irony
The unexpected juxtaposition
The transition
Of awkward positions
Of my spirit
Disintegration of my dignity
Jowls dropping
Howling non-stopping
Coping with the insanity of
This world

#humor   #laughter  
Laughter , so colorful, out of the grey.

I saw color among a sea of grey people,
And of grey buildings and sky.
A girl leaping time and time again,
For flowers, dots of pink and white among a sea of green.
Higher and higher she leaped.
Till her mother put one in her hair of gold.
Laughter , so colorful, out of the grey.

I have no wealth, I have no fame, and I have nothing for you to gain
I am not young, I am not even handsome, and I have
Become a lousy dancer.
So many mistakes that I have made, that the Guinness book
I put to shame.
What I do have is a young heart and mind and I will
Carry that until the end of my time.
I see beauty where there is hate. I see love and I see faith
I see hope where there is despair, and I see others that show they care.
I see the earth in all its glory and all the untold stories.
The sun, the moon, the stars above – the mountains
The oceans, the rivers, the streams- all of this I have seen.
All living creatures that walk, crawl, and fly in the air is something we all share.
People always say: “out with the old and in with the new”
But with AGE – “it is out with the new and in with the old “
For there are stories to be told.
YES! I have gotten older! Yet look at all the beauties to be found
Open your eyes and look around.
The two most beautiful things on this earth is a female giving birth
And the love that a mother shares, is far beyond compare.
Now that you have seen all the beauties, that GOD has given
Let us have some of his comedy, which makes life truly worth living.
“Can’t see, can’t pee, can’t chew, can’t screw, the golden years
Have come at last, the golden years can kiss my ass “HA HA
Now that you have a smile on your face and I seem to have lost my place
And to end this poem with a note- “I just found a hole in this damn boat “
                      Swim M.F. swim        ( M.F. = my friend ) HA HA

#beauty   #age   #laughter  
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