Some can fake their laughter,
Jun 11

Some can fake their laughter,
Some can't.
Some can make others laugh just by their laughter,
And some can't.

Of using fake laughter and weak smiles
Apr 6

"Oh my gosh, you're so lucky!"
She said to the one who received so much praise for her work.
Hiding the fact that
She was feeling pure jealousy
For not getting noticed herself.

"I totally ship you two,"
She teased her friend who was crushed on by a boy.
Hiding the fact that
Deep down, she wished that
Someone would think she was beautiful too.

She was too used to this routine
Of using fake laughter and weak smiles
To conceal her glares,
Gritted teeth,
And tears.

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For which laughter was the only remedy
Jun 27

She was diagnosed with amnesia
For which there was no panacea

He sought all possible solutions
And tried all kinds of potions

He was filled with great worry
Didn’t know the amnesia was temporary

With the return of her memory
She ran away with Hilary

A man’s love thus became a tragedy
For which laughter was the only remedy

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I have no wealth, I have no fame, and I have nothing for you to gain
I am not young, I am not even handsome, and I have
Become a lousy dancer.
So many mistakes that I have made, that the Guinness book
I put to shame.
What I do have is a young heart and mind and I will
Carry that until the end of my time.
I see beauty where there is hate. I see love and I see faith
I see hope where there is despair, and I see others that show they care.
I see the earth in all its glory and all the untold stories.
The sun, the moon, the stars above – the mountains
The oceans, the rivers, the streams- all of this I have seen.
All living creatures that walk, crawl, and fly in the air is something we all share.
People always say: “out with the old and in with the new”
But with AGE – “it is out with the new and in with the old “
For there are stories to be told.
YES! I have gotten older! Yet look at all the beauties to be found
Open your eyes and look around.
The two most beautiful things on this earth is a female giving birth
And the love that a mother shares, is far beyond compare.
Now that you have seen all the beauties, that GOD has given
Let us have some of his comedy, which makes life truly worth living.
“Can’t see, can’t pee, can’t chew, can’t screw, the golden years
Have come at last, the golden years can kiss my ass “HA HA
Now that you have a smile on your face and I seem to have lost my place
And to end this poem with a note- “I just found a hole in this damn boat “
                      Swim M.F. swim        ( M.F. = my friend ) HA HA

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Laughter to color rainbows, help feed the tress.
amanda martinez

There's a dark corner that lay in each of our souls.
Taking hostage of secrets, never to be told.
So be careful hun, you're running on a tight rope.
You never know what could happen...don't get too close.

A breath of fresh air, different from the norm.
you're like the calm before the storm.
& the deeper I look into your eyes, the more I want to endure…
what exactly this storm has in store.

Sun is seeping through yesterday’s sorrow,
No longer caught up in the thought of tomorrow.
Colors of the world bleed from dull to iridescent.
Nature’s soundtrack takes turns reminding us of its presence.

Together we walk the path, into the eye of the storm.
Surrounded by chaos, once we reach the center life takes on a new form.
There is beauty most commonly missed, in the simplest of things.
The more open your mind, the more your day will bring.

Let loose before the chaos seeps in.
Fall into the clouds with me…let the fun begin.
Laughter to color rainbows, help feed the tress.
Watch as the grass resuscitates, reminding us the breath.

Sunsets never so bright, & skies never so blue.
Smiles to reflect the sunlight, lighting up the world around you.
Music sending vibes, tangible to my heart.
And for some reason my mind is telling me…this is only the start.

November 5, 2012
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The is a love letter to my friend
At one point was my very best friend
Actually, maybe was my only friend
Either way let me start with my pen...

The look in your eyes when I would pass on by
Always seemed to coincide with how you felt inside
And as time went on and we have grown
The looks changed from fiery to cool as ice
Which is cool I know how changes come and go
And sometimes we need additional spice in life
But it wasn't cool when I noticed your eyes
Capturing a picture of another and the glimmer that shined
Not that it meant that we were a wreck, just a simple mess
Something that could cleaned up with Kleenex and windex
Yet I digress, I just want to get undressed
And lay naked in front of you without having stress
But it seems my naked body has lost your cause
Whenever you see it, it seems to make you pause
It's not that I'm forcing you into sexual actions
I'm just wondering, the sparks that flew, what happened?
Was it a meltdown from a chemical reaction?
Or was my inaction enough to make you want to laugh
At my sad clown, bad clown, I'm a fool act
Spread apart and maybe the closer we'll grow
Or the unique directions mean a unique place to explore
Either way, it's just how it goes
I feel you in my heart, I trust you with my soul
If you leave me, I understand the show
The jokes on me, yeah I already know

What's up my brother?
Word, to my spiritual partner
We promised to always come to each other
Growing up it was us and no one other
Lately though, it seems that we've been growing apart
Life took you down south and I've stayed in a rut
But whenever we've seen each other it's been on
Talking, playing games, just plain having fun
Later on though people stepped to me with complaints
Seems you lied on me and drove the bus over my face
It's cool, just wish you would've come to me first
So I could explain situations before a new one burst
On to the scene you always come through
Acting like everything is right and brand new
And you were right because you lost me
Not as a brother, but more as cavalry
You'll have to rely on yourself and them for back up now
Our undying space is kinda of lost in the town
Like a piece of paper promoting The Lord and Savior
Changing hue and losing former meaning, sacred  
Either way, it's just how it goes
I feel you in my heart, but I can't trust you anymore  
You left me, and  I understand the show
The jokes on me, yeah I already know

For my parents, ever the growing wiser
Except for times when you can't see past your own visor
When I was a child I would see y'all and light up
Lately when I catch a view, I just want to light up
But you know your baby boy doesn't do drugs
Yet you'll accuse me of several things that I'm not
Say that I'm an addict of other vices and need care
I'd rather not have you nagging me while rolling my wheel chair
Truthfully, if this is what the scenario would entail
I'd gladly roll on by and throw myself down the stairs
Just so I don't have to be miserable with you
Misery needs company and I'm walking out of view
Out of sight is out of mind, that's the way of you two
A black and white world can't coexist for you
I still have dreams and am a child of ambition
All you say to me is things like, "this world isn't good to raise kids in!"
Constant with the negativity
We can't even speak without a referee
Too confused with impossible movement
When y'all told me to move out I told y'all to move it!
The true impossible dream is to ever come together and be serene
It's as likely as the Generals beating the Harlem team
No matter the mental illness or disease y'all claim of me
A poets love and life is my way of harvest and feed
Either way, it's just how it goes
I feel you in my heart, but I can't tell you about my soul
I left you both, because I understand the show
The jokes on y'all now, and maybe one day you'll know

Everyday there's a joke
A time to cry and a time to have hope
Laugh out loud, whether you're rich or broke
Laugh out loud and let everyone know

Everyday there's a joke
A time to cry and a time to have hope
Laugh out loud, whether you're rich or broke
Laugh out loud and let everyone know

The is a love letter to my friend
At one point was my very best friend
Actually, maybe was my only friend
Either way let me end it how it began...

its called laughter
Jun 11

nestled betwixt over optimistic and despair
lies a medium;
its called laughter

laughter shakes the ego from its perch
Laughter and giggles,
Sep 13, 2013

Laughter and giggles,
tears and a frown.

The first is what I'm after
The second is what I've found.

Ryan Bowdish
Ryan Bowdish
Jan 13, 2013      Jan 13, 2013

I don't feel like writing today
So I won't.

Laughter, my heart,
Kyle Sobocinski
Nov 9, 2013

Laughter, my heart,
the warmest of all.
So please, my friend,
let me laugh till I fall.

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