*Reverberating laughter
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Aug 17, 2014

Reverberating laughter
Across the valley, the flowers rejoiced
Heart’s being merry

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Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Aug 22, 2014

is the natural anti-ageing therapy

Laughter is our birthright
Billy Cobb

Laughter is our birthright
A part of life that’s inborn and innate
We laugh out loud within months of birth
Our lungs are open and we cannot wait

It lightens burdens and inspires hopes
Leaving us no longer confounded
It increases happiness and intimacy
Keeps us focused, alert and grounded

It boosts our immunity and diminishes pain
It can also prevent heart disease
It relaxes muscles and reduces stress
It can put our minds at ease

It can also strengthen relationships
The sound of mutual laughter
As finding the same things funny
Creates a bond that can be found thereafter

You cannot feel anxious, angry or sad
With a good old gut busting laugh
As it triggers the release of endorphins
A feel good factor on your behalf

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the face
An internal workout you should never neglect
It’s a smile that bursts and an instant vacation
A high with no side effects

If there’s nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit
Carry laughter wherever you go
Because what soap is for the body
Laughter is for the soul

So every day you wake, await the next laugh
They’re infectious and much sought after
Because the most wasted days of all in this world
Are the ones that are without laughter!

Written 14/09/11
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insane laughter.
Mar 6

Things fall apart
and here I am, sitting in the dark.
Alone, alone, alone.
I just need something to create a spark
of life.

But you're alright, everything is fine,
keep your wits sharp,
be quick,
and don't forget to laugh.

Other's words can't hurt me,
for I am strong, I am not weak.
Liar, liar, liar.
I can't tell anyone why I gaze into
the distance.

Why aren't you laughing?
They can't hurt you if you laugh.
Laughing is power.

I let a giggle slip past my lips
that I have tried so desperately to keep shut.
Laugh, laugh, laugh.
Maybe it's a good thing that I am alone and
i'm laughing

You are not broken,
You are happy!
So laugh! and don't you ever stop!
But I want to stop... Do. Not. Stop.

I laugh until my stomach hurts and
tears roll down my face.
Stop, stop, stop.
No, just let me descend into
insane laughter.

For if I don't laugh, I will most definitely be torn apart.

I wrote this one about a month ago but I didn't post it even though it was completed. But now that i'm feeling better I want to share this piece with you all. I tried laughing off my problems and well... that didn't work.
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look for laughter,
Blackheat deShanti
Blackheat deShanti
Sep 16, 2014

look for laughter,
at the blue pool-
let dismay flit
sparkling drops
into the ocean

Of using fake laughter and weak smiles
Apr 6, 2014

"Oh my gosh, you're so lucky!"
She said to the one who received so much praise for her work.
Hiding the fact that
She was feeling pure jealousy
For not getting noticed herself.

"I totally ship you two,"
She teased her friend who was crushed on by a boy.
Hiding the fact that
Deep down, she wished that
Someone would think she was beautiful too.

She was too used to this routine
Of using fake laughter and weak smiles
To conceal her glares,
Gritted teeth,
And tears.

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How involved I was with his laughter,
Jan 27

As he laughed, I became more aware of
How involved I was with his laughter,
So focused on each squeeze of his eyelids
And every flutter of his sweeping lashes.
I was enveloped with every quick breath he gasped for
Between each chuckle escaping through his sweet lips.

I was blushing at each sliver of a smile I caught glimpse of;

His laughter was warm like apple cider.

were squinted shut and the heat of her laughter rose to her cheeks. She drove one hand
Sam Bavelock

My mother splashed tea onto her hand as she throttled her body down into a crouch. She was silenced by the convulsion of her lungs. Her lips pressed tight to keep from spewing the recent gulp. I assumed it was tepid for she was not wincing in a pain of a burn. Her eyes were squinted shut and the heat of her laughter rose to her cheeks. She drove one hand to the floor, and with the soft thud of fingers and clinks of rings pressed themselves against the red-toned, chair leg scratched wood.  A sweet, wind of airs swept into her as she pulled her laughing into her throat, up from the bottom of her lungs. Groups of her black, wiry hair broke free from the bun, flowing like liquid coffee, out onto her nose. Placing the tea clumsily on the counter just above her head, her other hand slid down the handle, and clung to the surface's ledge. Sitting now, she slowly places her palms over her eyes. She swallowed loudly and then spurt out a cough-y breath of giggles. Her tremendous fit raged tears in her eyes as her cheer engulfed her completely.

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