Jake Calle
Jake Calle
Oct 27, 2014

Memento Mori.

my dear  
friends, and
listen well. 

One day,
we will 
all die.

You are
all pieces
of shit.

jeffrey robin
Jul 27, 2010

nobility assaulted

how do we judge eachother......what IS
...........a MAN?

we may talk of "time and space" and all of its dimensions


what is OUR paradigm?

why are we  so

the defining activity


and no one knows it after these millions or billions of years!

day after day ......dribbles by

as we write love songs!!!!!

(love songs to lovers now strangers
AFTER they have gone!)


time for the LONG HARD ONE!

but , for this one time

let us "put it ALL"
on the line

and, whatever is there "at the end"

let us be THAT, my friends

Am allergic to certain things
But this one has won me over
Without detesting
Am flagged in
Though not appreciate am count at the corner.

This time my head buzzed
My heart was on its knees
Begging for her Hello.
I would smile for the rest of my day
Warmth gutted me as she drew closer
Whispering my wish of 'Hello'.
I stood up straight like I had been offered a job
She needed directions
While I smelt her colon
It went straight and blocked my nostrils.

Her shades blocked my sight for her eyes
And I kept restless
Glancing at her styles hair to nails
Finally she smiled thank you
And I smiled please come again
It's not that I loved her,
I was drifted by her sense of conduct

wouldn't that be noble?
Mar 16

let us remain a mystery to eachother

wouldn't that be noble?

that is not what i am

however, i would let you think so

you cannot think a certain way,

unless you know my name at first

and all we seem just fine and fair

until you hear my secrets


if i could go reverse in time

i'd let you think i'd change it

but if presented with the chance

i sure we'd meet the same way.


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What say you noble men of old?
May 28, 2014

What say you noble men of old?
William with your pen shaking
Like the Speare of a savage?
Spilling your mind across the pages
Which Robert in all his haste Burns

And you lonely Oscar?
Having passed Eugene in the corn Field
And Rupert by the trickling Brooke,
Only to lose yourself in the Wilde

What say you of Edgar Lee,
Who left his Masters
And with Swift Jonathan
Crossed the Gray Moore to the Thomas’s

And when said Thomas stood
With handman, noose and Hood
“What a pity”, as Robert said
Laying them in their winters Graves

A poem to the great poets of old
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Your noble gesture
Christine Kelley
Christine Kelley
Jan 29, 2013      Jan 30, 2013

Your noble gesture
(if that's the phrase to use)
stands on the shore of
good intentions--
rotting like chivalry,
the crumbling palace--
waving Circe's wand
at chauvinism.

Gabby noble
Apr 1, 2014

A flowerless tree
Just standing there silently
Waiting for spring time

Love is blessed in noble contradictions.
Chinay Lindhop
Jan 3, 2014

Love is powerful.
I am both filled with the strength of the sun
and with the vulnerability of the earth.
Love fits the puzzle piece you have no matter what.
When we love, we transcend the plane of physical pleasure.
Love is blessed in noble contradictions.

"Now did you mark a falcon,
  Sister dear, sister dear,
Flying toward my window
  In the morning cool and clear?
With jingling bells about her neck,
  But what beneath her wing?
It may have been a ribbon,
  Or it may have been a ring."--
      "I marked a falcon swooping
        At the break of day:
      And for your love, my sister dove,
        I 'frayed the thief away."--

"Or did you spy a ruddy hound,
  Sister fair and tall,
Went snuffing round my garden bound,
  Or crouched by my bower wall?
With a silken leash about his neck;
  But in his mouth may be
A chain of gold and silver links,
  Or a letter writ to me."--
      "I heard a hound, high-born sister,
        Stood baying at the moon:
      I rose and drove him from your wall
        Lest you should wake too soon."--

"Or did you meet a pretty page
  Sat swinging on the gate;
Sat whistling, whistling like a bird,
  Or may be slept too late:
With eaglets broidered on his cap,
  And eaglets on his glove?
If you had turned his pockets out,
  You had found some pledge of love."--
      "I met him at this daybreak,
        Scarce the east was red:
      Lest the creaking gate should anger you,
        I packed him home to bed."--

"O patience, sister. Did you see
  A young man tall and strong,
Swift-footed to uphold the right
  And to uproot the wrong,
Come home across the desolate sea
  To woo me for his wife?
And in his heart my heart is locked,
  And in his life my life."--
      "I met a nameless man, sister,
        Who loitered round our door:
      I said: Her husband loves her much.
        And yet she loves him more."--

"Fie, sister, fie, a wicked lie,
  A lie, a wicked lie;
I have none other love but him,
  Nor will have till I die.
And you have turned him from our door,
  And stabbed him with a lie:
I will go seek him thro' the world
  In sorrow till I die."--
      "Go seek in sorrow, sister,
        And find in sorrow too:
      If thus you shame our father's name
        My curse go forth with you."

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