Leaetta May
Leaetta May
Jun 15, 2015

Her hand rested slight
Upon the book she'd found
Her bag across her shoulder
She was waiting for the sound
Of the door alarm at the B & N

I mean after all it was
Fifty nine volumes
On how to build a bomb
Found none to soon  
On a shelf at the B & N

Abandoned by her lover
After too many fights
That was five years ago
A lot of lonely nights
Casing the B & N

Screaming out loud
At rush hour on the train
Was not an option
Nor was cocaine
Snorted at the B & N

Finally people milling round
She quietly lifted the solution
To her ravaged heart
All fifty nine on revolution
Into her bag at the B & N

Head down and weighted down
She walked to the exit
Waiting for someone
No one to prevent it
Except security at the B & N

At last the perfect patsy
Alarm rang, the man froze
And our spurned lover
To the opportunity arose
Ran out of the B & N

Ran to the parking lot
Her VW bug
Opened the door
Threw in what she'd lugged
59 looted at the B & N

Key from the drink holder
In her shaking hand
er  rhrh  rhrh vah-room
Such a brazen plan
Perpetrated at the B & N

Her eyes glowed wicked
With rage and revenge
Someone would pay
All would attend
This crime hatched at the B & N

The deed was done
She clung to the wheel
The accelerator floored           
The tires squealed
Away, away from the B & N

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Sweet, threadbare, dead and noble.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Polar bears adapt to the warming global,
Sweet, threadbare, dead and noble.

for not all dreams are noble.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Choose your dreams wisely.
Cultivate them in selflessness,
for not all dreams are noble.
Most dreams are often veiled ambitions,
and in the process of fulfilling them,
we must manifest a 'whatever it takes' drive.
Dreams that seeks money, sex and power,
will demand a ruthless competitiveness
that will only diminish your soul in the process,
no matter what legacy it leaves after your dead.

stilling my heart's eruption by noble bequest.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Your love reverberates in me
like an echo in the volcano's recess.
It glissades off my caldera,
stilling my heart's eruption by noble bequest.

noble, honourable and courageous
Sep 8, 2014

I used to dream
of being a great man
a heroic man
the kind that songs are sung of
stories are written of

The kind of man that leads people to victory
that sacrifices for the greater good
noble, honourable and courageous

But I realise now;
I am none of that - but;
I am a content man,
I am a happy man
In the end, I think I prefer to be happy
I think...

#happy   #content   #noble   #great   #courageous   #heroic  
For this noble cause & future sake.
Ferdinand Panerio
Ferdinand Panerio
Mar 14, 2014

Oh~ how it hurts
To in-mind and absorb
My birthed place
No future I see's

A long years wait
It cuts and bleed me
Denied by unreasonable cause
How painful my present be

He waltz with pride
Dances in the eyes of many
Yet, the state is indebtedness
Into thy mother house

So, when our days uncertain
And our young generation is at stake
Let us swarmed ~ be  bold together
For this noble cause & future sake.

written in past, present, and future

note: sorry for some mistake... now it was finished....
The noble man, on pedestal, is smugly looking on.
deanena tierney
deanena tierney
Jul 19, 2010

Pauper prophet stands amid nobility's raucious crowd.
Beckoned forth, mocked for faith, punishingly proud.

Beams are set, noose is hung, gallant dress is donned.
The noble man, on pedestal, is smugly looking on.

Trumpets hasten allotted time; judgement,error-free.
Noble man; mortal witness, of the paupers' eternity.

Dec 7, 2015

"Don't pop yet!
We all know who you are!"

said the blue balloon to the red balloon
as they elevated by their nobility
to embrace clouds.

Welcome to the noble life, the middle way
Adam B
Adam B
Feb 17, 2010

Welcome to the noble life, the middle way
free of anguish and suffering,
loosening your grasps upon desire,
releasing your mind and soul from defilement
along this noble path.
The relationship between you and I
we are one
with all of this experience known as life
a pattern weaving its way through and amongst
other patterns and processes
the deeper we go
we only see more patterns
welcome to the noble life, the middle way.
please, enjoy your stay.

Ron Sparks
Ron Sparks
Jun 5, 2015

they say
that we're running -
but we're just migrating;
our hopes and our dreams are out there

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