there in the middle i saw a shamrock  tree

i was walking through the dell has happy as can be
there in the middle i saw a shamrock  tree
it had leaves of gold shining very bright
shining in the sun reflecting off the light
there were lots of flowers they pure and white
blooming on the tree so very very bright
in between the branches there sat a little dove
sitting there so sweetly as he sang his song of love
it was very lovely a nice sweet melody
i wont forget his song or the shamrock tree

I wear a shamrock on my arm,
D Conors
Aug 10, 2010

I wear a shamrock on my arm,
high up near my freckled shoulder,
it's been there since 1984,
from those days when I was bolder.

It's not so very fancy, my dear,
but it means so much to me,
for it takes me back to my Auld Eire,
that land I love of emerald green.

D. Conors
10 august 2010
With shamrock you taught the masses
Chris Neilson

O Patrick, you told many a tale
With shamrock you taught the masses
You ventured far and beyond the pale
To reach out to the lads and lasses

O Patrick, you didn't need a smart phone
You coped without Instagram and Snapchat
You worked your wonders alone
You were Ireland's first Postman Pat

O Patrick, you look so grand in green
You make other saints seem fake
We need you now to banish Roy Keane
You know how to wrestle a snake

O Patrick, we need your divine intervention
Irish future success looks faint
We thought it worth a mention
After all you have the patience of a saint

I wrote this for Ireland's patron saint's day last month so it is tardy to post now BUT I only joined you wonderful people at Hello Poetry 10 days ago so maybe I'm allowed :)
shamrock tipped pom poms
Cherie Nolan

7 o'clock
a light summertime dream
just before dark
unfolding it's scheme

painted in sandals
clovered kissed toes
lovely green shamrocks
are standing in prose

a fierce looking cat
Amber eyes
silver fur
bunting her leg
and giving a purrrr

getting back home
nearly hour gone by
look to the tree
playing ball in the sky

it looks like the moon
nearly 3 quarter size
outlined in countries
is neatly disguised

it's actually a ball
playing with leaves
That thing called the moon
has some tricks up its sleeves

she saw it glide down
and bounce off of a cloud
tipping it's hat
and bowing to town

See you tomorrow
her group of new friends
this just the beginning
we're far from the end

No need for luck
with her beau in the sky
a 3 quartered boy
with love in his eyes

she bows to the moon
as her Gypsy skirt flows
silver cat walking
wherever she goes
shamrock tipped pom poms
will twinkle her toes

Another summer time walk
with his dearest of Maidens
her toes and her eyes
are moon dipped and ladden

Goodnight Moon.

Cherie Nolan© 2016

Went for a walk this is what I saw.
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joanna dibble
joanna dibble
Mar 17, 2012

four-leaf clover pressed in dictionary_dried up good luck

The three leaves on a shamrock, they will forever toast!
Paul Morgana
Paul Morgana
Mar 13, 2013

Another year, another Paddies day,
Here in New York, hope for sun to play.

So the Irish celebration, takes winged flight,
Green is the color in everyone's sight.

Parade in the street, down fifth avenue.
The master of ceremony, we don't know who?

But the master this day, stands as St. Pat,
Clad in green, with a leprechaun's hat.

Hear the bagpipes, the drums pounding loud,
This is the Irish day, to stand and be proud!

A Catholic holiday, dietary sanctions they lift,
Eat meat and drink alcohol, is the Popes gift.

What are we celebrating?  Let's take a closer look,
Power up the computer or crack open a book.

St. Patrick was born under English rule,
His family was clergy, formally educated in school.

Kidnapped by the Irish, and held as a slave,
To journey back to England he must be brave.

He returned one day to the Irish shore,
About the eternal Trinity, the Irish learned more.

A bishop now, native clove he did use,
To teach the Irish, about celestial clues.

About the father and son and the holy ghost,
The three leaves on a shamrock, they will forever toast!

The three leaves of a shamrock, and it's circular shape,
Are the same as God's Trinity, the logic you can't escape.

This is why the shamrock is so highly revered,
Wear one on your vest, or tucked into your beard.

Enjoy the day, celebrate with family and friend,
Toast to St. Patrick, may his legacy never end!


Of hypnotic pupil shamrock sights!
Curt A Rivard Sr
Curt A Rivard Sr
Mar 17, 2015

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, for you are mine
Never let me go, grip me tight like a vineyard vine.
I love that pretty rose that your garden did grow
Betwixt those long beautiful thighs of strength
Exposing that sea shell pink jewel, I do know.

Your garden is so unique, it’s a one of a kind
Such parts are so delicate, that the slightest touch
Produces tropical showers that fill my mind.

Flowing from your meadow, and dripping from
Those soft sensitive pink rose petals,
Golden rain drops that taste O’ so sweet.

Thy lips O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb:
Honey and milk are under my tongue:
Causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak,
Every time that they meet.

I love all of your natural beauty,
And I love every lock of your hair
Swaying from a beautiful face, worthy of my stare.

How fair and how pleasant art thou. O love, for delights!
Your calm green eyes in my trance suddenly gave me visions,
Of hypnotic pupil shamrock sights!

I love your seductive soft lips,
One kiss upon them, takes me on so many trips.
My precious 1, your body is a wonderland I cannot resist,
I need for this dream to come true
And if so, I will forever do, everything for you.

You are the Garden of Eden, brought back to life
My only thought now is, I must betroth to have you,
As my wife!

Behold, thou art fair, my love:
Behold, thou art fair; thou hast,

Shamrock Eyes!

to Shamrock green.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Here in Nuwara Eliya,
Sri Lanka,
tea terraces manicure
the verdant mountains
where the Ramayana story
etched Hanuman’s footprints in granite
near the waterfall of Sita’s mythic tears.

Welcome to the Emerald Valley
where Saraswati dipped her paintbrush
into the palette
of Brahma's creation
to manifest 50 shades of green
metamorphosing with the earth's rotation.

Latitude: 6°58′14″ N
Longitude: 80°46′58″ E
The following color events
occur in Astronomical Time:

Army green transforms
to British racing green

Sea green mutates
to Shamrock green.

Harlequin turns over a new leaf
to overripe honeydew.

Kelly green converts
to China jade.

UFO green alters
to colonial camouflage.

Olive drab denatures
to dark moss green.

Graphite diverges
to rifle green.

Astronomical Twilight
Myrtle transubstantiates
to gray-asparagus.

I'm in Nuwara Elia writing these observations. Definitely put this heavenly place on your bucket list. As a coffee drinker, who knew tea (bushes) could be so beautiful! This hill region is Sri Lanka served as the backdrop for Ramayana story.  If you're not familiar with this Hindu epic, here is a brief summary. Events occur in Mythic Time:

Rama & Sita: The ideal Royal Couple
Rama, the prince of Ayodhya and his wife Sita are the ideal royal couple. Rama is brave, wise and dutiful, and Sita is beautiful, generous and saintly. Sita gets introduced to Rama at a ceremony called ‘Swayamvara’, organized by her father Janaka, the king of Mithila to identify a suitable bridegroom for her lovely daughter. Princes from various kingdoms are invited and challenge to string a giant bow. Only the mighty Rama could lift the bow, string it and even break it into two halves. This leads Sita to garland Rama as her husband.

Intrigues in the Royal Family
Dasharatha, the king of Ayodhya, had three wives and four sons. Rama was the eldest and his mother was Kaushalya. Bharata was the son of his second and favorite wife, Kaikeyi. The other two were twins, Lakshmana and Shatrughna from his third wife Sumitra. While Rama is all set for coronation, his step-mother, Dasharatha’s second wife, Kaikeyi, wants her son, Bharata, to become king. Before the aged king could hand over his crown to his eldest son Rama, Dasaratha is destined to die. And instead of being crowned king of Ayodhya, Rama is sent into exile in the forest for fourteen year by an intrigue in the palace and a quirk of fate.

Rama is Banished for Fourteen Years
Rama goes to the forest, accompanied by wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, and they live as recluses among the hermits that lead a life of meditative retreat in the deep woods. Bharata, whose mother's evil plot won him the throne, goes to meet Rama in the forest and pleads him to return to the capital. As Rama declines to break his vow given to his deceased father, Bharata is compelled to go back to Ayodhya with his sandals, which he places on the throne as the symbol of Rama’s continuing monarchy.

Rama Fights Ravana, Rescues Sita
While Rama, his wife and brother are living a simple yet happy life in the forest, tragedy strikes! Henceforth, the plot revolves around the abduction of Sita by the demon king Ravana, the ten-headed ruler of Lanka, and Rama’s pursuit to rescue her, aided by Lakshmana and the mighty monkey-general Hanuman. Sita is held captive in the island as Ravana tries to persuade her to marry him. Rama assembles an army of allies comprising mainly of monkeys under the brave Hanuman. They attack Ravana’s army, and after a fierce battle, succeed in killing the demon king and freeing Sita, reuniting her with Rama.

Rama Regains His Kingdom, Sita Returns to Mother Earth
After fourteen years, Rama and Sita return to Ayodhya and are warmly welcomed back by the citizens of the kingdom, where they rule for many years, and have two sons – Luv and Kush. Unfortunately, Sita’s chastity during her period of capture by Ravana comes under scrutiny, and she has to go through trial by fire to prove her purity. But queen, who emerged from the earth at her birth, invokes Mother Earth to take her back into the earth, and the saintly Sita returns to her Mother, never to reappear again.

For related pieces on India and Sri Lanka please visit my:
Radha Krishna

Mumbai Haikus

The 'Big 10' Hindu Pantheon in Haiku

oh such few words are minded,
no bravery apart
from the homosexuals
as skeletons in the chronicles of Narnia
being discovered among
the skeletons of tyrannosaurus rex
making a bed with its wheelchair able
paws - and the flag of the Cymru
fire-breathing turtles before excavation  
and the myths of the mandarin too;
now tell me the sub-human plot with the
Normans when the anglo-sax reigned
to teach me to unlearn english
to avoid assimilation,
like you taught your former colonial subjects
to integrate and to alievate keeping assimilation:
which you taught to unlearn the mother's
tongue and learn a discrimination
against furthering the multi-cultural project...
which you taught to integrate and
keep at loss a sacred soul of never assimilating
akin to jew...integrate i must,
assimilate i care not for should i be totally
albino or asserting bleached with peace:
albino oder beteuern gebleicht mit frieden.
integrate i must to utilise the coinage
but to assimilate i must turn into a reggae african
with roots in the Caribbean than the Ivory Coast...
and god willing i will not claim to be
an arab's brother to settle karma over
uplifting the curse over Mecca with ibn Saud's
clock-tower; burn!!!

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