her voice
Aug 13, 2014

her voice
tripped over cobble stones
drifted through waves

her voice
echoed in empty rooms
cracked through walls

her voice,
stays knotted in her throat

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*Your voice
Mar 3, 2015

Your voice
I can hear it
With my eyes closed
I can feel it
With my ears shut
The wind
I listen to
To find your voice everytime

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*Your voice was deep
Nov 7, 2014

Your voice was deep
like an endless well

Your voice was gentle
it made my heart swell

Your voice reached me
Your voice touches me with tenderness
Let it crawl underneath my skin
crack me open, baby I will let you in

His voice was enchanting, he catch me off guard once again :)
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My voice trembles
Luna Craft
Luna Craft
Jan 12, 2015

My voice trembles
words spill over lips chaotically
I want to fix my mistakes
and I want to explain
but my trembling voice makes all seem like lies
and the shaking voice that had felt like my own
smoothed out
letting the lies flow through
without my own consent

#lies   #voice  
I can only hear the voice.
Hannah Gaines
Hannah Gaines
Apr 13, 2016

Whispers surround me,
I can't understand them,
I can only hear the voice.

The voice who calls,
The voice who mocks,
The voice who laughs,
The voice who haunts.

I can't stop it,
I try to ignore it,
Only for the voice to scream,

I always wonder.
How long will i have to face this torture?

we never really
hear our voices
only the echo
in our heads or
that make us sound
electronic and
nothing like ourselves
so how could we
even begin to fathom
how utterly beautiful
we sound when
we whisper to someone
at three a.m.
that we are
in love with them.


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No clear voice or real cry.
Seth Milliman
Seth Milliman
Mar 26, 2016

Disembodied voices,
Calling to reach the other side.
Only ending up as screeches,
No clear voice or real cry.
This the white noise,
The solemn dark voices forgotten.
What is left in the dark?
But a light left off quite often.

#noise   #dark   #light   #voices  
You are the powerful voice that ordered the universe to be
Faith Gabito
Faith Gabito
Sep 16, 2014

You are the powerful voice that ordered the universe to be
You are the still voice that whispers into the depths of my soul and delights in me
You are the commanding voice that drives out demons
You are the gently guiding voice in every season

#power   #universe   #voice   #call  
but the song that is your voice
Apr 24, 2014

I like music and catchy tunes
but the song that is your voice
is my favourite one yet.

#love   #you   #voice   #songs  
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