I remembered our hotel staircase
Heather Butler
Heather Butler
Sep 7, 2010

I remembered our hotel staircase
and was suddenly sick with longing for you.
In my mind you're as beautiful as ever
and your voice still floats like
young spiders' silk threads in the air.
All the midnight city lights only
serve to remind me
of how long it's been since i last
held your hand.
Could I hold your hand again?

Heather Butler; 2010
My heart is like a tiny hotel;
Nestor David Armas
Nestor David Armas
Dec 30, 2012

My heart is like a tiny hotel;
People check in and check out
Some leave without a trace
Other leave a mess,
But there is a penthouse suite
Reserved just for you;
And when you check in
I’ll personally come by,
And when you check out
I’ll never ask why;
I’ll call you a taxi
And wave goodbye;
With a smile on my face
And a tear in my eye;
I’ll send you off
Until the next hi…
© okpoet

Jun 15, 2013

i am
a word on a page
a body centred on white linen

silence, save for
the rush of air through vents
exhales from mechanical lungs

the sounds of someone else's breathing
but the sensation of solitude

Jun 13, 2013

i thought a lot of things about you
i thought we would never get to this point
but we did
i dont know how i feel
i have been pretty vacant

This hotel is unique.
Charlie B
Charlie B
10 hours ago

This hotel is unique.
One of a kind.
No other out there like it.

It's been around for a few years.
Twenty something.
Not far from thirty.

Over time it has become more discerning.
Not just anyone can enter.
Do as they please.
It wasn't always like that.

There are the regulars
Those who have been there
since opening day.

The long term stays.
Those only visiting
for a little while
or maybe longer.

Then there are the one nighters
Most were a pleasure to have
Some not so much.
A few have even come back.

But the ultimate guest
A permanent resident
Someone who loves the hotel
So very much
They never wish to leave.

on hotel floors,
Tim Knight
Tim Knight
May 7, 2013      May 7, 2013

Hiding in toilet suites
on hotel floors,
above showers-for-two,
and below countless stairs.

Dodge large lobby hallways
and the corridor artery, early-décor, maze,
run past cleaner’s cupboards:
potions for the unsavoury, unclean,
another lost, single mother.

A room service delivery
to a door you don’t own,
yet it keeps the unknown
fears and doubts

Flick and press that remote
because long nights lead
to hours of unrest,
you’re tired of this hotel,
you’re tired of their upper-class clientèle,
you’re tired of that artificial smell,
you’re tired.

from coffeeshoppoems.com
Hotel California and
Madeleine V H
Madeleine V H
Jul 3, 2013

So I cried
and I cry
and I cannot stop
because she wants
the exact same
things I want from
Except, she gets
them and all I get
is empty promises
and some more
pain and sleepless
nights that you will never
comfort me through.
Being in love with
you is the most
tragic and beautiful
thing that has ever
happened to me.
You are my
Hotel California and
now I can never

This hotel only pretends to have an ugly head;
Dustin Carpenter
Dustin Carpenter
Dec 4, 2013

You running barefoot on the pavement in the rain;
Your footsteps glow inside my head again.

That moment the thunder beating dull is all in vain,
No one understands this less than I.

I'll share the warmth that wakes the deep
If you will share this cross with me.

This hotel only pretends to have an ugly head;
Someone is laughing at the stutter in my step.

What am I when I feel nothing?
Burned by the frost around my neck....

I'll share the air that breathes me in,
If you will stay until the end.

Jul 30, 2010

streaming moonlight wakes me from demented dreams
of green staring eyes
and blood on the bathroom walls
and shoeless hallways
and blindless windows

they took my purse they took my wallet they took my
clothes earrings phone sunshine air leaves and grass

they took my blood

the north winds cookie crumbles constellations
and wafts her sultry glares through my eyelids

heres your cocktail go home

And went in the hotel bathroom
Calli Kirra
Calli Kirra
May 13, 2013

Gave me spaghetti
And naughty tv
And went in the hotel bathroom
With his bleached blonde blondie
Yeah, shoot it up, does that feel good?
Don't got emotions, so he injects em
But oh, he bought me dolls! And toys! Candy!
Be good and sit still and quiet
Real nice like
"This is a new place, Daddy moved again."

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