Hudson Everett
Oct 10, 2013

I am not sure if I am better off without you
But I know you're better off without me
And that is enough to make me stay away.

the incentive
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
4 days ago

I have to try
& avoid

the BBQ

by the local
Neighbourhood Watch

they have imposed

prohibition laws;

the incentive
in that?

Written by my late son Oliver Collett(1984-2014)


Echoing in a room of memories
Struggling to understand themselves
Words stuck on a ruined tongue
Aiming to become anew
Benefits of a scam
Of a game
Of a plan
But the benefits of a failure?
That's one to undermine your proficiency
Not excluding the fact that your allocation of thoughts are all over the place
Varying off center
But carried efficiently
Like the assumption of happiness
Of trust and honesty
Subtle hints that should not be ignored
Regardless of the fact that you're in another's door
And i'm highlighting the points that should have stood out
The warnings
The symbols
Screaming, get out.

This is not a slam
Yes it is, go slam poetry
#poetry   #slam  
Stuart Birnie
Stuart Birnie
Sep 14, 2013

Justify everything



Birds sing

Bells ring

You win

Clarify nothing

Let them all walk blindly

And mindly slow

See all on show

no incentive.
Maya Caroline
Maya Caroline
Dec 1, 2012

Standing on the shore
waiting for your return.

Too cold to go in
too scared
no incentive.

Running to the tide
but it always pulls back

before I can

r e a c h

As is my incentive
Twisted Stiches

I can fly no more
My wings are spent
As is my incentive
Mabey its time

To let go of the past
And finally rest
So please catch me
as I fall from this blue sky

tive of insensitive 
needs what kind of incentive?
Julie Butler

the representative of insensitive 
needs what kind of incentive?

to be bigger than this 
without risking intention?

i’m wishing she’d listen

how I wish she would l i s t e n 

to the thoughts that i drop 
on her deaf comprehension 

she swallows discretion 

she f o r g e t s to mention 

about her horns that grow thorns 

that envelope her dimensions

another incentive.
Sep 20

My newest plant
is winter peas, which
can grow through the
cold down to 10 degrees
for many months till
they go to seed. The
young shoots cut
taste like peas, and
haven't been traditionally
eaten, but used for
cover crop to cold snap
brethren spinach
and kale, modern off-grid
farmers passing it along,
frugal and inventive.
That the Austrian variety
tastes best of peas is
another incentive.

Inquiries into legends of incentive for
Jenn Gardner
Jenn Gardner
May 20, 2012

Existing, creating, remaining

In constant correspondence with

Fluorescent phantoms stalking
hypnogogic images of

Past selves spilled upon
A marble plane universe.

Fractals of shattered ether,

Taught not
to touch an all,

Indescribably content with systematically

Despairing hairs,
Rapidly engaging in disengagement.

Division of conscious accessibility,
Lately less than half.

Mundane introductions to despairs,

Rapidly devouring
   The residual stillness.

Folk compilations of concepts fabricating
Inquiries into legends of incentive for

Existing, creating, remaining.

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