Put a carrot in front of you for optimal creativity.

Sometimes the collective unconscious needs to be given a nudge.

Collective unconscious
Take the incentive to cultivate the Mind.
Anubis the Philosomancer

The primary obstacles preventing One from following One's Heart
seem to be the incalculable bullshit excuses in One's head
ultimately serving to justify a lack of proper effort-
to justify stagnation, complacency, and laziness.

Overcome them or be overcome by them.
You shall never know if you never try.

One who doesn't try
precludes any chance of future success.
One who doesn't care
is unworthy of what success may otherwise be actualized.

Take the incentive to cultivate the Mind.
Have the courage to follow your Heart.
Have the Heart to help others do the same.

Hudson Everett
Oct 10, 2013

I am not sure if I am better off without you
But I know you're better off without me
And that is enough to make me stay away.

Jun 19, 2015

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Kriti Gupta
Kriti Gupta
Jun 24, 2014

Echoing in a room of memories
Struggling to understand themselves
Words stuck on a ruined tongue
Aiming to become anew
Benefits of a scam
Of a game
Of a plan
But the benefits of a failure?
That's one to undermine your proficiency
Not excluding the fact that your allocation of thoughts are all over the place
Varying off center
But carried efficiently
Like the assumption of happiness
Of trust and honesty
Subtle hints that should not be ignored
Regardless of the fact that you're in another's door
And i'm highlighting the points that should have stood out
The warnings
The symbols
Screaming, get out.

This is not a slam
Yes it is, go slam poetry
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But everyone needs the slightest incentive to keep going.
May 29, 2014

I told you slow was manageable.
I told you I understood.
So forgive me for waking up feeling like time should no longer be wasted.
Because suddenly I realized that you never took the time to understand.
And suddenly I was aware that true love does not waste.

It began when I felt myself pushing away in my mind.
But it manifested itself in that extra space between us when we sat by the water.
And then was when I recognized how I hold you a little less and just a little less tightly.
I recognized how I no longer search the crowded room for those eyes,
or gaze at your face every time we drive.
Because I can't ever feel the pain again, the pain that is far too familiar.
And I saw it coming when I finally looked around the crowd.

I was suddenly aware of how much I have given,
and that now I have nothing left.
The more I let go of, the more I thought I would get something better in return.
The more I thought that the love I wanted was worth more than everything I could ever have.
But with nothing left to give, I still do not have what I struggled to attain for so long.
With nothing left to give, I realize that I never stopped half way, I just kept going.

I kept going so far that you did not even have to blink an eye.
So far that it pains me to have come to the realization,
that it is time to turn around.
Go backwards on what brought me so far, and what could have brought me further.
But everyone needs the slightest incentive to keep going.
And you never even blinked an eye.

Matthew Harlovic
Matthew Harlovic
Dec 1, 2014

Head held high, flexing the shell
bright lifestyle, I know it too well.
It’s a tall tale to tell but its best that you know
that things get better at the end of the road
Not too long ago, I felt the same way
I dealt with demons that crept in the grey
And maybe it’s hard enough to ask for help
but it’s harder to watch yourself
give up once you’ve left the shelf

Nah, I couldn’t stomach the pain
like a trumpet, I blew the in out of sane.
I popped open a vein to paint my blues, violet
and threw a pair of cans on to block out the silence.
I’m not defiant; I defy any tyrant
that tries to buy my compliance.
I ride with the giants, stride like Midas
minus the greed, all I need is kindness.

Spread your wings; shed the ego
live amid the kings like a needle.
Be your own hero, succeed the sequel
take charge, zero in on the easel.
Reach for the stars, you are an artist
Van Gough goals; erase all the hardships.
I may try my hardest
but I’m not the smartest
but good work ethic leads to a harvest.
Reap my carcass, long after I’m gone,
brains over brawn, shame on you all
for thinking that these walls can hold me in.
You get the memo? I’m better than I’ve ever been.
Binge drinking is a sickness in itself
try to kill the pain but the pain kills the help
as well as low thinking it will kill your brain cells
if you try to kill the pain, you will kill yourself

© Matthew Harlovic

A incentive meant to inspire those that are going through a rough time.
And by accident an incentive
Tessa Beck

He lays with me
Knowing I'm awake
The witching hour upon us
Doesn't anyone pick up these clues
Paste the pieces together
It seems so simple to me
An odd state
Downers bounty
I do not taste it
I'm up way too late
I know you remember
You're a kindred spirit
Come through my town, my own
Give me a night to remember
Your talent is sexual
You use it to your advantage
Point...A to B
I approached you
You gave in to me
At first glance I knew you were sweet
One person to everyone
Another to yourself
I wanted to keep you
As a muse or a pet
I didn't dare act on it
You weren't my loss to regret
Instead something to gain
Something I needed
Hadn't seen it till this day
I wanted you briefly
A trophy of sorts
Although I kept it secret
A personal gain
I desired your prodigal son
And the emptiness that will assuredly follow
We tend to come undone
One makes up for the other
A bit closer to the sun
I love you always
You weren't the one
I am the falcon
You were the one that told me that
I hate to say: you're one straight line
Through my life, mind and naughty goals
But you are so much more
Someone I aspire to be
You showed me how to be
A profound influence
Despite the impermanent nature of our association
No one has ever left their mark in this fashion
I thank you for making me wait that twenty seconds
For what you expected to be an autograph request
I willed you to me
I must be magic
Bending reality to my will
It seemed fashionable and I'm satisfied
I got exactly what I wanted
And by accident an incentive
Motivation and rejuvenation
You surely weren't just Jinn
Something tangible and present
Someone to believe in
A mirror I can't stop looking in
It's not vanity but discovery
Mt Saint Helen all over again
And yeah, I'd do it all over with him
It was so liberating to have what I want
Attracted to me and dying to hop in
In to my being
My mind
My heart
Atop my skin
My far away kin
I hold tight this episode
A chapter to keep dog-eared permanently
In memory, secrecy
Mine to determine, to own
I always try to leave you alone
Not mine to show
Despite relishing the afterglow
You left marks, fingerprints
Your fingers, your hands
Your lips and your scent
The happy premonition
I willed you to me
Through and through
The light ever-long that brought me to you
It was broad daylight in the middle of the night

This is about a professional cello player.
Julia kRu
Julia kRu
Jan 30, 2010

* * *

in-depth realities
shift perspectives;
marching on the brain -
trampling all over, actually;
vague visions become engraved
into lambent incentives,
destroying eventualities.

(c)kRu, 21.02.2006

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