Oct 24, 2014

------------------------------Smiling                            ­   Smiling-------------------------
                               Smiling  Smiling               Smiling  Smiling
                                      Smiling                   ­          Smiling

                                                        ­    Smiling
       Smiling                                                          ­                              Smiling
           Smiling                                                          ­                      Smiling
               Smiling                                                          ­               Smiling
                        Smiling                          ­                            Smiling
                             ­           Smiling                            Smiling
           ­                                                 Smiling


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Smilesmilesmile my love
Victoria Ruth
Victoria Ruth
Jul 5, 2014

Burn burn burn your love
For him and only him
Shining shining shining shining
Until the light goes dim.

Smile smile smile my love
Everything but a frown
Because because because because
I won’t let you drown.

Cool cool cool your love
For him and only him
Splashing splashing splashing splashing
Teach you how to swim.

Smile smile smile my love
It's not what it may seem
Laughing laughing laughing laughing
Life is but a dream.

row row row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily
life is but a dream.
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May 28, 2015

I may be smiling
But really,
I want to scream,
For the hatred I have,
At myself,
For feeling this way.

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pure smile
Mike Essig
Mike Essig
Jun 5, 2015

Your lips
slightly parted;

pure smile
of ancient Greece
seen on endless
broken statues.

Smile of sun
and knowledge.

Smile of Artemis
and Athena.

Smile that smiles
in the endless

smile of
the mysteries.

Everyday I *smile*
The Girl Who Loves You

Smiling on the outside
Crying on the inside
Everyday I smile
But it's just a way to hide

Laughing away the hurts
Cutting away the tears
Smiling at a way to
Forget all my fears

Dancing till I bleed
Inside my head I scream
I can't take this anymore
Only Smiling in my dreams

Shayla S
Shayla S
Apr 3, 2015

I'm smiling at you accusing me of smiling accusing me of smiling accusing me of smiling at how much I love you.

I saw right through that smile :)
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That smile of yours, is what has caused mine.
Adam Long
Nov 23, 2016

You smiled today and that's awesome,
You smiled today, you feel fine.
You smiled today and I love that,
That smile of yours, is what has caused mine.

To see him smile removed all doubt.
Nigel Finn
Nigel Finn
Mar 6, 2016

I oftentimes recall a boy,
To whom all life was simple joy,
Who never let life get him down,
And reached for the celestial crown.

Although inside his heart was broke,
He'd treat life as just a joke.
Good friends he never seemed without-
To see him smile removed all doubt.

One day he ate a box of pills,
And finished with all earthly thrills,
To think of it brings me a chill,
I wish that he was smiling still...

We don't kill ourselves. We are simply defeated by the long, hard struggle to stay alive. When somebody dies after a long illness, people are apt to say, with a note of approval, "He fought so hard." And they are inclined to think, about a suicide, that no fight was involved, that somebody simply gave up. This is quite wrong.”
― Sally Brampton
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