Apr 19      Apr 21

It is that thing, when you give them your all,
And you believe they're not going to bring your downfall.

It is that thing, when it gets broken,
Your cry and try to forget it, just leave it unspoken.

trust someone who lies
pluie d'été
pluie d'été
Apr 26, 2014

the old people
the young people
to never
trust someone who lies
or who talks badly
about someone
that they love
or barely know
but the young people
never listened
and now
they don't trust

Don't trust them to never hurt you,
Jun 3

In the case of loving someone,
Don't trust them to never hurt you,
Trust them enough to know that they are only human and they are bound to err..
Trust them enough to give them freedom and space,
Trust them enough to know that their human nature can sin in anyway possible,
Trust isn't about perfection,
Its about knowing and accepting the fact that someone can sin against you or even hurt you but you choose to take the risk because you know that they are worth it,
Don't make trust a burden for anyone,
Trust simply and love truly..

Trust really isn't anything close to perfection,its just love being willing to get hurt cause it would be worth it.
#love   #trust  
Vulnerability is trust
Ramisa R
Ramisa R
Nov 13, 2014      Nov 14, 2014

Vulnerability is trust
Trust is vulnerability
Carefully tread these dark waters;
do not lose yourself.

For me to trust
Jan 2      Jan 3

You just built my walls higher
You just made it harder

For me to trust

#trust   #hurt   #walls  
Trust is fragile
Feb 11

I'm sorry
It's all my fault
I didn't mean to hurt anyone
But what's done is done
Not everyday
That you lose TWO people you love

Trust is fragile
It's like a rare glass vase
One tap too hard and it shatters
And it might never be fixed
Or it may take forever to replace
Trust is like a bucket of water
Balancing on the tip of a needle
One little blow
And it can be gone
Just like that

Trust is like a rare treasure
One only few people ever find
But I fear I've lost mine

But I swear I'll search
To the ends of the Earth
Till all that treasure is regained
Because, my dear friend
I'll do anything for you
You mean everything
You are my everything

I'm so sorry Jennesiss. Please, please forgive me.
But I trust you, as I trust the Sun to rise,
Amanda In Scarlet
Amanda In Scarlet
Jun 18, 2014

Trusting you is not hard.
The rest of the world, now, that’s a different matter.
But I trust you, as I trust the Sun to rise,
Feel free to hide.
Sometimes words fail us,
We cannot find the truth within.
Afraid, we feel unworthy,
Our need is overwhelming,
Crippled with self-doubt, words betray us,
But our hearts are as honest and true as the shining moon.
Fear not, I will always be here.
Sometimes I hide behind the clouds
But I will re-emerge to warm you,
Take heart, I would trust you with my life.

Trust me I am shadow. Trust me I am death.
Garo K
Jun 4, 2014      Jun 5, 2014

Trust me I am shadow. Trust me I am death.
Trust me I’m the vulture in the net.
Trust me I'm a master. Trust me I’m a legend.
Trust me I am what you call a monster.
Trust me I am reason. Trust me I am chaos.

Trust me I am not a human. Trust me I have never been a one.
Trust me I am not a seeker, for what I am is what I seek.
Trust me I’m the voice inside an empty mind, possessed by greed and anger.
Trust me I’m unreal, Trust me I’m insane.
Trust me I’m a predator, Trust me I am pain.

Trust me all my victims are aware. Trust me that my reign is there.
Trust me all of them should know, not to trust the guy that river flows .
Trust me all of you are so fragile, Trust me I am really bad as vail.

Trust me, you don’t wanna know, if you can trust the snake behind this row.

Apr 9, 2014

I'd let you slice open my veins because I know you'd stitch them up.

#trust   #stitch   #cut   #veins  
For trust
Tomas Denson
Tomas Denson
Apr 6, 2014      Apr 7, 2014

A wild flight into drizzled dark night
The chorus line thumping
Overcome by roar and strain
Of metal tested to limits as we race
An endless risk disregarded as thought
And the sound of a bright giggle
Wondrous eyes lit in thrill of threat
Fear has no place in this setting

A manic gleam and set to her face
Sharing a secret as we laugh and howl
Because this is who we are
For all out control and desire
We scream endlessly through life eternally silent
Until we do not have to be
And in glory we release!

Fear is a thing to be learnt
A feeling to cripple and freeze
Is it felt here?
A resounding no! Shatters the question
In the screech of tires
In the surge of adrenaline
In the wild savage smile of freedom
Of a shout into the night in defiance of order!

Does my heart race as we tear around?
Not even a tremor! Until I turn,
My face from the moaning wind rushing past
And i gaze upon this savage exposed
Lips pulled back in ferocious glee
A focused and fierce glare to the world
We deny life and taunt the spectre
Come to us, we cry!

The paths are slick with tears of the gods
The roads tempestuous writhing in deceit
I sit in peace, relaxed
A warrior companion at my side
We know no fear of what may come
For trust
Ah trust
Is the colour of life
Ever shadowed as a challenge to endings!

She lights as a fire of the brightest stars
And i would embrace her
Burning endlessly.

#love   #trust   #adventure  
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