For trust
Tomas Denson
Tomas Denson
Apr 6      Apr 7

A wild flight into drizzled dark night
The chorus line thumping
Overcome by roar and strain
Of metal tested to limits as we race
An endless risk disregarded as thought
And the sound of a bright giggle
Wondrous eyes lit in thrill of threat
Fear has no place in this setting

A manic gleam and set to her face
Sharing a secret as we laugh and howl
Because this is who we are
For all out control and desire
We scream endlessly through life eternally silent
Until we do not have to be
And in glory we release!

Fear is a thing to be learnt
A feeling to cripple and freeze
Is it felt here?
A resounding no! Shatters the question
In the screech of tires
In the surge of adrenaline
In the wild savage smile of freedom
Of a shout into the night in defiance of order!

Does my heart race as we tear around?
Not even a tremor! Until I turn,
My face from the moaning wind rushing past
And i gaze upon this savage exposed
Lips pulled back in ferocious glee
A focused and fierce glare to the world
We deny life and taunt the spectre
Come to us, we cry!

The paths are slick with tears of the gods
The roads tempestuous writhing in deceit
I sit in peace, relaxed
A warrior companion at my side
We know no fear of what may come
For trust
Ah trust
Is the colour of life
Ever shadowed as a challenge to endings!

She lights as a fire of the brightest stars
And i would embrace her
Burning endlessly.

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Apr 9

I'd let you slice open my veins because I know you'd stitch them up.

#trust   #stitch   #cut   #veins  
Lost in the storm
Lost in the storm
5 days ago      4 days ago

It's funny how I trusted you
With everything you put me through
The person that I thought I knew
Later stole my virtue

#love   #trust   #crying  
tracey g
tracey g
Jan 19

I wanted to say
the moon seemed
so bright
day became night
in perfect silence and
the stars were born
into madness, into light

you appeared and I
wanted to know

#love   #trust   #passion   #moon   #stars  
was broken with the lack of trust
Annie Horan
Annie Horan
Apr 13      7 days ago

the one who you trusted
the one who you told your secrets to
the one who you loved
broke your heart in a flash
with just a few words

all of those happy moments
down the drain
all of those promises
are gone

vanished like a winter storm
next it's a sunny day
every single ounce of us
was broken with the lack of trust


Copyright © 2014

It's too true. All of the stupid lies.
#trust   #lies   #broken   #heartbroken   #gone   #heartache  
e it is my fault that I placed soo much trust in it
Ronnie J Dewberry

today I was on god's hand
his touch was electrifying, but comfortable
and I was the happiest person alive
when I look down from it's hands I saw the Earth
"damn, we are really that high in the sky" I said
But then something happen
people started climbing on God
I was shocked and God was surprised and happy.
Eventually all the humans from Earth was in God's hand
and everybody including me trusted god.
and God was okay with that

the peace among the humans didn't last
fights began to erupt on god's hands
people kicking and fighting, people being trampled by feet, spitting, pulling hair, crying. We were lucky that there was no weapons.
God was obviously displease,
but he can't step in yet
I was in the corner of gods hand when somebody came over to me and punch me
Immediately I fell, fell to the abyss of the Earth's atmosphere
crying and pleading for god to come,
but he can't step in yet
and I understood, I don't hate him for letting me fall
because it is my fault that I placed soo much trust in it
and not on my self and humanity
so humans around me fall to our death
knowing that our god
still can't step in yet....

A simple peom
#trust   #god  
Trust your brothers.
Molly Hart
Molly Hart
Mar 26      Mar 27

I was standing on a beach
in pitch black
when I realized I wasn't special.

Your entire childhood,
your dad tells you you're the smartest child he knows
and your mom tells you that you have the kindest heart
and your relatives tell you you're the most beautiful girl in the world,
And it isn't until your heart has been broken
by a boy who called you the one
or your best friend has stopped talking to you
for reasons you'll never fully understand
that you realize the only loved ones telling you the truth
were your brothers,
who pointed out your flaws
and tore apart everything you found beautiful
and destroyed every ounce of pride you had.
This is the only truth you can find.

On a scale of the universe,
no single star can be considered unique.

You spend your whole life
thinking how unprecedented you are
and how different your life is from everyone else's
And you're going to be different when you grow up,
you're going to follow your dreams
and live an amazing life
and you're going to travel
and have a one of a kind wedding
and your children will have unique names,
And one day you're in your dad's office
and you see all these people in cubicles
and you realize they all thought the same thing.

You may be a star
but the universe is infinite
and there are billions of stars
and no matter what your parents tell you,

Trust your brothers.

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Trust is lame:-)
Kelsey Nicole3
Kelsey Nicole3
Jan 11, 2013

Love is pain,
Trust is lame:-)

Trust is such a fragile part of us.
Aug 26, 2012

Trust is such a fragile part of us.
We can mend a broken heart,
But trust...
That isn't easily repaired.

Trust your vaulted hallucinations
Matt Proctor
Matt Proctor
Feb 8      Feb 9

Trust your vaulted hallucinations
Trust your most ridiculous
Trust the wild visions that arise
from moments of boredom

Do not trust the larcenous glares
that surround you
Do not believe the gravity
in the black holes of pupils

Trust the improbabilities
and they will become realities

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