Oct 14, 2014

I hate making the first move.

Even if you think it's stupid,

I really just want to be wooed.

Ya know?
I actually take physical intimacy really seriously. And people already make me anxious in general. What the hell is wrong with me.
To wit to woo, or not to wit to woo,
May 8, 2014

To wit to woo, or not to wit to woo,
Would wooing suit a suitor shy on wit?
Or would a witty suitor suit poor Sue,
For Sue aint one to want a witless twit!
If Sue is wooed by witty repartee,
Then Sue and suitor could be well suited,
But he who woo's poor Sue with lethargy,
Is like to like not how he gets booted!
So if you want to woo, and to woo Sue,
Then deign to don a suit and do your bit,
To shoot for Sue, your wit should shoot straight thru',
Or wooing Sue aint worth a sack of spit;
        Poor Sue just wants a witty suitor, see?
        So if your wit is wanting, leave her be!

Raphael Uzor
Raphael Uzor
Apr 19, 2014

As Moon comes
To Earth every night
To court her affection
In the presence
Of a million Stars
Yet oblivious of their stare
Only focused on his love
Scaling her in circles
Never tiring, ever following
In orbital woos...

So will I circle you my love,
Till you say yes...

© Raphael Uzor

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*Woo me by your intelligence.*
Wíštfûł Wáñdêręr

Woo me by your intelligence.
Drag me deep into a conversation
that seemed to last for a minute
but really took all day.

Woo me by your touch.
Take my freezing hands in yours
until your warmth makes me feel again.
Wipe my tears away and support me
when I'm drowning in my misery.

Woo me by your romance.
Take me out dancing and gaze into my eyes.
Treat everyday like it's our last day together.
Hold every glance like it's the first day we met.

Value our love.

Betty Woo needed a poo but had no
Poetic T
Poetic T
Mar 30, 2014

Betty Woo needed a poo but had no
toilet to go on, sheopened her crack to
let the logs splash,
then a croc did swallow thinking it was food,
then bit her arse for shitting in its water.

Jul 13, 2015

silence is a song
most beautiful
she woos her lovers
far from the crowd

Some men woo
Nat Lipstadt
Nat Lipstadt
Sep 5, 2013

Some men woo
With diamonds and jewels.

Some with trips to Paris,
For Le Weekend!

Some with furs.
Ugh,  might as well get them
A pet,
The fur that keeps on eating.

Me, a city sophisticate,
Screw my tolerance to the
Sticking place, tween my ears,
Put on a brave face
And say:

I love you so much,
For your birthday,
Let's go
Shoe shopping.

Wisdom for the ages.

May 5, 2015

My body may be numb
But my mind is clear
And my soul is free

#first   #poem   #poetry   #my   #woo   #15w  

It will be futile
To gather you into my arm
While my virility with
Ego-rocking words  you harm!

Before rushing to conjugal felicity lovers have to do ego massaging work or they have to sweet talk their lovers to bed
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