emma joy
emma joy
Apr 18, 2013

I have decided to create a mixtape for you
I have seen this many times in hopeless romances,
and I do feel that it truly is the action that will best show you my love
The cassette is in my car on repeat
but none of the songs fit right

That one missed note in symphony
flies away unheard, ignored
and if recognized cursed, abused
Just for speaking the mind out.

Winds bring far stronger messages
than the electronic media
stroking the hearts and
body writhes in pain

The phoenix is in a catatonic sleep.
Only ashes rise  to higher plane.
Lights of hope are switched on
and Off the word hope loses
its meaning  inside the
emotional turbulence
of the ones ignored, tainted, maimed
cower away behind the impregnable
walls built by the world and the doors
built by them is sealed again.

Hiding away the pains
which linger on and on everyday
walking away into themselves
never shall they accept or approach
the sweet hand of love again
being betrayed in vain
walking away beyond the horizons
leaving everything behind
some finding solace in death
and others wandering lonely
and alone unloved, disconnected
broken paralyzed  floating as fragile bubbles
only to be broken into thousand droplets of water
evaporating into the  world of outcasts.

Betty Woo needed
Mar 30

Betty Woo needed
a poo but had no
toilet to go on, she
opened her crack to
let the logs splash,
then a croc did swallow
thinking it was food,
and bit her arse for shitting in its water.

every teardrop that leaves
my face represents the parts
you took away from me
i don't know how long have i
been crying

your arms was a better
antidepressant than any
doctor can prescribe

smoke is within me,
inside my rusting lungs,
seeping through the
puckered lips of my rib cage
kissing the fragile walls
and leaving charcoal markings
in shapes of fingerprints.

please stop leaving
all over my body.

the depths of your eyes
are swimming with long lost
affection and your heart
heaves and trudges along
the long mangled railroads; all
gently mapped with my
collarbones and

it is beautiful,
our intertwined souls
are beautiful.

*Woo me by your intelligence.*
Wíštfûł Wáñdêręr

Woo me by your intelligence.
Drag me deep into a conversation
that seemed to last for a minute
but really took all day.

Woo me by your touch.
Take my freezing hands in yours
until your warmth makes me feel again.
Wipe my tears away and support me
when I'm drowning in my misery.

Woo me by your romance.
Take me out dancing and gaze into my eyes.
Treat everyday like it's our last day together.
Hold every glance like it's the first day we met.

Value our love.

his lips are fire
her tongue is ice
he tastes of musk and whiskey
she smells of unlit cigarettes
his eyes smirk with forbidden desires
her legs bestriding his hips
he delightfully traces her curves
she pleads for his velvet kisses
his whispers promise ecstasy
her words dutifully agree

their bodies shiver with
electrifying beauty

i want you
to think of me when your
crooked fingers slip under the waistband
of your favorite blue jeans;

to taste me when you press your lips
against the wine bottles we once
drank from under the crystalline moon;

to bleed when you see my deepest regrets
slit poetry in words of our love
onto your skin.

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