Rob Rutledge
Rob Rutledge
Jul 4, 2014

We worried so much about sticking our head above the parapet,
That we forgot the stagnant water underfoot.
We forgot the stages of stalemate
And the horror of trench foot.

Thomas A Robinson
Thomas A Robinson
Oct 11, 2014

You sacrificed . . . .and you fell
. . . over dreamed . . . with breath of kerosene

They cut you deep . . . .the pain
was not the worst  . . . as the fear you choked

death was  . . . .last breath taken . . .
and the exhale . . . . . . . .

Aug 22, 2012

The lines are drawn
my side, your side

We walk our lines
back and forth, forth and back

A rut appears, two in fact
one on my side, one on yours

Our lines are marched
my side, your side

We never waver
never look at the other, never step out of our rut


Rut becomes trench
knee then thigh, waist then chest deep

We march on
we never waver, never look nor climb out

Fear of what might happen
bars us from communication

Quiet separation is safe
separation from argument is feared

We march on
trench deeper that we are tall

We march on still

Engage the enemy entrenched within
Robert Clapham
Oct 30, 2009

Thirteen thousand strides progress
Blind leathern tread with gritted teeth
Stride hard rough bracken heather strive
Incipient thought embrace the scarp
Bent shoulder strain web strap entrench
Sharp body lean oppose the wind
Slow pitch forward cold lash rain
Pause..Shrug pack .. Lurch on again

Rough rock scrape pass
Sharp edge hand scrape
Each tread ascend dull lactic ache
Stone eyes cast up
Embrace dark peak
Surge on .. Dig in..
Embrace the pain
Aggressive stance.. find strength begin
Engage the enemy entrenched within
With comrades in adversity

Side glance reveal
Grey brother tight
Mordant ploughshare gleaming bright
United thought strong purpose right
Grim grimace glower grinding on
Helping hand support and share
Exchang-ed glances sing the pain
Relentless climb advance distain
Strong sucking stride bogged into mire
Grappling cragfast handclasp dire  
Entropic  spirit brief despair
Revelatory cause unswayed
Each cloistered personal crusade
Burst upwards into sunlight flame

And stand with vision intertwined
Each grim companion lasting friend
Eyes meet brief recognition shout
We know what it’s all about

These clasping minds
Empath embrace
Profound cognitive self aware
To follow where few others dare
These comrades in adversity

©2010 Robert Clapham
Entrenched in a red lotus, I find
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Apr 20, 2013

Entrenched in a red lotus, I find
a blue one, mysterious blooming  in my heart,
a white lotus eternal, rules my skies;
golden lotus dissolves thoughts,
                                 gifts wings to transcend.

Lotus sutra  for love, life and transcedence
this morning, entrenched in slumber,
Aug 19, 2013

this morning, entrenched in slumber,
i dreamt of clammy hands on mics

as spoken word slipped like water
droplets from faucet formed lips.

i woke up,
and finished the poem aloud.


Entrenched in its comfort ~ freedom ~security
Lorraine day
Lorraine day
Nov 10, 2013

L ies have no part in this

Openness does

Visible to all

Entrenched in its comfort ~ freedom ~security

jo spencer
jo spencer
Nov 19, 2013

My immortal record player Technics SL D303 entrench's
something  recently acquired
possessing physical  music.
LP covers, with track listings
printed as intended,
to be read,
one records' perfection;
Jackie Lomax's début
got me  into his Three album
thanks again E bay.

a whisper from the fallen nymph | entrenched, her voice like a perfect fifth
Dec 26, 2013

within the wordsmith's labyrinth | my eyes like an abyss on absinthe
a whisper from the fallen nymph | entrenched, her voice like a perfect fifth

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